Friday, December 31, 2010

Wishing You All A Happy New Year!

May 2011 be your greatest year EVER!!!


To all my Pink Saturday Buddies~I look forward to getting my Pink Saturday GROOVE
on with you in the coming year! Thanks Beverly for another wonderful Pink Filled year
at How Sweet The Sound!!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Visitors One~Two~Three...

First, this teeny tiny adorable girl came to stay for a couple of days.

Then this cool kid came to stay for a few days. I thought I was the main attraction,
but believe it or not, the computer held more appeal. Imagine that.

Now it's THIS beautiful girl's turn to come and hang out for a bit.
I have a feeling there could be a shopping trip involved.
 And cupcakes.
And tea parties. 
And probably a horse.

They're such a hoot. I love them all but am always grateful when I can send them 
home to their parents. I think I'm getting old.
Man they're cute  though!

Friday, December 24, 2010

A Pink Saturday Christmas!!!

A Happy PINK Christmas to you all! Thank you especially to
Beverly from How Sweet The Sound for hosting the pink party,
even on Christmas Day!

I've celebrated two of three Christmases so far. After the third and final one tomorrow, I'll be ready to pack up all my new toys and crawl into bed! With a tummy full of goodies and  a heart full of warmth, love and happiness. May you all have a safe and beautiful Christmas, wherever you are and whomever you're with!

Monday, December 20, 2010

It's Beginning To Look Alot Like Christmas...

I've been really relishing the sights and sounds of the holidays this year.

First thing in the morning, I plug in the Christmas lights .

I listen to Christmas music whenever possible.

The presents are all wrapped and under the tree. 
Three more to go.

I've finally begun baking and if there are no cookies in the oven,
I light the sugar cookie candle. 
No need today, the house smells like gingerbread.

I've had myself a peppermint mocha. 
Now all I have to do is sit back and wait for Santa to come!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Pink Saturday~The Polar Express

*This is a repost. I first posted it last year and it was one of my favorites so I thought I'd share it again! Make sure you check out my Playlist too. There's lots of fabulous Christmas music there and if you have a Playlist of your own you may want to snag some songs for your own.

Have you ever heard of the Polar Express? It was originally a book written

by Chris Van Allsburg in 1985 before it hit the big screen and shot to fame

amongst all children at heart, young and old.

While laying in bed one night shortly before Christmas, a boy wonders if

Santa really exists. Then suddenly he hears something strange in the night.
Something that sounds like a train. He peeks out his window and to what
do his eyes appear...a big black steam train rolling smack dab down the
middle of the street. What does he do? He investigates, of course.

He ends up on the train full of other pajama clad children, skeptical of Santa
and therefor on their way to the North Pole to meet the one and only head
guy in charge, SANTA.

Two other children recently got the opportunity to ride the magical Polar
Express. Here Boo waits in anticipation. At nine years old, she's a bit
skeptical herself so she is about to take the perfect journey!


Boo, Man Cub, Mommy and Auntie Horse Dreams take their seats.

They're on their way to the North Pole!

Make sure you have your ticket so you can have it punched
(and they won't toss your tookus off).

All set!

Let's sing some songs!

Let's fuss and wiggle about impatiently!

Oh, what's that?

That's what I'm talking about...

(One of the Man Cubs obsessions!)

A cuddle for Sissy!

And a great BIG squeeze!

Finally, arrival at the North Pole and Santa! Only to be given the first gift
of the season, a magical bell that only rings for those that truly believe in


Yes, Santa really does exist! As Boo can attest.
The Man Cub was just too scared to meet him.

Soon Santa had to be off to deliver the presents so it was all aboooooard,
back on the train headed for home.

Do YOU believe in the magic of Santa?

It just makes life much more interesting and open to the possibilities when
you DO!

Thank you for joining me for this weeks "Pink Saturday Christmas Challenge"! I sort of combined music 
and movies this week. Thank you Beverly for once again hosting our Pink Saturday. You can find all the participants at Beverly's How Sweet The Sound blog. Happy Pink Saturday! 

Only a week left til' Christmas!!!

Get your PINK on!


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Have A Beautiful Winter's Day!


Winter hills with silverish gleam,

Of winter season and colors that reflect,
The shades of blues and purples,
From the suns reflection on natures winter,

Bleak and empty yet in a solitude way,
Resting or sleeping,
Hibernating and regenerated,
Till spring arrives,
Bringing back its florishing blooms,

What is pretty to watch is cold to indure,
The chills of winter from watching it indoors,
For the nature trial of winter will,
Chill and freeze,
And numb you till,
Your lips turn color,
The freeze and chills of real winter,

And then as you warm up,
And your nose and finger tips tingle,
And looking around you on natures trails,
Will be the reminding of the hiding buds and roots,
Laying buried beneath the snows of winter,

Reminding you,
That too in the spring,
Like the birds will return,
Bringing color and birth back into the light,
With the sounds of nature,
Becoming more musical than winter,

As the birds and the bees,
And all that return or hibernate,
All wake up to wake us up,
To the spring,
When winter chills and freezes thaw,
Taking away the winter chills,
By bringing in the springtime breeze.

~Ellen Ni Bheachain 

Friday, December 10, 2010

Pink Saturday

Today's Pink Mission~Share your favorite Christmas movie. How in the WORLD am I suppose to pick just one?! So I've narrowed the movies down to catagories...


When I'm in the mood for nostalgia I go for one of these favorite classic movies...

Christmas In Connecticut
White Christmas
Miracle On 34th Street
It's A Wonderful Life
 Little Women

The Modern Era

When I'm in the mood for a modern take and some good Christmas eyecandy I watch one of these...

A Christmas Story
The Santa Clause 1&2
Home Alone 1&2
Mrs. Clause
Love Actually
Polar Express
Smokey Mountain Christmas
This Christmas

The Funnies

When a Christmas giggle is in order I go for one of these...

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
Christmas With The Kranks
Deck The Halls

The Bad Bad Christmas Indulgance...

Bad Santa

Okay. I admit it. I occasionally watch this grubby, but somehow pathetically funny piece of Christmas cheer. Billy Bob is just too good at playing this drunken loser Santa. I don't know why, maybe I should be ashamed of myself.

Honorable Mention

Four Christmases
Now I am generally a cheerful person, but rarely does anything make me laugh out loud (other than the Man Cub), especially not movies. However Four Christmases has a scene where a baby spits up all over Reece Whitherspoon, it's what you would call projectile spit up. If you're not expecting it, and even when you are, it is TOO  TOO funny. Vince Vaughn's reaction is just as hilarious and cracks me up every time.
It's priceless in my opinion. The rest of the movie has some other funny moments but some sad
ones too, mirroring the modern day split family/separate Christmases.

Now do you see what I mean about just choosing one? How could I possibly. It might have something to do with being a Gemini and having split personalities. If I absolutely HAD to choose one and only one movie to watch it would probably be A Christmas Story. I just can't resist Ralphie.

And he's in PINK.

Happy Pink Saturday and thank you Beverly for hosting! You can find all the pink participants at
How Sweet The Sound. Join us for the pink party and Happy Holidays!