Friday, July 31, 2009

Pink Saturday!

Happy Pink Saturday Everyone!

Thank you once again to Beverly from How Sweet The
. She holds all the pink links on her blog, so pop
over there to see more pink!

Have yourselves a LOVELEIGH weekend!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

An Heirloom Party

Thank you to our Hostess, Marie from Emma Calls Me Mama.
I LOVE the idea for this party and am so excited to join in!!!
If you are interested to see heirlooms from other participants
click the link above to get ALL the links.

Welcome to MY little corner of the Heirloom Party! The special
heirlooms I'm going to share today came to me recently, last
week actually. My heirlooms come in the form of beautiful
costume jewelery that once belonged to my Great Grand-
mother, my Buba

I lived across the street from my Buba the last few years of her
life. I was the one that helped her around the house, anything
she needed help with that I could do for her, I did. Even if it
meant running over at 8:00 at night to change a light bulb,
which I did on more than one occasion! We became very close
in the last few years of her life and I'm forever grateful I got
to spend that time with her. Shortly before she had to leave
her home of over 30+ years to go to assisted living, she gifted
me with a few precious pieces.

My Buba gave me a beautiful watch, not valuable but
sentimental, a small diamond necklace and a ring.

THIS ring.The original wedding ring my Buba wore when
she and my Papa got married. Over the passing years she
got a couple of upgrades, LOL! But I was honored that she
chose to give me her first ring.

My Buba passed away a little over two years and my Nana
finally decided to let all the Granddaughters and Great Gran-
daughters chose from what was left after she removed what
was most important to her. She wasn't ready to do this before
now, she told us. It took her a while to be able to sort
through everything and be willing to part with it.

Not all of the Great Granddaughters were present so some
had their Moms chose for them and some had Sisters making
the choices. Everyone got to chose a # for the selection
order. The Granddaughters got to go first of course, age
before beauty and all that!

There was much to chose from. A whole dining room table full.
It took us 30 minutes just to lay everything out. I think my
Buba liked herself some jewelery, a LOT.

This was MY first choice. A gorgeous brooch and matching
earring set.
I always gotta go for the PINK!

More beautiful costume jewelery. We actually only made a
selection for jewelery 3 times and some of the Granddaughters
decided that they had all they wanted or needed. Not me. I
freely admit it, I'm greedy! There were so many pretty,
sparkly, shiny and fun things that I didn't want to just be
shipped off to the thrift store. So I chose

these beautiful saltwater pearls...

and these fabulous rings. The ring on the left was actually from
my third pick. PINK again!

Then I spotted THIS! How did I miss these beauties? There
were just so much to look at that these got lost in the mix.
How fortunate for me that I eventually found them. However
I did promise to share with my Sister, so I have joint-custody
of them!

Two more delicate little pretties to wear around my neck.

Some loveleighs to dangle from my ears.

The opulence, the splendor! Wherever shall I wear it! My vote
goes to wear it with jeans and a tank or tee! That's what my
Cousin does and she has got STYLE!

The brooch at the bottom of the picture with the pink rhine-
stones and pearls was actually from my second round pick.
I know you're thinking it...What's with all the PINK !!!

I came away with a treasure trove of pretties but knowing
that they came from my Buba, that she once treasured them
and wanted all of her "girls" to have them when she was
gone means the most to me.

Here is a small PINK velvet case that was left in the box of
jewelery. My Nana asked me if I wanted it and I, of course
snatched it up. After all it's PINK! I'm keeping most of the
trinkets in there for now.

My DEAR Buba is missed greatly, but we have lots of memories
of her and stories to tell. Now we also have little bits we can
wear on special occasions or every day to help to keep her
memory alive, not that she would EVER be forgotten! So I
dedicate this Heirloom Party post to my Buba.

Thank you for your gifts that continue to keep coming,
even after you've gone. I will LOVE you and MISS you

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It's a heat wave!

<span class=

I'm wishing for a little bit of THIS right now! Temperatures
have been above the 90 degree mark the last few days with
no end in sight and today is expected to reach over 103!
This just doesn't happen here in the Northwest.

I miss the rain!!!

However, I"m VERY thankful for the invention of the
air conditioner!!! I can't even get out for my walks or any
bike riding, unless I go at 6:00 in the morning, and that
AIN"T happening! It was still 84 out last night at 11:00!

