Friday, March 27, 2009

A Public Occasion

what if you slept
and what if in your sleep you dreamed
and what if in your dream you went to heaven
and there you plucked a strange and beautiful flower
and what if when you awoke
you had the flower in your hand?

oh, what then?

samual taylor coleridge

Well, here I am. I've done it. I've officially sent my blog baby out into the universe for everyone to see. I hope all the ladies in my family and I continue to savor this blogging enterprise that we've come to enjoy so much these past few months. It's been so fun to share little bits of our day to day lives with each other. Now I hope to make a few new friends along the way too.

I'd like to say a special Thank You to my cousin, Pony Girl, for inspiring us all to take this journey. She bravely started down the path first and blazed a new trail for the rest of her family to follow, and we have, one by one, with possibly more to follow one day. She's been very generous and encouraging with her mostly computer illiterate kinfolk as we hop on the trail with her, so thank you Pony Girl!!!

Yours Always, Sares

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Miss Sassy Pants

I went to the bus stop today to get the Pirate Princess, when I suddenly rounded the last corner and what do I hear- one tiny little yippy shriek from INSIDE Nana and Pappy's house. Her little voice can sure carry. I went to open the gate at the bus and heard someone let the little stinker out so I hurried over to say hello.

She hasn't seen me for a couple of weeks and she was spinning around like a whirling dervish, she was one big blur!!!

Man that dog is fast!!!

But she's awful cute and her name just suits her so, the little Sassy pants girl. I'm glad I happened to have my camera. I'll have to go and give her a visit tomorrow, get some quality time with my canine Auntie!!!

My new look to my old blog is coming still, I'm thinking Sunday or Monday. There seems to be a bit more work than anticipated and I have to work around the Man Cub!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Spring Clean

Let's get organized!!!

I saw this closet organizer last weekend at Ross for $8 and thought alright, a cheap way to bring some order to my messy closet. I got it home and tried to figure out what would leave me the most room after I stacked things in the organizer. I decided that putting all my jeans, capris, and shorts on the shelf would work best. I had started pulling out my summer clothes during this process and putting away my heaviest of sweaters hoping and praying that this SPRING will be a warm one!!! This little side trip added about 2 hours to my chore though, but it was worth it.

Now that night I got to thinking, if I added a shelf to the top of my closet I would have even more room-YEAH! So yesterday I went to buy a shelf, only $20, and got to work.
Hanging the shelf took me a while and I had to call in reinforcements (Thanks Dad),
after tearing everything apart and reorganizing everything I finally finished 8 hours later! I can't believe it took me that long, but it looks so much better.

I will not show you the other side because it still has about 8 boxes of things I want to keep. 2 boxes of movies, a box of my favorite paperbacks, a small box of cassettes which will become obsolete soon I'm sure. Then I've got a box of yearbooks and HS school stuff and 2 boxes from childhood. I know it sounds like a lot of crap, but it's not crap I'm willing to part with yet. I have to say on my behalf, I did throw a lot of stuff out yesterday and have a big garage sale pile going. I would like to get some matching storage bins down the line, budget permitting, to put the rest of my things in, instead of cardboard!!!

Now I have to tell you I'm not just in the mood to clean my closet. I'm also getting to revamp my blog in the next week and yes I'm going to go public. So hold on to your girdles girls and watch for my relaunch into the public domain!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Sweetness

The Man Cub's first Push Pop!!!

The little man sized cub got a special treat from his Auntie today. I saw these at the store and remembered how much fun they were as a kid, so I decided to treat the little bugger and see if he enjoyed it as much as I used to.

Here he's showing me what he's got going on with this thing and the great inroads he's made in a short amount of time. This stuff was flying out of the cardboard tube faster that you could say lickety split!

Now here, Man Cub has just seen his Auntie perform the task of actually pushing up the pop,which was no mean feat considering all the slippery ice cream on the sides, so he decides he's going to give it a try. Notice the look of concentration upon that delicious little face. I have to tell you he didn't have much luck pushing it up. He just had to put that little tongue to work digging the ice cream out.

And boy did he ever, because what we have here is a cub in the middle of a genuine brain freeze. His little face scrunched up, he shivered and went "Burrrrrr!!". What a one in a million shot!

Ah yes, can you tell from the look of glee upon his face that he loved the push pop as much as his Auntie. That little old pop was wiped clean, sucked dry, finished, ca put, never to be seen again!!! Ah what a loveleigh bit of sweetness.

Now on a side note, You all know my Auntie Dusty Devoe down the lane made a coconut cream pie a few days ago and I did not receive a piece. After a bit of whining, complaining and a mini guilt trip (ask and ye shall receive!), I received my piece of the pie and I must say, she did not tell a lie, the pie was fabulous. I enjoyed every last bite!!! Thank You Auntie DD!

Friday, March 20, 2009

When It's Springtime

When it's springtime in the country,
Down any country lane,
The lilac trees are blooming,
And shedding April rain,
The apple trees in blossom
Wear pearl crowns pink-tipped with fire,

Down country lanes in springtime,
One can find their hearts desire.

