Friday, October 29, 2010

A Spooktacular Pink Saturday!

~Hit Play on the Playlist if you would care to hear some ookey spooky witchy twitchy tunes~


Happy Pink Saturday!

Are you ready for Halloween?
Have you been into the trick or treat candy?
Eaten your share of candy corn?
Got all the pumpkins lined up and the porch decked out?!

Thank you to Beverly for hosting and be sure to visit How Sweet The Sound for all the links.

Look who flew into my neck of the woods this Halloween season.


Meet Eloise. I met her a few weeks and just knew she needed to come home with me.


She was my one splurge for Halloween decor this year. I'll be sad when Halloween is over. Maybe I can convert her for Christmas and turn her into Mrs. Clause. Or an elf. Nope.

She just told me no WAY on God's green earth! So I'll just enjoy her company for now until she flies away for the winter. She said she prefers the warmer climate anyway. She's thinking Arizona. 
If her broom holds out.


Happy Pink Saturday and have a wonderful Halloween my loveleighs!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Another Makeover

Next up on the makeover docket... actually this is the AFTER. Once again I got too excited and forgot to take the before shot. Just imagine dark mahogany stain and brassy handles and you get the mental picture.

It was pretty scratched up on the top and had a few dings, but it's really sturdy...and heavy. One of those where you have to take the drawers out to move it. Maybe I'm just a wimp. Anyway, she's done and can be hauled up to Jazz after I put the drawer liners in.

The color is a pale gray which I am loving right now, all shades of gray. I am working on painting a couple of other dressers and a nightstand in a darker gray and I am repainting an end table from Jazz that hasn't sold in the same gray as this dresser. It was a distressed white when we bought it and put it in Jazz but it was beginning to look grubby and was taking on a yellowish tint from it's original stain I think. So I brought it home to give it some TLC.

I am back on Auntie duty for the next 3 days then I get 6 days off. It will almost be like a vacation. If only I didn't have to get ready for our next big Jazz Sale!  We're doing a Holiday Bazaar at a local church in a couple of weeks and I have some preparations to make. More painting, sanding, gluing, altering, cleaning, tagging, pricing, ironing. Yep. Almost like a vacation.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Pink Saturday

Happy Pink Saturday my fellow pinkies! Thank you to Beverly from How Sweet The Sound for hosting our Pink Saturday each week for us. You can find all the pink links at How Sweet The Sound.

It's hard to believe this little one is going to be ten next month.

Where oh where does the time go. To the land of the sweet flower fields I suppose.

Happy Pink Saturday and have a beautiful Autumn weekend my loveleighs!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Walk

I spent last weekend with my Sister and we went for a beautiful early morning walk.

She lives in the most amazing neighborhood full of old homes and this imposing, yet beautiful church.

I would love to go through these homes, I bet most of them have fabulous woodwork.

You have to love these old wrought iron fences. I told my Sister they were probably worth a pretty penny but I don't think she believed me! She needs to start junking more. Then she'd see!

Love the red door on this one. I think it really brightens up a house. Like lipstick!

This homes lawn and landscaping were pristine and very orderly. There were two young kids in the downstairs and I wondered if they saw me taking a picture and if they thought I was a crazy lady!

This was one of my favorites. I can imagine it has a spectacular staircase!

How magical to see these old swings along the sidewalks. If you live in the city and don't have a yard, I guess you have to improvise! There were also several basketball hoops right off the street. Fun!

This is my favorite! It's a bed and breakfast. I Googled it to see the inside and it is very nice, but not decorated to my taste, a little too Victorian. The backyard gardens were very pretty.

Soon after we headed up the street to grab a coffee for my Sis and a hot chocolate for me along with a breakfast sandwich and a monkey muffin. We had to gobble it down in order to meet my Mom and Aunt at my Sister's new house! She and her husband just bought their first home and we were going to help paint things up to my Sister's specifications. Not necessarily my BIL's. He didn't get much of a vote as he discovered when he came by after work to find we had painted one of the kitchen walls BRIGHT orange.
Needless to say he was horrified. But it was only the first coat and was looking much better after it had a couple more coats added. I hope.

We got a lot of painting accomplished and they can't wait to move in after leasing for the last18 years!

Too Too Cute! Congratulations you two!

Be sure to check out All That Jazz tomorrow. We took a break from painting to head to Monticello Marketplace and it was full of fantastic stuff I'll be posting about!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Trip To The Country

Last weekend my Mom, Sister and I went on a little excursion to the country to check out an annual sale at a place called "The Granary". The were selling antiques, primitives, candles and holiday items. The trek to the country took about 20 minutes and once we got there the countryside was beautiful and nestled amongst it was this beautiful little cottage.

The Fall colors were gorgeous.

The side of the Granary. An arbor of trees.

I glanced to my left and what do I see, staring calmly right back at me! What a sight!

The backside of the Granary.

The back porch where they had some of the things for sale.

There was nothing for sale upstairs, but the owner told us we could take a peek!

What a peek it was!

I didn't buy anything, it was a little too primitive for me but my Mom loved it. She told the owner she was ready to move right in. One of the owner's friends said she'd have to fight her for it! I didn't take any photos of the downstairs, I felt weird about doing it since the three of them were sitting down there. I am sure they wouldn't have minded because they said I could take photos of the outside. Still, I didn't do it, now I wish I would have!

When we got ready to leave we noticed the rest of the family had shown up! The home in the background is actually the home the owner lives in. She and her husband built it several years ago and it was featured in a book she showed us. It was beautiful, made to look old but with all the modern amenities and the yard was spectacular as you can tell!