On a side note, I want to tell you all that I won't be posting
about anymore giveaways for a while, I feel like I've gotten
off track for a while now and need to get back on. This does
NOT mean I won't be ENTERING anymore! I will place
any new giveaways that come my way on my left sidebar,
where there are already a few goodies listed! Be sure to
check there for anything new, I'll be adding one today from
Lee Laurie at a Southern Rose, so be sure to go and see her.

I have been slacking on the continuation of my Historical
Borst House series! I have been putting it into high gear
and am hoping to have it done for you next week. I am
having to split it into about 5 different posts, so it is taking
some time.

Until then, if you live in this scorching heat, stay cool and safe
and I'll see you all back here on Friday for the Heirloom
Party, over at Emma Calls Me Mama!

Monday, July 27, 2009

3 More Giveaways and a Party!

First off I want to tell you all about a party I discovered.
The idea behind this blogging party is to show heirlooms
that have been passed down through the years or something
you intend to have become a family heirloom. I thought
this sounded like so much fun! If you are interested, t
party is being hosted at Emma Calls Me Mama if you
wish to participate. I hope I see you there!

Now for the goodies, literally! The Imperfect Housewife is
having a Retro Candy giveaway of all her favorites from when
she was a kiddo. She searched far and wide to track them all
down and offer them up to anyone with a crazy sweet tooth,
LIKE ME! Her offer ends Friday, July 31st.

You can find THIS beautiful giveaway at Bellamere Cottage.
Spencer is celebrating her 100th post and her giveaway
holds some truly gorgeous things. Be sure to enter to win
by Saturday, August 1st.

We also have Rebecca from A Gathering of Thoughts who is
having ANOTHER giveaway so soon after the last! She is one
sweet and generous lady! Her hand painted hanger will go
home to one lucky winner. This giveaway ends August 1st
as well.

I hope one of you wins one of these wonderful prizes. I just
won my 3rd giveaway of the Summer, this nightlight from
Maidenshade! I was thrilled!

Remember, you can't win unless you ENTER!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Another Pink Saturday!

Hello and welcome to Pink Saturday! Last weekend I
attended an Antique Fest downtown. I have never been to
this annual event and it was so much FUN! They had outdoor
vendors and lots of yummy goodies like elephant ears and
snow cones to eat while you shopped. I could have stayed
there all day soaking up the atmosphere and the sunshine.
It was beautiful out. I also went on a Sunday, so the vendors
were willing to wheel and deal!

This young man, my Nephew, came shopping with my Cousin,
my Sister, and I. He was a trooper! He shopped with the best
of them for 2hrs 15min and then he hit the wall. He was done.
He only had about a 20 minute wait however before his other
Auntie took him to the park to play.

So here is a bit of what I came away with. This pretty rose
bowl that set me back a whole $1. This was my first purchase
and I just about broke the bank!

My Mom and I have been on the hunt lately for a tablecloth to
go on the patio table and I found this marked $12. It's in
excellent condition and I actually only paid $10 for it.

Now this pretty little frock, I did NOT by. I thought is was
gorgeous, so I snapped a few pictures. The price, not so
gorgeous at over $400!

I also came away with a couple of adorable aprons. One is
red/white checked and the other is purple/white checked.
They didn't fit the color scheme so I didn't include them. I
also bought a small 5 lb. white flour sack
, with pink writing
that miraculously has my last name on it, which is why I didn't
show it either. A great find by my Cousin-Pony Girl! She found
one for herself as well, without a name match. We thought they
make cute pillows once we stuffed them.

This pretty LADY here is the giveaway print I won, made by
the artist Chelsea Rose. I immediately poked her in this pink
frame and she looked right at home. I ADORE her!

Happy Pink Saturday everyone! Be sure to pop over to
blog at How Sweet The Sound to find all the pink
Have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Mish Mash Tuesday!

I have a mix of things to share with you today. First, I was
awarded/tagged with a special book award from Teresa
of Inside The Mind Of A Mini Madwoman. I'm not so sure it's
an award so much as a way to pass on the love of books and
reading to others. To share how special it is to be able to pick
up the written word and be transported into another world
in a matter of minutes. I love to read, but must admit that it
has taken a backseat since I've started blogging.

