Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Birthday Girl

Happy Birthday to my beautiful Princess Niece!
You are LOVELEIGH in every way!

Even though she won't ever see this, an Auntie can always brag right!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Pink Saturday

Happy Pink Saturday! Thank you to Beverly from How Sweet The Sound for hosting each week and most of you probably know how to find all the pink links HERE.

These summer days are making me think about camping. My Mom's family have always had campers/moterhomes/5th wheels but when I was little this was the sort of trailer they had and I remember them vividly. In fact my great-grandmother had  a little camper like this until she was well into her 80's.

I think I could really get behind the idea if I had one of these sweet little vintage beauties!

They are just awesome! I don't think I could do the whole tent camping thing very long.

But I could definitely stay in one of these and be quite comfortable!

Hope you have a loveleigh weekend and Happy Pink!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ode To A Cabinet

Last month I sold my antique chippy green and white cabinet!

I bought the cabinet from Lisa at Pole Barn Primitives~when she was selling out of her garage a few times a year. Now she has her own shop and is open 4 days a week! I knew instantly it would look great in our space and was the first
substantial and really really old piece we had bought. In fact I loved
it so much I put the dreaded NFS on it! A no no in retail I know but I
needed one strong piece to use as a place to display things, a piece I didn't have to stress about it being gone at a moments notice.

At that time I had more partners and we had a lot more "smalls" we had to find a place for. It got to be a bit of a headache finding room to put things when a piece sold and there wasn't one to go in it's place. Hence the hunt for a shelf or other large permanent piece.

This is the day we brought it in and set it up. We immediately had interest but I was stubborn and said NOT for sale! Eventually I did put a price on it, one so high I thought for sure no one would bite!

Over the last 2 years she got gussied up and decorated for the seasons...

Held all sorts of treasures, come and gone...

Seen other pieces of furniture move in and move out...

Until a few weeks ago when I got the call that I had an offer. I paused for only a few seconds and thought, "You know what? I'm ready to let it go." So within days, she was gone. And I survived! Now I look forward to hunting down that next piece I can fall in love with and put another NFS tag on it, hee hee hee! Farewell chippy shabby CABINET, it was great to have had you at All That Jazz!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint

Mustard Seed Yellow

I took the plunge and ordered a few different colors from Miss Mustard Seed's new Milk Paint Line!
I just love her sense of style and the way she was with furniture. I think she's a real inspiration. I must admit to "borrowing" the look of one of her pieces from time to time! Thank you Marion!

I narrowed it down to three colors, the Mustard Seed Yellow above, it's such a cheerful color...


I really like this black, it is more of a charcoal color, not so harsh as a black black.

Lucketts Green

and my favorite, Lucketts Green. I have been playing with mixing a similar color to this with my ASCP on a few pieces. Now I'm anxious to try this color. I am also a bit nervous to try the milk paint since I have never used it before. It will take a few weeks though since the paint doesn't actually ship out until mid/late August. It will be just like Christmas when it arrives!