Monday, April 6, 2009

Easter Eye Candy

A few weeks ago on an antique outing, I came across some of the first Easter goodies of the season. Everything seemed to be pure frilly sweetness. The little lamb above was my favorite. She was such a delightful cheery little thing.

All of the frilly Easter things you see are from a line of products called Pink Frosting, which is a delightful thing in itself. This photo of the bunny doesn't do it justice(camera issues), but he was full of sparkle when the light hit him just right.

These little bunnies were tucked away as a little surprise to shoppers.

This bunny head fit on the top of a glass jar you could fill with just about anything, maybe candy, cotton balls in a bathroom, noodles in the kitchen? The possibilities are endless.

This little do-dad you could hang anywhere for a little festive pink Easterness!

Another bunny to create the mood for the holiday.

More hidden treasures to discover, tucked amongst the antiques.

These hippity hoppers were some of the used merchandise for sale unlike all the previous things which were new. I bet these guys have seen some interesting things in their lifetime! I like the little brown one, he seems so serious.

Last but not least, these fun pastel colored eggies you can set out and not have them stink up the place when they go bad. The box is very loveleigh too, it's a 2 fer 1 deal there, I'd take the eggs out and display the box also.

It's always refreshing when Spring comes around with it's brightness and freshness and newness, bringing Easter and all of it's trappings with it for us to enjoy and I hope you enjoyed my kick off to Easter Week!

Yours Always, Sares


Desert Rose said...

I have so many great memories of our easter when the 3 J's were growing up. Always new dresses/hat/purse that Bubu usually bought for us. And almost always LAVENDER???? once they were peachy orange. But we did get the best chocolate bunnies EVER!!!

Dusty Devoe said...

Cute post! Yes, as little girls Desert Rose we always had a new pretty to wear!