Thursday, February 12, 2009

Gimme Some Sugar

Yummy, Yummy, Yummy, Yummy in my tummy!
I just had to make these sweet treats for Valentine's Day with the help of the Pink Pirate Princess. We make these special cookies every year for Christmas,Valentines, Easter, and Fall. It's become quite the tradition. Thanks to Aunt Lisa for sharing this delicious recipe with us years ago.

This Valentine above says inside:
A valentine from little me
I send to little you,
I hope you'll think it's pretty
It means I love you .
Can you tell which of the above cookies were made by the Pink Pirate Princess, and which ones were made by Auntie?

The above Valentine was given to my Great Grandma MBG, by a student when she taught school, before she was married.

Ah, the assembly line is complete. The treats are done, ready to be eaten. And they will be. To those of you that live just down the lane, I'll bring you some tomorrow!!!


cowgirljlynn said...

Yes I have already had 2 of these delious little cookies and probably many more during the middle of the night!

Horse Dreams said...

If you need directions to my hacinda, you know the telephone number! I am not that far down the lane:). Or, better yet, send me a few when my Valentine visits me on Saturday.

Hey, how did you get the Holly Foo Foo cursor? Way cool~

Dusty Devoe said...

YUMMMY! Papa and Grammy want some> I have to have a curser like that! Your DEVOTED niece!!!

Tara said...

For any of you fellow bloggers that want one of these cute cursors, yes there are horses and other cowgirl bling there, go to webfetti. You just have to copy the code and paste it on your blog under add a gadget, then java. Yes I was tempted to use a sparkling horseshoe cursor but my foo foo seemed more fitting. I may change it down the line.Love ya all!

Desert Rose said...

Mine are in the mail right...FED EX please!

And...that dammed little foo foo barked at me, how does she know it's me???

Pony Girl said...

Those look delicious! I'm sure my Papa will be beginning for some! ;)
I love the foo-foo cursor, might have to go get myself a horsey one. My Coppery Cowgirl probably already stole the best one, hee hee!
Glad you have more free time to discover all the cool blog stuff, Sares!
See ya next week (OH- so you can save me some cookies! :)