Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Loveleigh Treasures Costume Party!

Welcome, Welcome my FRIENDS! The day has arrived so let

us begin. Let's put on our finery, our baubles and pearls and have
a grand time, whatever unfurls!

The Costume I chose consists of a little pink confection I pulled
from the movie "The Phantom of the Opera". I had several
options for myself, but when I spotted this one it was LOVE at
first sight. Not only is it PINK, it has a full ballroom skirt, roses,
and a bit of lace at the top. What more could a Birthday girl
ask for! I have always loved the music from the original
musical, written by the genius, Andrew Lloyd Webber ( I've
included a few song selections on my Playlist). However I could
never quite make it through the whole of the recent movie
remake. The sets are magical and drop dead gorgeous and
the costumes are stunning, but the movie just seemed to drag
on and on for me. Needless to say, that did NOT stop me from
selecting this amazing dress for my Costume Party! The
character Christine, wore the dress for a masquerade ball, so
I thought it would fit in perfectly.

So, without further ado, removed from under lock and key.
I happily present...

My Party Dress!!!

One of my most special party guests, my big sister Horse Dreams,

wanted to attend my little Bash too. She doesn't have a blog
so I'm posting her costume for her here. She went with some-
thing MAGICAL . We both love the land of make believe and
adventure and the fact that there are two sisters on a
magical journey together convinced her to chose something
from the movie "The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe,
The Chronicles of Narnia".

Her Costume choice is from "The White Witch". Don't we all
wish we could wear a wicked crown like this. It would come
in handy as a lethal weapon if need be! Or just to let everyone
know WHO is Queen!

Photo from Victoria Magazine December 1995 Issue

Please, come into the party, I 've prepared especially for YOU,
everything is ready and waiting, sparkling and new..

Photo from Victoria Magazine December 1995 Issue

Pull up a chair, and have yourself a seat, we've all come
together, Oh isn't this NEAT!

We'll tell tales of our costumes, on scrumptious goodies we'll dine.
When all's said and done, the hours flown away, aren't you so
glad you came out to play!

Photo from Victoria Magazine December 1995 Issue

I'm so glad you shared my Birthday with me, but the clock's

struck the hour, it's time we soon flee...

I thank you for coming from the bottom of my heart, but the
time has come when we all have to part. Remember to visit
my other dear guests, they're waiting for you, please send
them my best!


Unknown said...

~Perfect Birthday~

On your birthday I wish you much pleasure and joy;
I hope all of your wishes come true.
May each hour and minute be filled with delight,
And your birthday be perfect for you!
~ A poem by Joanna Fuchs

Happy Birthday Sares!

Teresa (Inside the Mind of a MiniMadWoman)

Unknown said...

Oh, and I must say that I love your dresses! Your birthday dress couldn't be more perfect!


Anonymous said...

OH you look so beautiful!!! and your dress is devine,this evening is turning out to be a great time... The tables and china are gorgeous it's true... I couldn't be happier then to come visit with you. Have a very Happy Birthday Sares!!! I have a surprise at my blog for you...Hugs Jennifer

C. JoyBell C. said...

the Phantom of the Opera is one of my most fave movies!!! Everrrrr!!! I love the music, the character Christine, AND I love the costumes and the whole movie! My kind of movie, exactly! Breathtaking!

Your dress is to-die-for! I would totally wear that in real life!!! AND I would love that same exact dress in a beautiful shade of blue with blue roses!!! Wee heeee!!!

I love your cake!!! I want some cake!!! I love cake! Did you know that already? Hee heeee!!

Happy birthday! mwa! :))

Dusty Devoe said...

Oh Sares, you made me cry. What a Loveleigh party you have thrown. It is really stunning. I am so glad I could come! What a wonderful idea.

Allidink said...

Um did you know that The Phantom of the Opera is my favorite thing EVER!!!!! Omg I love it!!!! My oom at my dads is entirely phantom. Happy Birthday what a great idea in Phantom they had a masquerade and your having a costume party!!! I am so excited about Phantom that I am over using exclamation points!!!! LOL. Great idea! Your sisters too! :) Cute photos! I never knew the back of the dress was sooo awesome like that! You don't see it in the movie.

All the best,

Marina Capano said...

Sares! Hi ! just beautiful party! Thanks so very much! wow! fantastic and awesome dresses! wonderful!
Your birthday dress couldn't be more perfect!



C. JoyBell C. said...

I went home and got my shoes and purse! tee hee! But now I'm back! :))

Paint Girl said...

