Friday, April 30, 2010

Pink Saturday

Welcome to Pink Saturday! Brought to us each week by Beverly from
How Sweet The Sound. She graciously hosts this most special event
each week for us. Can you believe the two year anniversary is just
around the corner? We'll have the biggest pink party EVER!!!

For today's post, I am sharing photographs from Victoria Magazine's
January/February issue. Victoria ALWAYS has such beautiful
layouts and this issue is no exception.

This is the kind of bed I could just MELT

into. I love it!

A pretty in pink table setting.

All the little details that go into making a home loveleigh.

Another yummy bedroom.

Scrumptious Battenburg laces. These are so stunning, not something one
sees here in the States very much. I imagine they are much more common
in Europe. I know I have never seen one in person.

A beautiful place to sit a spell.

Thank you for joining me for the pink. Have a stupendous
weekend my loveleighs!

Monday, April 26, 2010

All That Jazz~The Big Move

We DID it!

We got All That Jazz moved to her new home downstairs and we're
thrilled with the results! I keep going back to check my pictures just to
look at the results. Am I vain or what?!

It took my Aunt 2 1/2 hours Friday night to pack up everything, move it
downstairs and pull things back out of boxes so we could haul the empty
boxes home out of the way. We did have a helper, the shop owner's
little Granddaughter was a tremendous help packing down light, tedious,
bulky things that would have meant endless trips for us. She was a big
help so I gave her a financial bonus! Why is it that 5 year olds have more
energy than us when they're smaller and have to exert more energy
to get around with their tiny little legs?

We showed up bright and early at 9:00 to start pulling it all together. We

were on a time crunch. We had to be out of there by 4:00 because the
downtown business were hosting their "Girl's Night Out" event. I
it would only take us about 3 hours. Boy was I WRONG.
Six hours
later we finally finished. I guess I underestimated how much

This old bookcase belongs to the owners of our shop. They were kind
enough to let us borrow 3 large furniture pieces to display our things
on since we don't have any large pieces of our own yet. The bookcase
came from a local school library years ago.

This is the second piece we were lucky enough to use, it's my favorite!
It's gorgeous and dates back to the mid-1800's.

The third piece from the owners. This is the only one not for sale because
it was the first antique piece she bought and she has a deep emotional
attachment to it. It's cute!

Cookies for the "Girl's Night Out" participants.

All That Jazz Ladies, minus my Nana
L-R my Auntie, my Cousin, me and my Mom

So it's finally done. Hopefully we won't have to move again next month.
We've got just about the best spot in the shop so I think we'll be staying
put for the near future.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Pink Saturday

It's Pink Saturday again and once again I'm unofficial. I will be busy
tomorrow and won't be able to make it around to visit until late but I
wanted to put up some pink just in case some of you pinkies showed up!

Meet MacGyver, one of the kitties at my Mom's barn. He's a beauty.
The Man Cub better watch out or he could be replaced as my favorite

Sweet pink nose...
beautiful green eyes

I wish I could bring him home with me!

Thanks Beverly from How Sweet The Sound for hosting yet again and

have a super fabulous weekend my loveleighs!

I am off to set up All That
Jazz in in her new spot!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Where Have I Been...

Did you miss me? Or did you not even notice I haven't been around
much lately?! So here's the scoop. I've been to court. Frequently. The
summons came a couple of months ago letting me know my life would
soon be put on hold, hijacked for the month of April.

Jury Duty calls.

Anyone else had to do this? This was my first time and it was not an
enjoyable experience. But it was my civic duty. So they told me in the
15 minute video we had to watch on the first day of reporting. On
the UP side I can expect a LARGE check for my services. $15 a day is
the going rate in my State. The Judge said they have been trying to get
us jurors a pay raise since the 1950's. So much for inflation. No trickle
down for those that actually OBEY the law.

I got the PRIVILEGE of sitting on one trial. I thought perhaps I would
have feelings of guilt about finding someone guilty. But I didn't. Not
when you have to go with the interpretation of the law. It was a rather
mundane trial with a malicious mischief charge, which was fine with me.
I would NOT want to sit on a more serious case like a murder or a rape.
I think it would be heartbreaking. Kudos to all those jurors who have had
to do so, you have earned my deepest respect.

Yes, it was rather boring, the most excitement came when the Judge
practically yelled at the defense attorney once. It was all I could do to
keep from grinning. Pathetic huh? I am one of those people who
sometimes laugh when people fall too. I wasn't alone though, it amused
some of the other jurors also. The seats were comfortable though, perhaps
a bit too much, I almost fell asleep once, I just could NOT keep my eyes
open! The bailiff told us he had a woman recently who DID fall asleep.
He had to keep passing her cups of water!

So I am finally done! The phone recording telling you that you have been
excused for the rest of the month is like being let out of school for the
Summer. SWEET FREEDOM! Next week there is no court due to a
conference the Judges have to attend, thank goodness. Now I just have to
see when I get summoned again. They say it's a random computer draw,
hopefully the computer will give me a grace period, say 5 to 10 years.

I can't completely blame the court system for my lack of blogging
though. I have recently become addicted to an online game I just
discovered called Bricks. It's where I have been going when I
turn on the computer, instead of to the blogs. Oops.

Have any of you heard of the site I found it on... All My Favs.
My Aunt emailed the site to me last year and it's amazing. It has tons
of popular sites for games, weather, maps, video sites, search engines,
news, shopping, magazines, movies, blogs, and recipes and so much
more. I highly recommend it.

Also on the horizon, this weekend to be exact, is moving day for All That

Jazz. When we moved into our booth we were upstairs in the loft tucked
away in a corner. After only a month the opportunity came to move
downstairs into a bigger booth so we snatched it up. It costs more, but we
are hoping to make up for it in sales since we will be in a more prominent
location, closer to the cash register, hee hee!

So I hope to get back into the groove and plan to spend some time
catching up with you all. Thanks for sticking with me through this
post, it was a bit long-winded for me I KNOW!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Pink Saturday

Welcome to Pink Saturday, compliments of the wonderful Beverly from
How Sweet The Sound.

Today for your viewing pleasure, I have compiled a fabulous
compilation of PINK ruffles...

Happy Pink Saturday and have a pinkalicious weekend my loveleighs!