Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Awards From My Loveleigh People

Thank You Charity from Thoughts... By Charity Joy Bell!

Thank You Cora from Heartfelt and Homemade!

Pony Cousin Carousel Award

Thank You Cousin SMR from Middle Of The Road!

Thank You Teresa of Marigold Manor!
Thank You Gracie from Gracie Girl!

Thank you Teresa from Marigold Manor!

Thank You Mama from the Hohman Homestead!

The Best Blogger Award

Thank You Isabel from The Thriller Is Gone!

Thank You Charity from Thoughts...By Charity Joy Bell!

Attitude of Gratitude Award

Thank You Teresa from Eclectic Pink Rose!
Thank You Sandi from Bearly Sane-Blog Of A Bear Nut!
Thank You Heidi from Fairy Footprints In The Sand!

Primos Dardos Award

Thank You Charity from Thoughts...By Charity Joy Bell!

Thank You Auntie Desert Rose from Jessesdesertrose!
Thank You Nerina from Nic Nac Maniac!

Thank You Teresa from Marigold Manor!

Thank You Mom from a Cowgirl's Grace!
Thank You Nerina from Nic Nac Maniac!
Thank you Leanne from The Old Parsonage!


Rebecca Nelson said...

You deserve every single one my friend.

Blessings to you again for a wonderful New Year. You inspire us all with your grace and wit and your sweet, funny ways. You bless me.

Love, Rebecca

Unknown said...

Sweet Sares ~ How lovely to be so honored by so many ... you are an inspiration to us all. Hugs of love, Marydon

Lisa said...

You so deserved each and everyone! You Make this blogging land fun!
Hugs, Lisa

Cora said...

Wow....what a popular gal you are! Congratulations!!! Your blog is very deserving. It's a fun place to visit and return again and again!

Happy hugs!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, dear Sares, for reminding us of all the pretty things in this world.
If you feel that you "owe" me something in return, however, i would settle for one of those pretty cupcakes that was being eaten by the lil sweetie in your last blog! I'll let you know when i'm coming!

Jenny said...

Very cool! Congrats! Did you mean to date this for December 1st?? Just wondering!!

Claudia said...

You are very deserving, sweet Sares! Looks like you are loved by many!


C. JoyBell C. said...

heheheheheheeeeeee! Charity Joy "Bells" ... heheheheheheheheeeeeee!

It's okay, I like "Bells" too!

Thanks for putting me there on the tippy top! I like that!