Friday, February 20, 2009

A Foggy Day In The Neighborhood

This friday morning in the valley is starting off with a wee bit of fogginess. A grey mist in the morning usually means there is some sunshine on the way.

Why is it the fog usually more prevalent in the fall and early spring? An autumn fog is my favorite, with the smell of woodsmoke in the air. But, I will definitely take a fog that holds the promise of spring in the air.

I have to say I love weather. Each season has it's own special things about it, but I think most people that live in the northwest have the biggest yearning for SPRING

Even if spring isn't your favorite season(mine is fall), there is something you can't help loving about the freshness and newness of all that spring holds for us, especially after a wet and dreary northwest winter.

So I'll leave you with this picture of the sun trying to make it's debut for the day, although it may be a bit chilly, around here we make no complaints and soak up all the sunshine's rays we can get. Tomorrow the rain could be back and that old yearning for spring will be back, stronger than ever!!!

Shine on sun, shine on!!!


Pony Girl said...

At least the sun came out through that fog quicker today than it did yesterday! It's SO nice out. I want to be riding!
Can't wait to get out in it w/ya and take the kids and dogs for a walk later this afternoon!
p.s. Fall is my favorite season, too! ;)

Paint Girl said...

The only season that should be liked is Summer! I can't stand the cold and rain. I was definately born and raised in the wrong state!
Pretty pictures of the fog!

Horse Dreams said...

It was an absolute beautiful day in my neck of the woods! Everyone has been so creatvie with their personal blogs and I am so impressed by my family members ~ they are so creative! My favorite season is summer, but you probably already knew that!

Horse Dreams said...

Hi Paint Girl,

I see we are in agreement on our favorite season...bring on the yearlong sunshine!

Dusty Devoe said...

Great pictures Sares. I love Summer too!

Desert Rose said...

Well...I have to say all of my "seasons" are not too bad! But fall would be my fav!!!