Sunday, October 11, 2009

Magical Disney Sunday

Which Disney couple has the most style, class and panache?

My vote goes to Mickey and Minnie!

Dinner for two at the best restaurant in town...

A day at the carnival...
Mickey is ALWAYS a gentleman, even when he's not deep
in the land of Dixie! Minnie is his QUEEN!

Ah...the LOVE boat! How romantical!

Even the rain can't keep them down!

They just CowMouse up and roll with the punches!
Yes indeed, these two were MADE for each other, literally!

After all sorts of crazy adventures and they are still together

and in still deeply in love. I think they are quite a superb pair
and an inspiration to us all! What more could a mouse ask for?

Happy Magical Disney Sunday and to see more fabulous Disney Magic, head
over to our hostess Heidi at Fairy Footprints in the Sand.


Micki said...

Yes, they were definitley made for each other. Lovely, cute post. Please visit me at my blog to see mine today! My nickname comes from Mickey, so you know I love him.

Suzanne said...

They get my vote too! Don't you just love Disney...truly the happiest place on earth!:-0)

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

They are so adorable! My mother loves Mickey and Minnie and collects them. She even has a Mickey telephone. Your post is very cute! Enjoy your day.


Unknown said...

They're a great couple!!!

claudie said...

So glad I dropped in Leigh (I hope that's how you spell your name?)
I came from beautiful MiMi's blog.
She was right... I like it here.
Happy Weekend, & belated PS.
Love Claudie

Abatevintage said...

Sares how wonderful I love Mickie and Minnie, Minnie is so adorable and hard not to love. What a beautiful post. Thank you for joining me in Disney Sunday its so wonderful to see the magic all around. Have a great Sunday.


The imPerfect Housewife said...

Awwwwwe, I love it!!! Ok, those two are number one but I'd say a close second are Lady and the Tramp ~ come on, that spaghetti dinner...sighhhh. Have a great weekend ~ ♥

Sherri said...

What a cute post! I love Mickey and Minnie! My grandmothers name was Minnie and people would bring her all sorts of little figurines of Minnie Mouse. Thanks for the memories!

Stayathomemommy said...

I really like the pictures that you found of Mickey and Minnie! They are wonderful characters. I love your blog and added myself as a follower so I will stop by often. Thanks for your well wishes I am hoping for a speedy recovery for my family as well.

Lisa said...

Mickey and Minnie are the best! Longest relationship in show biz! hehehe You found really great pics of them!
Thanks for sharing!
Hugs, Lisa

Nancy M. said...

Oh, what wonderful pictures! They look so magical! I really enjoyed visiting!

Unknown said...

Over the top fun and romantic those two mice are. I loved the Mickey Mouse'd have to be crazy not to love these two all time favorites! How can anyone resist them?

Beansieleigh said...

Hi Sares! LOVE these pictures "d'amore", of Mickey and Minnie!! A very CUTE post!! Sorry this comes so late, as I was VERY busy yesterday. I was lucky to have the time to participate! As soon as I hit the "publish" button to post, I was off and running to pick up boxes! Then I was back home again, sorting things from room to room, and packing for the big move. It was an early night for me, so here I finally am with my morning coffee! Happy Magical Disney Sunday, and I hope you had a wonderful weekend! ~tina

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

What a beautiful blog you have! Especially the Header. Oh my, just lovely.

Aunt Amelia

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Hi Sares...

Aren't they just the cutest?...I love Disney....especially Minnie's house at Disneyland. How clever.


Desert Rose said...

One of the happiest couples out there for sure!!!

C. JoyBell C. said...

I loved this one, Sares!

I remember all the classic minnie-micky cartoons I used to watch...don't you just LOVE the classic minnie-mickies??? :)