Saturday, March 7, 2009

Blog by Most Handsome Man

Guest Blogger- Most Handsome Man

Today's blog features a special guest blogger, "most handsome man" and all his photos he took while visiting. He's turned into quite an amateur photographer!!!

Nanette- the cowgirl!

Jax- The very playful dog.

Hollie- The barking dog-growling dog.

The ghost baby.

Man Cub's toys.

Frog on a motorcycle.

Airplane on tv.

Cowboy motorcycle.

The homeless dog.

The cowboy dog.
All photos, captions, colors, and music selections are the decisions of the guest blogger, Most Handsome Man and in no way represents the Auntie's thoughts or opinions. The Auntie also in no way takes responsibility for any bad photos of Nanette represented in this here blog!!!


Tara said...

`I love the guest boggers photos and captions! Nanette

Dusty Devoe said...

Great job Most Handsome Man!!!

Desert Rose said...

Well...guess Nanette did not bribe the most handsome man to take photo's of her with her "real" face on! Great job for a "guest blogger"!

Horse Dreams said...

If grades were given out, Most Handsome Man would receive an A+. Way to go ~ fun pictures and music selection. Gotta run ~ need to go put some ACDC in the stereo~