Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Post Christmas Update...

Hi everyone. I know I haven't been making the rounds lately, but I've
been occupied with a niece and nephew that have been visiting since
Christmas, not to mention the two I have all the time. So that makes 4
rugrats I've been busy with. Not to mention the horrific cold I came down
with Christmas night and am still suffering with.

I haven't felt like doing anything, I just gaze longingly at the
Christmas decorations and hope they will magically fling themselves
into their designated boxes. Which will never happen because they
don't know which box to fling to. I got so many new things this year
everything needs to be re-packed.

On the up side I did read a book, the last Harry Potter novel has been
calling my name, being as I had only read the poor thing once since I
bought it. It was just as good the second time around.

So hopefully by the time the weekend rolls around I will be back
to blogging regularly. I'm sorry if I don't leave you a comment
but I promise I am reading your posts, my loveleighs!


The Old Parsonage said...

Hello My Friend

So sorry that you aren't feeling well. Hopefully those rugrats aren't too mischievous for their Auntie:)

Be well and Happy New Year!

Claudia said...

I hope you feel better soon, Sares! I am just now feeling back to normal after my cold. Oh, I know what you mean about decorations - I have to rethink the packing of all mine because I got so many new things.

Take care, have some tea and honey!


Desert Rose said...

I also have rugrat fever...10 days of babies !!! Enjoy your rest!

Anonymous said...

Feel Better sares! I still have a cough but it's going away a little everyday. Drink lots of hot tea and and keep warm...Hugs, Jennifer

GwendolynKay said...

Sorry to hear you are ill. I hope this finds you on your way to feeling fit as a fiddle:) Just a reminder I need your address to ship your win to you. Take care, blessings!

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Oh no! "Naughty" Santa brought you a cold, hu? Tsk, tsk, tsk. Well, actually, someone in your own area gave it to you, 3 days previous. Isn't that what they say about colds?

Just rest as much as is possible, with the kiddies underfoot. :-) Don't worry about taking decorations down yet or about blogging. Rest and let your bod fight off that cold! 'Auntie' sezzzzzzzzzzzz! ,-)

Dusty Devoe said...

Hope you're feeling better soon Sares! I am sure those little rug rats were perfect! HeeHee

Cora said...

Hurry and get better! :)

Deb said...

hope you feel better soon...I had a little stomach bug Sunday and Monday....back to normal today...was no fun...

GwendolynKay said...

No I did not receive your email. If you want you can leave your address on a comment at A CHARMING HOME. I look at them all before posting them. I would not post your address.
Blessings always!

Eclectic Chic Style said...

aww just enjoy the niece and nephew and take care of your sick little self, prop those feet up and enjoy that book, we'll be here girlie girl.
♥ Teresa

The imPerfect Housewife said...

I'm right there with you, girl! Take some time for you and your little pumpkins and get back to blogging when the mood hits. Have a happy new year ~ ♥

Unknown said...

Oh...down in the dumps, however you have Harry! My husband just watched Harry last night. We have been on a movie kick, and it's felt so good just to sit down and relax. My word, life gets in such a hair ball sometimes. Don't worry about falling behind with comments...I'm rowing in the same boat. I'm behind too, but a new year is just around the corner.
Bless you dear friend. I think 2010 is going to be grand...I'm hoping for it, and praying for it, all the way!
I'm starting another blog...I know I'm crazy but I want to have a bit of a different side to me for some show and tell...mainly, for me, to type away some pondering thoughts. Working on it, you may like it. It's about the old funky Auntie I always wanted to be, but never could because I'm an only child...

Pony Girl said...

Hope you are feeling better soon, cuz! Sorry we didn't get to spend more time together. There is never enough time. Enjoy the time with little C....she's a doll!

Micki said...

Hope you are feeling better soon!
Happy New Year!

A Southern Rose said...

I hope that you are feeling better soon! I caught a cold too and I feel like my nose is gonna fall off from so much blowing! LOL Colds are a pain but at least we don't have the flu!

Lee Laurie

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Sares~I hope your back to feeling better soon. I hear a good read can be just has beneficial as chicken soup. Hmmm, although if there's any question...try eating the chicken soup while reading that should cover all the bases,lol. I'll come by again to see how you're doing.

Sweet 2010 wishes,

C. JoyBell C. said...

Taraaaaa! At the dawn of this new horizon we have in front of us, I want to greet you and wish you all the beautiful things that your soul has to offer to you and to the world and I also wish for you all the blessings you desire, from up above!

A very Happy New Year to you, too, Sares!

Guess what? I woke up Christmas morning with a cold sore on my lip! On the up side, maybe that's what happens when Santa kisses you goodnight on Christmas Eve! hahahahahahahaha! Thankfully though, it's gone away in time for the New Year!!!!

Oh my god! I have been soooooooo busy!!!!!!! And right after this, I'm gonna be sooooooo busy again!!!!! Busy busy busy for the New Year celebrations! You should have seen my Christmas Eve table! I am sooooo proud of it! And I'm going all out for my New Years Eve table!!!!!! Hey, do you have FaceBook????



Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Happy New Year Sares...
What a great year we have had together blogging in 2009. It has been the best, and I so look forward to 2010.

Thank you for being there when I needed it most this year, as you'll never know what that meant to me. You have been a true, blue friend, and I just thank you for that.

Wishing you health, happiness, prosperity, love and peace for this new year ahead of us.

Country hugs Sares and so much love, Sherry

GwendolynKay said...

Hi Sares,
You did not give me your zip code:)

Martha's Favorites said...

Sares: I am glad you are feeling better. Please so not over do. The decorations will be waiting to be put away, when you get better. It has been cold here too. I can not even compare it with yours. I want to wish you the best that God has to offer for 2010. Blessings dear one, Martha

Mollye said...

Happy New Year sweet friend. So sorry to know you're feeling poorly. Get better soon. Mollye