Sunday, November 27, 2011

More Holiday at All That Jazz

The holiday season is rolling on...through Black Friday, Plaid Friday, Small Business Saturday etc.
Very soon every shopping day leading up to Christmas will have a name! 

I didn't buy anything over the weekend but 2 $5 Christmas CD's and a cell phone because I had to switch plans. The phone doesn't really count since it's a NECESSITY. That's what I'm thinkin' anyway. Gotta keep that phone handy for customers who want a lower price on the spot. I had one last week. I accidentally left a Goodwill sticker on the back. OOPS. Not the first time that's happened but I usually catch them. I swear they put at least 3 on everything. So this lady sees the sticker and wants the item, a framed chicken print, but she wants it for the price I paid for it. NO WAY.  I think she didn't take the time to realize I had to pay tax, gas to get there, my time to do the shopping,  paint and labor costs because I painted the frame 3 times and I have to take pay a commission on everything I sell. I offered her $3 off the price I had on it, but when I went in a few days later she didn't buy it. It's not like I was making bank off the picture. I probably would have cleared about 2-3 dollars on it. Some people, jeesh.

The reindeer are all lining up. I can never remember all their names. Can you? I always forget Dancer.

I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought it was really cute. Trees in a jar. Toss in some Epsom salts and you have winter in a glass. It smells divine too, the salts are eucalyptus scented.

Cute right. I almost kept this for myself.

No furniture sales recently I'm afraid, but lots of smaller items flying out the door.

Pretty little reindeer waiting for a new home. Maybe this is the elusive Dancer...

Santa is hiding out in another part of the shop, Abundance Vintage. Watching over all...making his list of naughty and nice.

More vintage goodies.

This space and the one below belong to another vendor. She's new to the shop and I love her stuff!

Isn't this FUN! Makes me want to crawl right into that picture, walking in the
snow I'm craving some serious snow. We only got a sprinkling last year.

I'm hoping to get the Christmas stuff up this week, work on some small things for Jazz and do a lot of walking since we are expecting some nice weather after a week of icky rain.  Let's just say a few pounds or 10, have been added since last year and I want to make them go away.

Have yourselves a great week!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Pink Saturday

Happy PINK Saturday!

I watched the movie "The Patriot" last night and drew inspiration for my pink post from the movie. They had some amazing clothes for the era. The craftsmanship was just beautiful. I am guessing if you had the money to pay for it! Most people probably wore much simpler clothes without the silk fabrics and embroidery.

Isn't this beautiful. I think you could wear this today paired with a pair of jeans and cowboy boots.

I am amazed at how WHITE the whites are. Really? How did everyone stay so clean back then? I think a lot of it may be the magic of Hollywood. I bet they didn't really stay so pristine day in and day out, even if you had servants and lived in the city.

This dress dates about 100 years later but I thought it was stunning.

This one is from the 1920's. I love the pop of pink flowers on the side and the fabric looks gorgeous. I am sure the ladies and gentlemen from the 1770's and 1880's would have been SHOCKED!

Thank you Beverly for hosting. Be sure to visit How Sweet The Sound to find all the pink links! Happy Pink Saturday and have a great weekend!


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sending Many Blessings To You...

I hope you all had a beautiful and blessed Thanksgiving Day!

Now we can OFFICIALLY get our Christmas on without feeling guilty.

Let's Go Girls!

Friday, November 11, 2011

~Pink Saturday~

Christmas seems to be springing up all over and Halloween is barely past. Last weekend I tuned  in to the Hallmark Channel and they were running a marathon of Christmas related movies. The stores are packing their shelves with  Christmas paraphernalia, and Christmas commercials are popping into my regular scheduled programming.
I've decided just to go with it.

We already decorated All That Jazz (previous post), the Halloween/Fall stuff is put away, I'm scanning Pinterest for pretty pictures of Christmas decorations and YES, I've already broken out the Christmas music. It makes for good walking music. What can I say, it's my favorite time of year.

I'm hoppin' on the Christmas train, CHOO CHOO!!!

I will, however wait until after thanksgiving to break out my own xmas decor. Maybe.

Happy Pink Saturday and thanks Beverly of How Sweet The Sound for being our hostess.
Have a pinkified weekend!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

All That Jazz~All Decked Out For Christmas

It took 3 of us nearly 4 hours but All That Jazz is all ready for the Christmas rush! Our shop, Abundance Vintage is having a Holiday Open House this weekend.

It took me 2 weeks of mad rushing to get everything ready but it's a relief that it's done and I won't have to worry about it until it's time to take it down, other than filling in when things sell.

I have finally gotten most of my Pinterest account transferred so SHOULD be getting my blogging mojo back! Have a wonderful November day!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

October's Come and GONE...

Can you believe we are already into November. Where did October go? It's officially been 3 weeks since I've even done a post. I don't think I've ever done that unless I was taking a break. I wasn't really taking an official break this time, just spending my computer time doing other things.

Like re-pinning the 5,000+ pins I had in my Pinterest account because I went to login one day couldn't access my account. It said there was no Pinterest account associated with my Facebook account. Say WHAT? Needless to say I was mad. I had to open a whole new account and am STILL working on transferring my pins. I guess that's what I get for having so many pictures pinned. Not to mention the fact that I keep finding new things I HAVE to pin. It's a bad bad habit. But I have some great stuff! I'll share my link when I get it all transferred.

Then I had the Man Cub and his big Sister for 2 weeks while my Sister was out of town for job training. Lots of early morning bus trips in the chilly weather that are no fun. Thankfully the rain has been holding off for the most part.

This little one has her 15th birthday tomorrow. She gave us a scare a couple days ago. I knew she wasn't feeling well, she felt like she had a fever, was shaking and wouldn't eat. She also threw up a couple times.  She has a gall stone that occasionally gives her a tummy ache but the fever had me concerned. Her blood work came back today and it appears she has some sort of infection, so she's on antibiotics. She's feeling  better. However at 15, she is really beginning to show her age. I can see a big difference the last few months, especially in her walking. Poor baby has arthritis in her hips. I dread the day we lose her, it's been the longest I've ever had a pet and I've been the more attached to her than any other.

Then, there's Jazz. It keeps on ticking, even w/o my other 2 partners. It seems like we've barely begun Fall and I am already in a frenzy getting ready for Christmas. We'll be decorating soon in order to get those early holiday shoppers!

Hasta la vista pumpkins.

This is for my Big Sissy.

I got a phone call from her and she mentioned I haven't posted in a while, she's been checking. Sorry Sis! To make up for it, I thought I'd share this recipe I found, on Pinterest of course. When I saw it I immediately thought of her. We share an affinity for hot chocolate and this sounds amazing. You can find the recipe
My Big Sis is also to blame for my lack of blogging, because a lot of my computer time is also spent playing a card game online we used to play as teenagers. We used to have tournaments with our cousins. It's called Nerts. Ever played it? I recently found out you could play online and so I do. Frequently.

I promise I'll get back in the blogging groove, it's always so much fun to read what others are doing for the holidays. I hope you have a great weekend, I am off to watch Vampire Diaries.
Don't laugh at me.