Friday, March 25, 2011

Pink Saturday...A Shabby Chic Inn On The Prairie

Rachel Ashwell Is embarking on a new venture! A bed and breakfast that is decorated in the most glorious array of shabby chicness you have ever laid your eyes upon!

Isn't it beautiful!
I think she is going to have some happy customers when she opens for business.

Thank You Beverly for hosting our Pink Saturday. You can fins all the PS links at her blog,

How Sweet The Sound

Have a fabulous weekend my loveleighs!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy Anniversary All That Jazz!

Today was the one year anniversary of All That Jazz. We opened our booth for business this time last year. We started off in the same shop we are in now, The Painted Lady Vintage. We were tucked upstairs in a corner half the size of what we have now. It was half the price too!

It took us 5 hours to unpack all our boxes and set up for business. We had A LOT of smalls. We were worried we wouldn't have enough product to fill the shelves but we managed to stuff it to the gills!

I told you we had a lot of smalls! Most of these things have all sold by now. I can spot about 10 things that seem to be hanging around still. It's fun to look back and see what has sold. That's why I take tons of pictures. It's a great way for me to see what's sold. I'm a visual person so it's easier to tell from a picture what merchandise has gone out the door and our tags aren't always descriptive enough to tell us what an item is months down the road.

When we started we had several "display only" pieces too. Like the mannequin and the door and turquoise picture frame above. That has changed. Now if it's in the booth, it's pretty much for sale or don't put it in.
We were only in this space a month when a spot opened up downstairs and it was offered to us. We hesitated slightly because we didn't have any large display pieces but the shop owner offered to let us use some from the shop and we were off and running.

Downstairs! Things came downstairs much faster than they went up, let me tell you! All the furniture is borrowed except for the rocking chair and the bench. We started setting up at 10:00 and had to hurry because Girl's Night Out Started at 4:00. We made it with half an hour to spare.











One Year Later
What a RIDE it's been!

Happy 1st Anniversary All That Jazz!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Boring Week...

I've spent the last week relatively bored. Nothing new is happening and I could not for the life of me come up with anything interesting to post on. I haven't been blogging at all. Lots of web surfing has been taking place. I've lost 10 pounds from the exertion, LOL! I can't even use the excuse that I've been working on Jazz projects because there has been nothing new in that front either. I think the time change has me in a minor funk and the fact that it's been raining here pretty much non stop the last couple weeks. I am so tired of gray skies, but compared to the poor Japanese people, I'll take my doldrums any day. God Bless them.

Since I couldn't work myself up to post anything new, I pulled into the deep recesses of my computer files and decided to share these pictures of my youngest niece again. I am so longing for a Summer day such as this.

She's two years older now and still has those big blue eyes and blonde hair.

And she still wants to pick the flowers. Last time she came to visit she wanted to and I had to tell her we didn't have any! Nothing but brown sticks and slimy leaves. Some serious weeding needs to be done within the next month. If it would ever stop RAINING.

Hope you all have a wonderful week! I am off to make the rounds and visit since I have so sorely neglected you this last week!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What's The Booth Looking Like These Days...


Jazz goes through a bit of a transformation every few weeks because I can't help moving stuff around. After a while I start getting the urge to shuffle. I guess it's a good thing, last time I shuffled our shop owner told me we consistently have the highest sales of all the booths BECAUSE of that very reason. It appears my shuffling obsession has it's up side!  Buyers enjoy a space that is refreshed and it may help them to see something they may have missed on a previous visit.

My only complaint is furniture. Most of the furniture I have at Jazz has been there since last November. I'm ready for these pieces to move. I've marked them down a couple times and no luck. I don't think I'm overpriced, I tend to mark things on the cheaper side. So for now I will play the waiting game. Hopefully things will pick up furniture wise after everyone has paid their taxes in April! As it stands now, we are selling a lot of smalls. And we have a lot of smalls, so that's a good thing! I shouldn't be complaining too loudly since I only have one table waiting in the wings to replace anything that sells, but MAN I'm getting tired of these same old display pieces! I want a new look!

This is my new motto!

This is one of those pieces of furniture I was talking about. It started off at $125. I may have been overly optimistic. After two price reductions it currently stands at $85.

The other dresser that is becoming a nuisance. It has a small nightstand to match and is currently priced at $145 for the pair. It's a little pricier because they have $60 worth of new glass hardware on them. Possibly a mistake on my part, but they had no knobs and I loved the glass ones.

This dresser was my childhood dresser. It came as a 2 dresser/nightstand set that my sister and I shared. She took hers off to college, along with the nightstand and mine got passed to my younger sister. They both went into storage for about 10 years until they came out last Summer and got a makeover. My sister's has always been painted white and mine had an ugly coat of rose added to it at one time. I ended up keeping one dresser to store Jazz bits and pieces in, the one that needed the most TLC.

This dresser actually has a bigger history. It was purchased in the 1960's by my Grandma for my Aunt. She bought it from a Catholic Church in Vancouver, Canada. On their off time, parishioners would make furniture to raise money for the church. The dresser set was then but on a boat and shipped to Prince Rupert Island, Canada where they lived for a few years. When they moved back, it came with them and was at my Grandparents home until they gave it to my sister and I to use. I suppose I should be more sentimental but I'm ready to let it go. If someone will have it!

Michelle has some new things to bring in. I have a few linens I need to iron up and take in too. We'll see if things look similar after we've added in the new merchandise or we go crazy and the whole thing looks different again!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mirror Mirror On The Wall..

Who is the fairest of them all...

According to Shelia from Note Songs, at the moment it's me! I've been crowned a Daring Darling Bathroom Beauty Snapping Diva! Is that a most extraordinary title or what! Thank you Sheila for bestowing upon me this most auspicious of honors!

There she is, the Beauty Snapping Diva!

Now. Let's talk mirrors. Don't you just LOVE them!

The reflection isn't always that pretty, but the mirrors themselves can be stunning.

I'm always drawn to them when I'm out shopping or see pretty ones online.
NOT so I can stare at myself!

Mirrors are always something that sell well in our booth. 
The last one I bought and made over sold within a few days.
So I guess I'm not the only one with a mirror addiction.

None of them have been quite as fancy as most of THESE!

And I don't have any this fancy either but I so enjoy looking at mirror candy online!

Have a great week and don't forget to look in the mirror and give yourself a big smile as you pass!