Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Spring Clean

Let's get organized!!!

I saw this closet organizer last weekend at Ross for $8 and thought alright, a cheap way to bring some order to my messy closet. I got it home and tried to figure out what would leave me the most room after I stacked things in the organizer. I decided that putting all my jeans, capris, and shorts on the shelf would work best. I had started pulling out my summer clothes during this process and putting away my heaviest of sweaters hoping and praying that this SPRING will be a warm one!!! This little side trip added about 2 hours to my chore though, but it was worth it.

Now that night I got to thinking, if I added a shelf to the top of my closet I would have even more room-YEAH! So yesterday I went to buy a shelf, only $20, and got to work.
Hanging the shelf took me a while and I had to call in reinforcements (Thanks Dad),
after tearing everything apart and reorganizing everything I finally finished 8 hours later! I can't believe it took me that long, but it looks so much better.

I will not show you the other side because it still has about 8 boxes of things I want to keep. 2 boxes of movies, a box of my favorite paperbacks, a small box of cassettes which will become obsolete soon I'm sure. Then I've got a box of yearbooks and HS school stuff and 2 boxes from childhood. I know it sounds like a lot of crap, but it's not crap I'm willing to part with yet. I have to say on my behalf, I did throw a lot of stuff out yesterday and have a big garage sale pile going. I would like to get some matching storage bins down the line, budget permitting, to put the rest of my things in, instead of cardboard!!!

Now I have to tell you I'm not just in the mood to clean my closet. I'm also getting to revamp my blog in the next week and yes I'm going to go public. So hold on to your girdles girls and watch for my relaunch into the public domain!!!


Paint Girl said...

Your going public? I have been thinking seriously about the same thing. Just waiting for the right time like when I have time to do it. I'd have to re-do another blog since I want it as private as possible and the one I have now is not private at all.
Your closet looks good. I need to do the same thing. I keep putting off all the jobs I don't want to do! Imagine that!

Tara said...

Yes siree. I'm going public. I'll have to go back through and edit any old posts or delete anything I don't want out there. It shouldn't take too long since I've only been doing this a couple months. You should do it too! We'll be the biggest blogging family west of the Mississippi!

cowgirljlynn said...

When are you going to clean out mine! love, mom

Dusty Devoe said...

great job! Your mother does not know how lucky she is to have you!
i can't wait for you to go public!


Pony Girl said...

And I have some more clothes for you, too....just in time to add another shelf, LOL!
Can't wait to see the public blog. Make sure that nobody has said anything in the comments (family names, etc.) I might have said your real name or someone else's, since the blog was private. You can also just delete any of the old posts entirely, if you are worried about the post. But editing should work, too!

Desert Rose said...

Hay miss private pants...(paint girl) You face as clear as day in your new header!!! Glad to have you go public Sares! Your blog is really cute and people will love it!