The object here is to:
1. Collect the book you have most handy
2. Turn to page 161
3. Find the 5th complete sentence
4. Cite the sentence on your blog
5. Pass it on to 5 other blogs

My book happened to be Harry Potter and the Half-Blood
Prince. The movie was coming out and I thought I'd read
the book again. It didn't happen. I'll have to read it before the
DVD comes out, since I probably won't see it until then
anyway. I've already read it 2 or 3 times, so it's not like I'm
missing out! Here is the 5th sentence:

"And let me see, another twenty for your Muggle attire."

This line was said by the one teacher, Professor Snape, that
is Harry Potter's nemesis at his school, Hogwarts. The twenty
points he refers to is a reduction of points that all the classes
use as a reward system. Twenty points is a rather large
amount to take away, especially for the offense of being out
uniform, wearing "Muggle" clothing. Muggles are non-magic
people, like you and I. At least I'm assuming none of you do
magic! If you've never read these books, you should
seriously consider picking the first one up and trying it. They
are for adults too and they are truly "MAGICAL"!

I'm going to pass this on to everyone and no one. If you'd
like to play along and continue passing along the BOOK LOVE,
please do, but I'm not going to pass it on to anyone in particular
because it has already been making it's way around my
blogging circle.

Now on to item #2: I WON something AGAIN!!! I won this
fun and unique print made by Chelsea Rose. The Giveaway
was offered by Studio M.M.E. Stutterings and lucky little me
won! I had my choice of 3 prints and this is the one I chose.
I think she's FABULOUS! Thank you to both ladies!

My last piece of business to tell you all about today is another
giveaway! Jennifer from Maidenshade. She is offering the
nightlight shade above! All you have to do is leave her a
comment letting her know you are interested. You can also
submit someone else's name instead of your own if you wish!
Isn't that a great idea! The giveaway ends Sunday, July 26th.
When yo get to her site, she is also having a sale on some
great handmade shades.

I thought this one went with my Harry Potter theme!

This little pink doggie nightlight was just SO cute!

My FAVORITE, the Harlequin lampshade! She has many more
so please go and check them out if you are in need of a beautiful

I hope each of you found something to interest you! Have a
wonderful day!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Family, Barns and SHOPPING!

So I had a bit of a hectic weekend. Friday started out with a
family get together to visit with my Mom's cousin and her
Mom, who had driven over from Idaho. Of course we had to
throw in a little shopping. We hit the two Cowgirl shops in
town, one was a new discovery, recently opened.

Then on Saturday morning, it was up and at em' bright and
early to get on the road to attend this...

This was something new that I discovered while blogging and
just knew I wanted to go. The Barn House Hosts do several
events a year and this one was hosted at their home in
Battle Ground, WA. They also have a blog, where I discovered
them. You can find it HERE.

I managed to talk several other family members into going, so
by the time we all met up, we were a group of 8, including
my 9 year old nephew, Most Handsome Man who has been
staying for the week. I thought he would be bored, but that
kid is a shopper, let me tell you! His Mama has trained him up

So after a couple hours on the road, we pulled up to this
spectacular event. The Barn House Flea Market. We were
all enormously impressed and fell in love at first sight. All of
vendors had such fun, creative and interesting things to look
at. Lots of eye candy for sure, everywhere you looked. I
didn't actually come away with anything, except for ideas
for creating some of my own things. It was however well
worth going to going to and heaps of fun. I would go back,
especially since my Uncle discovered a shorter route that
would knock at least 20 minutes off the trip!

So I've laid out a pictorial stroll through the Barn House Flea
Market for you. I hope you enjoy it and I'll catch up with you
again at the bottom of the post...

I'd like to thank the Hosts Joe and Jermonne for gifting us
with such a wonderful experience. It had to be an enormous
amount of work and heart that went in to pulling something
so special together. Thank you to all the vendors as well, it
was so much fun to see all the beautiful things you had to

Even though I came away from the Barn House empty
handed, all was not lost! There was an Antique Fest closer to
home I went to on Sunday and I found a few treasures there!
I'll be sure to show them to you later. I am now, officially, all
shopped out at the moment. I'll have to rest up for the next
round! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend too, I can't
wait to hear about it!