Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pink Saturday

A couple blogs I follow are participating in this Pink Saturday and since I love pink, I thought I'd join in. I had planned to show touches of pink I have in my bedroom, but A Cowgirl's Grace, Dusty Devoe, and I decided to go antique shopping. Once I got my first glimpse of something pink I knew that was what I'd have to post about today. I was off and running, the hunt was on, I was officially a Pink Detective, on the prowl for all things pink!

It was very fitting that the first thing I spotted was this umbrella since we got our dratted rain back today after a few beautiful days of sunshine.

This ballerina costume was so loveleigh. The Pink Pirate Princess would have loved to have it for her dress up box, but it was too small for her, darn it!

These two frilly concoctions are fabulous. I would guess they are both from the fifties when the ladies liked a lot of puff and frills in their finery. I think the one on the top is delicious. Thank you to Auntie Dusty Devoe for spotting it for me.

A pink feather boa added to a lamp shade, that would be a cost effective way to jazz up a lamp. It's very girly and loveleigh!

A little pink stool for a vanity, bathroom, or for me it would just be a place to throw clothes on.

An old steamer trunk for a lady, since there is pink in the interior. Or a guy very in touch with his feminine side!

Ah, the pink velvet chair. Can't you just see yourself curling up in this chair with a good book? It looks like the sides would just curve around you.

A neat vintage shabby pink cabinet.

This teeny tiny chair was too hard to resist. I'm not sure if it is purely decorative or possibly a pin cushion? There were no holes in the seat though.

Can you imagine having this stove in your kitchen when it was brand new? It was probably not that common and only a very unique and stylish woman would have chose a stove like this back then. Ah the stories it could tell! The meals that have been cooked on it!

I do not know how a person would go about getting all the folds in this pillow. Maybe it was machine made. It has seen a bit of wear and tear though. The swan below was sort of a random find. How many hot pink swans do you ever see sitting around?

This quilt reminded me of all the handmade things Nana makes.

Pink roses. You know I love pink roses. The two things I actually bought today have pink roses on them. I'll share them with you another time.

One of the shops had a few touches of spring around, including this real pink primrose.
I loved this shabby chic pink rose print blanket. I think my Foo Foo girl would have loved it because that girl love to curl up on some puff. The softer the better. I may have to go back for this. I can't remember if it was 20 or 40 dollars though. If it was 40 I'll have to take a pass unfortunately. Sorry Foo!

A book on roses, the cover was beautiful. I know you're not supposed to judge a book by it's cover and all, but that's the first thing I notice. I'm just a visual person I guess and sometimes you just need a book to match your decor-hee hee.

A couple of signs I spotted. The one above is for a merchandise line they carry. I love that name, Pink Frosting, it immediately brings to mind visions of all things pink and sweet! The sign below I thought was hilarious. I don't know where this originated. Maybe a diner or advertising for an ice cream line? Anyway ice cream held no appeal today with the cold and rainy weather.

I hope you enjoyed all of my pink loveleighness today. We had fun browsing and I have more finds to share with you in later posts. A Cowgirl's Grace and Dusty Devoe will as well. You see, we can multitask- shop and blog at the same time!!!


cowgirljlynn said...

I love your pink blog! I had a great time today and I love you!I wish that I was as clever and talented as you, or maybe you got it from me!

Dusty Devoe said...

What a fun day we had! I am amazed you found so many "PINK" things! We all had our treasures we found today! We will have to do this more often. Maybe pick themes!

Paint Girl said...

I am a huge pink fan as well. I love all things pink! Cool stuff!

Pony Girl said...

Very fun finds...did you find some new stores? Great blog theme idea. I'll have to do that for one of my fashion Fridays! Next time, do purple! Or animal print! Or red! :) You'll be blogging forever. I'm curious to see all of your treasures. Don't buy them all up, there will be nothing left for the next time I come down! ;)

Desert Rose said...

I could hardly wait to get to your blog to see your topic for your bolg today! The "twins" blogs were very fun and I knew yours would be too! And in the desert...Pink is my color, PNW is RED! Watch out PONY is MINE!