Thursday, June 25, 2009

Gone Too Soon...

THIS is the image my Sister and I had on our bedroom wall
when we were young. This handsome, fresh looking, seemingly
innocent young man, full of talent and promise. We were
probably only 8 and 9 when we became enamoured with
Michael Jackson. He was the first BIG star my Sister and I
had a crush on (she more than I!). We had his posters on our
wall, collected his albums and I specifically added stickers
pertaining to him to my ever growing sticker collection.

We lived out in the sticks when we were young, in a little
logging town amongst the trees, we were lucky to get FM
radio to tune in, so I'm surprised we even heard of him! But
high school kids will find a way and we had a neighbor/baby-
sitter that was a cheerleader and we would watch her practice
her dance routine to the song "Beat It" endlessly. I think
that may be where we learned to love his music.

I was with my Aunt in the car when my Uncle called to share
the news. He told her about Farrah Fawcett and Michael
Jackson. Her immediate reaction was that she thought today
should be about Farrah because she had handled her illness
with such dignity and grace, and I agree, she did. I don't
think in any way her passing should be overshadowed by
Michael Jackson's, but I know it will be, because it was
unexpected. I however remember being surprised, but not
shocked. His life has taken so many unexpected and strange
turns. Many sad, some shocking, and I admit a lot weird.
While I agree one passing should not overshadow the other, I
disagree that it should be all about Farrah. I think this is a
generation thing. My Aunt and Mom are from the time of
Charlie's Angels, she was their peer. I think that's why she
has more sympathy for her sad plight. I think I identify with
the Michael Jackson passing more, not because he was a peer,
he was 15 years older than me, but because he was a part of
my childhood. He brings back a time in my life when all was
innocence and play and fun. It was just about the discovery
of music.

Whatever his life became in later years, I'll always hold a special
place in my heart him and the Thriller Album. They always take
me back immediately to my childhood, and my childhood was
wonderful. Michael Jackson's death struck more of a chord in
me because it means the beginning of saying goodbye to people
and things from my childhood. Knowing deep down that this is
the start of saying, "When I was a kid we listened to so and so"
and having the little kids say "Who" because they've never heard
of them, the start of getting OLDER. I guess I knew it had to
happen sooner or later, even if my recent 35th Birthday didn't
convince me!

So to Michael Jackson I say, Thank You for the songs, for
sharing your gift, and for the inner smile I get EVERY time I hear
the song "Beat It". Thank You for the MUSIC to put with the


Pony Girl said...

So I totally remember that poster on at your place...with that yellow sweater! I think you and your sis shared a room, and I remember where on the wall it was! Isn't that weird? I remember watching the Thriller video in your living room, too. ;) We thought it was SO cool. I think MJ was so iconic. He was a household name. Yes, a little bizarre of late. I heard about his passing while eating dinner at my sister's tonight. On the hour-drive home, one of the radio stations did a tribute and played many of his songs. One of my favorites is PYT (Pretty Young Thing) and Billie Jean. That one just makes me want to dance! R.I.P. Michael J!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sares, It's just been a sad day all around... I remember when Thriller came out, we ran across the street to my friends house to watch the video....I also remember watching Charlies angels...Have a nice weekend! hugs, Jennifer

Eclectic Chic Style said...

That was really shocking news wasn't it? Back in the eighties I really really liked him. Everyone did. We all sang along with all of his songs. Danced to his music at the prom. It was hard to pull my eyes away from the news last night. Even though he was very bizarre in the past decade or so, he was very iconic and a part of our generations' pop culture. That older music still can get my feet moving. It will be interesting to watch how the autopsy and toxicology reports play out. And Farrah, Ed McMahon too, so sad. It's been a bad week for hollywood
♥ Teresa

A Southern Rose said...

I remember that I was in high school whenever 'Thriller' came out. We all loved it! I feel sad about his life and death. I feel like he was always searching for something that he lost during his childhood.
Farrah was one of my favorites growing up. We could only get 3 channels growing up and Charlie's Angels came on once a week and I loved it. Television programs sure have changed! (not for the better)

Lee Laurie

Rebecca Nelson said...

Sad indeed that the brilliant talent of this man's voice will never again make another song.

GONE TOO SOON says it all.

Despite his troubles he was gifted by God....


Gin said...

A very nice tribute. It is sad that he left so soon.

Allidink said...

I know I am so sad. VH1 and MTV are holding tribute videos like all weekend that I am watching...right now lol. I always wanted to see him in concert. He was the best dancer ever.

All the best,

Debby said...

So sad! Beautiful tribute and thanks for sharing.a

Lisa said...

Very sweet! Thriller was a big deal and for most of my teen life!! It seems to have lasted forever!
Hugs, Lisa

Unknown said...

What a wonderful post, Sares. You said it all . . . thank you.

C. JoyBell C. said...

I understand how you feel. My best friend is devastated because singing Michael Jackson's songs with her daddy was a favorite pastime while growing up, especially in celebration of any weddings and festivities that they would have. So now she says she feels like a part of her has died along with him.

I hope you feel better soon, and thank you for your comment. :)

Desert Rose said...

As a person of closer to your auntie's generation than yours...I also wish that Farah and MICHAEL had thier own days of memory. That said...what a beautiful tribute on The GLOVRD ONE from your!!!