Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Sweetness

The Man Cub's first Push Pop!!!

The little man sized cub got a special treat from his Auntie today. I saw these at the store and remembered how much fun they were as a kid, so I decided to treat the little bugger and see if he enjoyed it as much as I used to.

Here he's showing me what he's got going on with this thing and the great inroads he's made in a short amount of time. This stuff was flying out of the cardboard tube faster that you could say lickety split!

Now here, Man Cub has just seen his Auntie perform the task of actually pushing up the pop,which was no mean feat considering all the slippery ice cream on the sides, so he decides he's going to give it a try. Notice the look of concentration upon that delicious little face. I have to tell you he didn't have much luck pushing it up. He just had to put that little tongue to work digging the ice cream out.

And boy did he ever, because what we have here is a cub in the middle of a genuine brain freeze. His little face scrunched up, he shivered and went "Burrrrrr!!". What a one in a million shot!

Ah yes, can you tell from the look of glee upon his face that he loved the push pop as much as his Auntie. That little old pop was wiped clean, sucked dry, finished, ca put, never to be seen again!!! Ah what a loveleigh bit of sweetness.

Now on a side note, You all know my Auntie Dusty Devoe down the lane made a coconut cream pie a few days ago and I did not receive a piece. After a bit of whining, complaining and a mini guilt trip (ask and ye shall receive!), I received my piece of the pie and I must say, she did not tell a lie, the pie was fabulous. I enjoyed every last bite!!! Thank You Auntie DD!


cowgirljlynn said...

What a messy little face on that little boy!

Horse Dreams said...

I remember those...yummy. What priceless pictures.

Dusty Devoe said...

How many loveleigh kisses did you give him while eating that messy thing!

Desert Rose said...

Man cub is just too cute...can't beleive you waited so long to give him such a treat! Maybe you were just mimicking your Aunite Dusty Devoe who holds out on treats for YOU!!!

Pony Girl said...

I love that brain freeze shot! ;)
Glad you got your might have to make another one (or teach me how) when I come down in April!