Now far away I wander
Down city streets alone

And dream of you only,
When you were all my own.

Some day I'll travel homeward,
Down country lanes once more,
And see you waiting for me
Beside the lilac door.

By Virginia Stiltner Wheeler

Happy first day of spring!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What's the plan for tonight?

Through the magic of television, I'm going to enter these doors and get completely...

I'll join the whole gang and see one more piece of the puzzle of how they came to be where they are. Lost is in it's 5th season and let me tell you these people have had their trials and tribulations.

#1 There plane crashed on a seemingly deserted island

#2 They discovered invisible man eating bears

#3 They find out they are not alone, there are others on the island

#4 They realize these others want them dead

#5 Some of them wind up dead

#6 At the end of last season, 6 of them make it off the island only to watch it vanish
without a trace in front or their eyes

#7 The 6 then return 3 years later only to discover the time they've returned to is over 30 years earlier

#8 Say what, that's right, apparently while they've been gone, the island has
been doing a little time traveling

#9 Are you as confused as me?

All I know is it's worth watching just to get to look at HIM!!!

And HIM!!!

So I'm going to join Jack, Sawyer, Locke, Kate, Hurley and all the rest and see what sort of drama goes down next. And you thought your life was tough!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Antique Treasures

Here are my two loveleigh little treasures I bought when we went shopping the other day. The cup above is a shaving mug. You can tell back in the day it was definitely the lady of the house that made the decorating decisions. What man nowadays would pick a pink floral shaving mug!I thought I would use it for toothbrushes or pens. I'm not sure what to use the little dish below for.Maybe as a soap dish or to put jewelery in. I will probably go with the second option since I share a bathroom with two little munchkins that could break it. I just couldn't resist it since it was only $2. The mug was $6, but it was the second time I saw it and loved it, so it had to come home with me too!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pink Saturday

A couple blogs I follow are participating in this Pink Saturday and since I love pink, I thought I'd join in. I had planned to show touches of pink I have in my bedroom, but A Cowgirl's Grace, Dusty Devoe, and I decided to go antique shopping. Once I got my first glimpse of something pink I knew that was what I'd have to post about today. I was off and running, the hunt was on, I was officially a Pink Detective, on the prowl for all things pink!

It was very fitting that the first thing I spotted was this umbrella since we got our dratted rain back today after a few beautiful days of sunshine.

This ballerina costume was so loveleigh. The Pink Pirate Princess would have loved to have it for her dress up box, but it was too small for her, darn it!

These two frilly concoctions are fabulous. I would guess they are both from the fifties when the ladies liked a lot of puff and frills in their finery. I think the one on the top is delicious. Thank you to Auntie Dusty Devoe for spotting it for me.

A pink feather boa added to a lamp shade, that would be a cost effective way to jazz up a lamp. It's very girly and loveleigh!

A little pink stool for a vanity, bathroom, or for me it would just be a place to throw clothes on.

An old steamer trunk for a lady, since there is pink in the interior. Or a guy very in touch with his feminine side!

Ah, the pink velvet chair. Can't you just see yourself curling up in this chair with a good book? It looks like the sides would just curve around you.

A neat vintage shabby pink cabinet.

This teeny tiny chair was too hard to resist. I'm not sure if it is purely decorative or possibly a pin cushion? There were no holes in the seat though.

Can you imagine having this stove in your kitchen when it was brand new? It was probably not that common and only a very unique and stylish woman would have chose a stove like this back then. Ah the stories it could tell! The meals that have been cooked on it!

I do not know how a person would go about getting all the folds in this pillow. Maybe it was machine made. It has seen a bit of wear and tear though. The swan below was sort of a random find. How many hot pink swans do you ever see sitting around?

This quilt reminded me of all the handmade things Nana makes.

Pink roses. You know I love pink roses. The two things I actually bought today have pink roses on them. I'll share them with you another time.

One of the shops had a few touches of spring around, including this real pink primrose.
I loved this shabby chic pink rose print blanket. I think my Foo Foo girl would have loved it because that girl love to curl up on some puff. The softer the better. I may have to go back for this. I can't remember if it was 20 or 40 dollars though. If it was 40 I'll have to take a pass unfortunately. Sorry Foo!

A book on roses, the cover was beautiful. I know you're not supposed to judge a book by it's cover and all, but that's the first thing I notice. I'm just a visual person I guess and sometimes you just need a book to match your decor-hee hee.

A couple of signs I spotted. The one above is for a merchandise line they carry. I love that name, Pink Frosting, it immediately brings to mind visions of all things pink and sweet! The sign below I thought was hilarious. I don't know where this originated. Maybe a diner or advertising for an ice cream line? Anyway ice cream held no appeal today with the cold and rainy weather.

I hope you enjoyed all of my pink loveleighness today. We had fun browsing and I have more finds to share with you in later posts. A Cowgirl's Grace and Dusty Devoe will as well. You see, we can multitask- shop and blog at the same time!!!