Thursday, April 30, 2009

Have Yourself a Teeny Tiny Soak!

While out perusing the local antique shops a while back, I came upon
some interesting finds. Dozens upon dozens of teeny tiny little bathtubs,
sinks, and toilets. While I found the potties the most amusing (why would you
want one?), I found the little tubs quite charming.

This green froggie had the right idea, just lay back and relax.

I could just imagine having one of these full sized, beautiful tubs in my own
bathroom to soak all of my cares away in. Filled to the top with bubbles and
a good book to read.

There were floral tubs, porcelain looking tubs, wooden tubs, bright colored
tubs. Did you see on you could see yourself getting lost in?

I don't know where you put these or what you do with them, but they were
fun to stop and take a gander at and imagine the possibilities of my own
loveleigh bubble filled tub. So after a few minutes of dreaming...onward and
upward, there was still more shopping to be done!


Eclectic Chic Style said...

Those are adorable, I have only seen one and it wasn't decorative it was a souvenir I believe because it said Bobby McGee's on it, but those floral ones are adorable!!! Have a sweet day!
♥ Teresa

Desert Rose said...

Wow, what an unusual find! I woder if they are just meant to be "nick nacks"???

Sonia said...

I love them, i do have two little tubs myself. I just wish I had a real claw foot tub but since I can't I'd settle for a teeny tiny one...=)

Dusty Devoe said...

Now I never spotted these! They certainly are cute!

Paint Girl said...

I've seen them before, they are quite interesting! Funny the things we find!

RobinfromCA said...

Very cute! Can you imagine a full size version of that shiny red one though? There are a couple of them that would make cute soap dishes in the right bathroom.

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Robin@Miscellaneous Thoughts