Friday, February 24, 2012

Pink Saturday~Fantasy Furniture

Happy Pink!

I think it's been a month since I've done the pink and I missed it! So today I'm sharing a couple pretty pieces of fancy fantasy pieces. I just love this chair, the colors are so pretty and it looks so very squishy! The best kind of chair in my opinion.

This petite writing desk is beautiful as well.

Then there is this less fancy piece that is  more in my reality zone. I have a dresser very similar to this I've been thinking about painting. It's a family piece, 70 or 80 years old and has a dark stain finish. It's structurally very sound,  only missing one knob! However it does have some scratches and the top it marked up quite a bit. If I were to paint it, I would paint it white or cream. Any thoughts? Do you consider it sacrilige to paint over wood, antique family heirloom wood at that?!

Thank you to our Beverly who hosts our Pink Saturday for us each week, whether we show
up or not! You can find all the pink links at her blog How Sweet The Sound.

Have a Happy Pink Saturday and have a terrific weekend!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Spring Where Are You?

I need some sunshine.
 I need some flowers. 
I need some color in this gloomy cycle we're stuck in. 

There is still a month of dreary Winter left.
I would be willing to skip Spring and go straight to Summer.
Is that possible Mother Nature?

Yeah, I thought not.
Just PLEASE hurry with some warmer weather,
some lightness,
some brightness!
I'm STARVING for some sun!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

All That Jazz

I had to go to the shop to do a bit of shuffling, due to a couple pieces selling. I took in these two tables. The larger coffee table is painted in ASCP, Louis Blue with Old White accents and coated in clear wax. The smaller end table is ASCP Barcelona Orange with an undercoat of Louis Blue and clear and dark wax. The orange was a new color for me and I really wanted to try it out. It's a fun color but I will probably save it for Fall now that's I've given it a whirl.

I still have some other colors I'm anxious to try but need to find some furniture to paint first!

I also whipped up some pillows, this dress form pillow was gone the next day. I may have to make some more! Then watch, they'll sit there for months!

Fun old shelf I bought for myself, but it didn't work where I wanted to use it so what happens? It makes it's way to Jazz of course!

Have a great week, it's almost half way over!

Happy Valentine's Day my Loveleighs!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Watercolor Works of Art

I've known for quite some time that my niece had a talent for drawing. She can create the most amazing cartoons and drawings. However I was astonished when she sat down at the counter to paint with her brother and whipped out this watercolor fairy in 10 minutes flat. The girl's got mad skills. But since I'm her Auntie I could be prejudiced.

The Man Cub is quite the art-eest as well. His work takes on a more abstract 
and modern flair!

Hope you all had a fabulous week and I REALLY hope you have a fabulous WEEKEND!