Happy Birthday dear cuz! You did an awesome job on your party! Love the look, the music (I just got new speakers for my computer, and OMG! Sounds excellant!) and love your dress, love it!
Horsedreams has a great dress too!

Eclectic Chic Style said...

Gorgeous decorations Sares!! Your costume is absolutely deliciously gorgeous!! So is your sister's costume, absolutely gorgeous. WOW WOW WOW, love the blog decorations, the prose and the table and cake. You have really really outdone yourself. Happy Birthday, what fun this party is!! Love the music too, you look mahvelous darling!!! Big birthday hugs!
♥ Teresa

ItaJeff said...

Howdy Sares. Happy Birthday To You, wish you all the best and may every minute be filled with happiness, joy and love.
I love your birthday dress..so lovely

Lots of luv,

Leah Fry said...

Have a Loveleigh birthday, Ms. Sares. I'd crash the party, but, alas, I haven't got a thing to wear. Enjoy your day. I know you'll look beautiful in your dress.

Erika said...

Happy birthday!!!!
What a lovely dress you´ve chosen to wear
Have a faboluse day

Jorgelina said...

Fantastic Birthday!!
You look so beautiful and your dress is adorable.
Happy birthday!!!!

Unknown said...

What a fun idea! Beautiful party!


Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Sares, Happy Birthday to you!

OMG, I almost picked that costume! Have you seen my mini Christine in that dress?

If you'd like to see her here's the link


Thank you for such a lovely and fun party!!!

I hope you have a simply faBulous day!

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a wonderful one!

Lisa said...

Oh How beautiful! You even brought a date!! Well it is your Birthday! Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday Dear Sares!
Happy Birthday to You!
What a SUPER party you put on! I'm going to hire you to do mine!!
Hugs, Lisa

Valerie said...

Happy Birthday, Sares!

You've grown to be such a sweet friend to me...I always enjoy reading your kind comments that you leave me and of course, reading your very own posts! Always delightful!

Your ball gown is equisite and perfect for the party princess. I have not seen the film version of the Phantom of the Opera, but the costumes are certainly beautiful...especially the back of Christine's dress!

I am off to check out what the other party attendees are wearing! Thank you for hosting this fun blog party and again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!


Valerie said...

Hello Horse Dreams, AKA, Big Sister.

Your dress is divine as well. Can you believe that I am a teacher and have never read the Chronicles of Narnia? Did they just make a C.S. Lewis movie? I thought my little one was a bit young (only 4) as others told me it was frightening in parts, but can't wait to read it with her together!

You look stunning in your White Witch outfit. Only a queen could pull off a crown like that!

xinex said...

Oh Sares, the pictures are beautiful. I am in love with your stunning pink gown. Happy birthday! Sorry I am a little late but I am on Filipino time, lol!...Christine

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday! OMG your dresses are just beautiful!! I'm having a wonderful time..thanks so much for inviting me. Warm wishes, Esther

A Southern Rose said...

Happy birthday Sares! Your party is wonderful! This is just what I've been needing! Your pink gown is gorgeous! I love it! Can I borrow it one day!? I promise to take great care of it! Sorry I was a little late to the party. I had a time getting it all together on such a tight budget! I had to be very thrifty this week because my central air broke and I just had to get it fixed and fast! It is so hot here in the South! My friends stepped up and helped me though! Isn't it wonderful to have such great friends! You are one of them! Thanks for inviting me to your party!
Lee Laurie

Rebecca Nelson said...

Happy Birthday, Sares! I pray your day was simply wonderful and that all your hopes, dreams and wishes come true.

Beautiful Post...love it!


Horse Dreams said...

Happy birthday to my loveleigh sister! You've created such a fun party theme ~ everything is pretty in pink, especially your prety costume. And of course, I can't wait for a piece of that loveleigh cake...heehee! Thanks again for posting my party dress:) Happy birthday...I love you~

Rebecca said...

Everything looks sooooo lovely!! I love your party dress! Thanks for inviting me. I'm all ready for the party!

Birthday Blessings,

Barbara Jean said...

Happy Birthday.
Hope it is all your hoped for.
Barbara jean

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Sares. I almost forgot the date. I did not go into detail about my costume and forgot to post it earlier, but I sure enjoyed your party and I am sorry I am late, but I am here.Found you through Teddy Bear and I am so glad I did. Blessings

bj said...

Just a note to say thanks for hosting such a fun day.
I hope your birthday has been all you wanted it to be.
xo bj

HiHo said...

