Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Little Thrift Store Shopping

I went for a little shopping trip today with my Auntie who lives down the lane. We decided you can't feel too guilty for spending money when you do your shopping at the local goodwill!I bought myself four pretty pink vases. I'm sorta in a bit of the shabby chic mode in my bedroom right now and I needed something to go on my bookcase. I've always love rose patterns on old dishes. On plates, vases, teacups, saucers, pitchers-they all seem to catch my eye. This first vase is my favorite because of the pattern, although I think the pattern is actually peonies, one of my favorite flowers.

I think this tulip vase and the pink one with the gold are the oldest because they have that cracked finish old dishes get. All four of these cost me a mere $10. When I decide I don't want them anymore I can sell them in a garage sale (I love doing those) and recoup my money! So I really didn't spend anything right? Auntie was a good girl she didn't spend as much as me. Did I forget to mention I also got a mirror, a wall hook, a shirt, and a decorative plate handpainted with horses? Oops! But I was a generous shopper, the plate was for Mom and I got the Pirate Princess a doll sized barbie head who's hair she can brush for 99 cents.

It was a fun mini shopping trip. No jobs to rush off to, no horses to tend to, no babies to push around while they scream. Aah how loveleigh.


Desert Rose said...

Wouldn't it be great if there was a thrift store tack shop!!! Think of all the money I would save. Great post!

Pony Girl said...

I loved the first vase, I love peonies, too! I want to see the horse plate, be sure to post it! Don't let your mom save it for her blog, that will take too long.
When I come down in a couple weeks we will have to do some more bargain hunting! ;)

Dusty Devoe said...

We had lots of fun! I love this kind of shopping. I don't feel guilty!