Friday, June 25, 2010

Pink Saturday

Time for a little pink madness! Thank you to our hostess Beverly
from How Sweet The Sound, especially since I was late with my RSVP
this week and she squeezed me in anyway! Be sure to find all the pink
links at How Sweet The Sound.

This is a sweet pink vanity in the booth next door to ours. I just love the
pretty color.

It would fit so nicely in a little girl's room.

Pretty in pink vintage hat.

Vanity skirt.

Matching child size dresser to go with the vanity.

Happy Pink to you all and have a marvelous weekend my loveleighs!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Finished Project

I finished a project for All That Jazz recently. A china hutch from an
estate sale we bought a couple of months age. Poor thing had to wait for
the weather to warm up for me to paint it and the weather here in the
Pacific Northwest is moving toward summer weather at a snails pace this

Once again I forgot the BEFORE shot. So I'll paint you a picture, your
basic orangie/gold stain from the 50's, yellow glass doors with a circle
pattern and you throw in some sticky plastic doilies lining the shelves
and that just about covers it. Hand sanding it was NOT fun. I'm
going to have to invest in a little hand held mouse sander before
my arm falls off.

It had good bones though and was in great sturdy shape.
So I slapped some paint on her...

took out the ugly yellow glass and replaced it with some pretty toile
material. My original plan was to use burlap. Then AFTER I already had
the lady cup the burlap, I saw this on the shelf and had to have it. It's
funny how things can evolve like that. Suddenly she took a definite
French Country turn.

The hardware got painted out in black. Does anyone have any good tips

for painting hardware? I wasn't really happy with the way they turned out,
I think they are going to chip easily and I even sprayed a sealer on them.

Please excuse the towel, It's placed there to keep it from scratching until we
can get it moved to the booth.

Do you all remember this pretty little picture I showed you? I had no
idea what to price it at. I asked for some help from our shop owner since
you ladies were as clueless as me. I ended up pricing it at $29 and it was
sold a couple of days later and went home to England with it's new owner!
So it was either
priced just right or WAY too low! Who knew.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day and The Giveaway Winner

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there! I don't think any read my

blog, even my own, but I hope you all have a great day anyway!
My Dad will just be graced with my spectacular presence!

I also want to say a great big THANK YOU to all those who attended my
Birthday/Costume Party. It was a small, yet intimate affair with some of
my closest blogging friends and I had a wonderful time viewing all your

Now to the giveaway... the winner of their very own copy of "The Young
Victoria" goes to Carolyn of DraffinBears! Congratulations Carolyn!

I hope you all have a terrific week ahead of you!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Pink Saturday

The honeysuckle is abloom

and it smells simply


Happy Pink Saturday my loveleighs!

And Thank You to our pink Hostess Beverly from
How Sweet the Sound. Be sure to visit her to find
all the links to pinkness.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Costume Party!!!


Come one, Come all!

The time has arrived.
My Birthday is here
let's all have a ball!

Gather your gowns, your fripperies too,
it's time to get going , I'm waiting for you.

A stroll in the morning
through the gardens so fair,
before I head off for make-up and hair.

I'll squeeze myself into my gown so tight,

I won't be able to breathe, but beauty is pain.
As long as I'm looking good, right?!

As you pull up to the castle,

an antique coach awaits,

it will carry you through the large castle gates.

Down past the Guards, you smoothly will glide,
but pay them no mind,
never you fear,
your name's on the list.
Leave your worries behind.

Upon the front lawn

I'll be here to greet you.
I'm so pleased you're here
my old friends and new.

Come, through the doors...

make your way up the stairs...

let the party begin,
toss out your cares!

We'll have chit chat and gossip,

but let's keep it light.
After all it's a party,
we want no cat fights!

Are you ready to dine,

let's all have a feast...
the table's been set
please take your seats.

You're welcome to eat

as much as you like.
There's plenty of food
there's no end in sight.

If I disappear for a bit,

don't be alarmed.
I've just dashed upstairs
for a quick costume change.

Now it's time for the Ball,
my sweet Prince is near.
Gather your partners,
get your dancing shoes in gear!

We'll whirl and we'll twirl

all through the night.
I'm so happy you're here,
it's such a delight!

I'm thrilled that you've joined me
for this party of mine.
You made my Birthday so special
It's been such a grand time.
I hope you had fun
on this magical day,
I wouldn't have spend it
any other way!

If you hadn't guessed by now, my costume(s) for this virtual party

we're from the movie "The Young Victoria"! Trust me when I tell you I
had a hard time narrowing it down to a few. The clothes in the movie
were amazing.

"The Young Victoria" is a lighthearted drama surrounding the

beginning of the romance between Victoria and her Albert. I quite
enjoyed watching it and there was lots of eye candy too.


So, to one of YOU, I am offering your own copy of "The
Young Victoria". It doesn't matter where you live, I'll ship
it anywhere, except possible Siberia!

The only stipulation is that you must participate in the
Costume Party. For those of you that placed my party
banner on your blogs or posted about the party, you
have earned an additional chance to win already.
Good luck to you all!

You have until 12:00 PM Friday night to post a party post
then the Linky shuts down. I will announce the winner
on Sunday June 20th!

Thank you again, so so much for joining me. It is always so much fun
to play with you ladies in the land of make believe and fairy tales!

Until next year...

Monday, June 14, 2010

All That Jazz...

Just a few of the latest pictures from our space. This is the newest
vignette we put together.

We thought we had this chair sold once. No such luck, when we went in
the next time it was still there. Dang. It's beginning to be a pain to work
around. We actually had to bring home a rocking chair we couldn't make
room for. It won't sell either! Can anyone say S*A*L*E*!

We're all decked out for the holiday. Hopefully we won't be holding on to
this stuff come December!

The shelves all got reworked.

We have a big event coming up next month. The downtown area has an
annual "Antique Fest". We were told to have our spaces fully stocked and
we will also be given some room on the sidewalk to display and sell things.
That's the next big push!

Hope you're all having a great week and don't forget if you're
planning to attend my Costume Party on Thursday the 17th
to get your costumes picked out! I hope to see you there!