The day, the setting, the guest list, the dresses( both yours and your sisters)are all perfect.
Your an amazing hostess and fun blogger. I hope your birthday is filled with magic! Heidi

Draffin Bears said...

What a wonderful birthday party you hosted. Thank you for inviting me.

You look beautiful and the dress is just gorgeous.
What a perfect party!

Hope that your day and year are filled with all the very best, everything that life can bring to make you happiest.
Happy Birthday!


ps. Sorry I was a little late but my Internet server was down.

Desert Rose said...

Oh.... Sares I had your party in the back of my mind and then the date just left my head almost as soon as it went in!!! I did not even RSVP, I am a bad auntie!!!
However your dress, the table, flowers and cake were simply elegant!!! And Horsedreams also choose well! Happy Birthday Sares!!!

Printersdevil said...

I have been trying to join the party all day. I can't find a link to Mr. Linky. Is there something else that is being done for this party?

I just went ahead and posted my photos on my blog. So hopefully you will see this and help me out. I have had them in the draft stage waiting for a grand entrance. Now, I am afraid of missing out on all the fun!

I hope you have had a wonderful birthday. You and your sister look beautiful.

Teacup Mosaics said...

Wishing you all the best and I must thank you for the gift of pure beauty on your blog. Love it.

Sonia said...

Happy Happy Birthday Sares!!
Wow, I LOVEEE The Phantom Of the Opera and the costume you picked. The post was AMAZING. Well done birthday girl...

C. JoyBell C. said...

Tee hee heeeee! I wouldn't give my feathered purse to you even if you gave me all of that cake! hahahahahahaha! Okay, okay, in exchange for the cake, I'll leave my purse for you... hmmmph!

Eclectic Chic Style said...

Only 15 minutes til midnight, so I had to come and tell you, it was the most lovely party ever, so much fun, I adored seeing everyone's splendid, creative costumes, you have been the perfect hostess, Happy Birthday!! Gotta run before my gown turns to rags!! ♥ Teresa

bj said...

I hope you enjoyed your birthday party today. Did you ever get by to see my costume?
It was a grand party, indeed..
xo bj

Mimi said...

I had to peek in on the party girl!!!
I read QueenMamawmother's blog and so the invite to the party there, also on Jennifer's for the love of a teddy bear, so I wanted to see what the birthday girl wore, BEAUTIFUL CHOICE!!!!!I love love love Phantom of the Opera, I own that movie and I cry everytime!!! I also love Narnia, another good choice!!!
I may dress up if invited, I know I'm late!!!
Jamie--aka MIMI

Anonymous said...

Hi Sares, I just wanted to tell you what a great time I had at your party. I hope you do this again because it was a lot of fun. I think EVERYONE had a great time!! Happy Birthday and big hugs to you...Jennifer : )

Deanna said...

Hi dearest! So sorry to have missed out on such a loveleigh birthday bash. Your dress was magnificent and you all looked so splendid. I'd like to wish you the best birthday ever! You are a loveleigh hostess indeed....HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SARES!

Deanna :D

Printersdevil said...

Thank you for a Loveleigh time at your costume party. It was wonderful and I haven't had this much fun in a long time. I hope you enjoyed the party as much as we did and had a wonderful birthday.

Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

Hi there! Just popping in from Lee Laurie's~

I am SO upset that I missed your costume party, I wish I had known! And Happy Birthday as well!

Love your Phantom gown, that bustle made my jaw drop! Such wonderful music, I'll have to get my cd out and listen now! :P

I do hope you visit, you have no idea how I adore costume and period clothing. Nice to *meet* you Sares!

bj said...

O, my goodness..not to worry, Sares. I didn't think for a minute that you ignored me...I just thought you were flitting all over the place and might have missed me. Since you had mentioned flying, i especially wanted YOU to see me fly !! :O)
Thanks again for a lovely party..Hope you will do it again sometime. Last yr. or the yr before, someone did a GOING TO THE BALL type thing where we picked out our clothes, jewels, cars, MEN...it was such a blast. I need to go back in archives and check that out..;)

Its So Very Cheri said...

Sorry I missed it-it was my anniversary yesterday.


Jodie (everything vintage) said...

What a wonderful birthday party and I must say, your dress was gorgeous! How great so many wonderful guests were in attendance...I'm so sorry I missed it. I need to contact you first before I schedule my breaks next time! ;)
everything vintage

Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

Oh what a wonderful party, I just adore your beautiful pink dress with the roses, how divine!! So sorry I couldnt attend but I was away, did get out of chopping the wood though as everyone knows I'm not very good at it!! could lose a toe ha!
Alicia :0))