Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pink Saturday!

With the beginning of summer just around the corner, I started thinking about
cotton candy for some reason. I think cotton candy is a perfect representative
for Pink Saturday. It's pure pink delicious fluff. It immediately takes me back
to childhood. What kid doesn't love to have some at the yearly State Fair?
That's always where I got mine.

Back in the day, when I was a kid, cotton candy wasn't always easy to come by.
You had to wait for special occasions, like fairs or trips to the zoo. That's what
made it so special, it was a treat one didn't get often.

As soon as you put that first bit of spun sugar in your mouth, it was Heaven on
Earth. You usually only had the option of pink or blue, I assume so the boys
wouldn't feel like sissies walking around with a big ball of pink fluff. When the
color purple began to be used I thought it was fantastic, however the pink is
still my favorite.
A bit of Cotton Candy History...

Cotton candy is a soft confection that look like a fluffy mass of cotton (but there is no cotton in cotton candy). Cotton candy is made from finely-granulated sugar that is heated and spun into slim threads.

Cotton candy was invented in 1897 by William Morrison and John C. Wharton, candymakers from Nashville, Tennessee, USA. They invented a device that heated sugar in a spinning bowl that had tiny holes in it. It formed a treat that they originally called "Fairy Floss." As the bowl spun around, the caramelized sugar was forced through the tiny holes, making feathery candy that melts in the mouth.

Morrison and Wharton introduced cotton candy to the world at the St. Louis World's Fair (1904) and sold huge amounts of it for 25 cents a box (that was a substantial amount of money back then). They sold about 68,655 boxes at that fair. The term "cotton candy" began to be used in the USA around 1920. In the United Kingdom, this treat is called "candy floss."

I wonder if old Morrison and Wharton ever imagined their invention would
inspire others to name their products after it. When you hear something
called the color of cotton candy, you instantly know you're going to be looking
at something in a shade of pink!

Whether it's nail polish, pampas grass, flowers, or even an artificial Christmas
tree, you know you're in for some pinkness.

I think cotton candy pink will always bring a smile to my heart because it's
just such a Happy Pink. It's a soothing, calming, graceful color that quietly
makes it's presence known without being loud or obnoxious.

And I think in this day and age, we could all use a bit more of that in the
world, even if it doesn't come on a stick, but in a pretty little package you can
take home and enjoy whenever you need a pick me up!

For more Pink Loveleighness, jot on over to see our Hostess with the Mostess,
Beverly at How Sweet The Sound. You'll find more links to Pinkness than your
little heart could desire. Happy Pink Saturday Everyone!!!


Eclectic Chic Style said...

Ooooh, I love your pretty pink pictures of cotton candy!! I still feel like a kid when we're out and see it...I always have to get some....for the kids...ahem. ;)
Happy Pink Saturday
♥ Teresa

Desert Rose said...

You have truely captured the mr=eaning of "pink Saturday"!!!

Jenny said...

What a great pink post! Perfect for Pink Saturday!!

Lori Lynn said...

¸.*´¸.**´¨) ¸.**´¨)
(¸.*´ (¸.*´* HAPPY PINK SATURDAY *

Denise said...

Great pictures!! I've always LOVED cotton candy at the fair. It is definitely one of the best shades of pink.

Happy Pink Saturday!!!

♥Mimi♥ said...

Your pinks are just pink-a-licious! Pink Saturday, the one day of the week, other than in my home, where I see pink all around me and it's just sheer joy to the senses!

Have a wonderful weekend. I hope the days bring you all the blessings, grace and peace your ♥ seeks to find.

Lisa said...

Oh the cotton candy pinks are just great! What Fun!
Hugs, Lisa

Char said...

My daughter has and does love cotton candy. I have to admit I do too, Happy Pink Saturday, Char

Claudia said...

Love all the pictures of pink and the info on Pink Cotton Candy! Brings back memories of fun times. Happy Pink Saturday!

Dusty Devoe said...

Beautiful pictures Sares! Pink soothes my soul!!!

Anonymous said...

I use to eat cotton candy every year at a festival we had in our hometown. It would have never been the same without it. ( I kinda gotta confess though, I use to eat to much of it it made me sick).

Happy Pink Saturday,


Pony Girl said...

Fun post idea, Sares. I haven't had cotton candy in years. I think the stickiness bugs me, hee! Cool that it used to be called Fairy Floss! ;) Have a great weekend and thanks for introducing me to Pink Saturday~ I had fun doing my pink pony post!

Michelle said...

I remember the pink Christmas Trees...oh my such memories.

Have a great Pink Saturday!

Jennifer said...

I love cotton candy! It is my favorite Lip Smakers Flavor! I so feel the urge to go find some Cotton Candy to Eat!
Happy Pink Saturday!

Nancy said...

Cotton candy does bring back so many happy memories. Happy Pink Saturday!

SmilingSally said...

Ooo, you've got my mouth watering. Thanks for sharing. Happy Pink Saturday.

The Wrought Iron Gate said...

I really enjoyed your post and corresponding photos. I'm a native Nashvillian, but didn't know that Nashvillians invented this sweet treat. I ate my first sweet mouthful of cotton candy on a childhood trip to the circus.....whenever I see pink cotton candy, I'm mentally transported right back to the big top. Thanks for the memories and the info.

Best Wishes,

vickie said...

Great Pink Pics, love that polish!

Lynn said...

This is my first visit to Loveleigh Treasures. I enjoyed my extended stay!

Tracy M. said...

Yummy, Now I want Cotton Candy. LOL
Happy pink Saturday!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Sares,
What a wonderful pink confection to post about for Pink Saturday. The infomation on it was interesting too. Thanks a bunch for sharing. Happy Pink Saturday!


HiHo said...

I was just talking about cotton candy in the shop yesterday...hmmm, something in the air. happy pink, heidi

Angela said...

It has been years since I have had cotton candy and I want some now! Great pinks!

I love your little doggie curser! I want one of those too! hehehe

Happy Pink Saturday!

The Raggedy Girl said...

I love the pink cotton candy. Too sweet!

from Raggedy Girl

Lara said...

cotton candy has always been my favourite! but I have to say that pink nail polish is also - i spite of the fact that we cannot eat it :)

Paint Girl said...

I haven't had cotton candy since I was a young one! Love the pink!

Linda said...

Cotton candy is pink perfection! Lovely post and Happy Pink Saturday!


Anonymous said...

How delightful! LOL...I am wearing pink cotton candy nail polish right now. It's my summer polish color. Happy Belated Pink Saturday.

Shirley said...

A lovely, and sweet, post.

Angela said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I wanted to let you know that my daughter goes to school with a Stiltner. You could be distantly related to them!

Anonymous said...

Fun, fun pink treasures. Happy Pink Saturday to you, too! ~Arleen

suesueb said...

it was so much fun learning about cotton candy! my grand kids all love it and i love the color too!! happy pink week!

RobinfromCA said...

Oh my, what a lovely cotton candy pink post! I love cotton candy but only allow myself to eat it at baseball games and the boardwalk! I've been out of town for over a week and am so behind on email, etc., but I have to go back and look at all those pictures again - so luscious!!