Saturday, February 7, 2009

Miss Foo Foo the Pomeranian Girl

Every good "Diva Dog" deserves her day in the sun. A nice toasty tan and a glamorous pair of sunglasses are really all a stylish pom pom like my Foo Foo needed on this day while she was coerced into this photo shoot. No ladies and gentlemen, she was not too thrilled about where these photos were taken but she really had no choice unless she wanted to do the doggie paddle.

I believe I got two shots off and she was done. That was all I needed. This is my favorite picture I've ever taken of her. She was about two years old here, she's now twelve. And still kickin', much to Dad's dismay.

Foo Foo was, is and always will be a yappie little thing, but I have never before loved a pet as much as I love my Foo Foo girl. I don't think I ever will. She's just lucky the nieces and nephews came along or we'd still be dressing her in baby/doll clothes and making her pose! Yes folks we did that and I have pictures I'll show you some other time. Oh, what she would have to say about that if she could speak!

Isn't it funny how much love and joy an animal can bring to those willing to accept it, no matter if it's a cat, a rat, a horse, or a yappie little fur ball. But I do gotta draw a line at snakes. That just plain gives me the creeps. To each his own I guess. What loveleigh animal(s) have you bonded with the most in YOUR lifetime?


Dusty Devoe said...

Cute picture! I have loved all my animals so much. But I think you do connect with some alittle more. My Lily bug pulls at my heartstrings. And my beloved Dusty has me heart and soul!

Desert Rose said...

I have loved all my animals tremendusly but my horses seem to be the ones that I can't get enough of. They take my breath away! I had never had a broken heart before till I lost George. Then It felt that was heart was shattered and it physically hurt more than any pain I have ever(or since) had.

Pony Girl said...

That is hilarious picture! Was she really floating on the water?
I don't think I've ever had a pet that I wasn't super attached to! I even get attached to my parents' and sister's pets, LOL!
I do wonder how I ever sold my ponies when I was a kid. Well Shannon was kind of mean, so that was easier (but still hard.) Saber, I really wanted a horse so I guess that is what made me want to sell him but I'm not sure if I was sad, I must have been, but I don't remember?! Now, I can't imagine selling Riley (unless I had to for financial reasons- well maybe my dad would get him before that happened! :)