Monday, October 12, 2009

Autumn's Gifts!


I hope Autumn is bringing you all much joy and happiness! So far she
has been very kind to me, ushering in not only her glorious colors and
crisp air, but a few goodies from the land of all things "BLOG"!

I am the proud winner of these two fabulous goodies! Mr. Maynard the
Mouse and the Dreams bucket below. Linda of Old Farmhouse
had this giveaway and I am so happy to be the new
owner of these two
special handcrafted items. Thank you Linda!

I was also given two awards recently. The first comes from Charity at Charity Joy Bell. She has a wonderful blog where she
her deepest thoughts and beautiful writings.
Thank you Charity!

I'm going to pass this award along to blog I get excited to visit every time
there is a new post, Fairy Footprints in the Sand, by Heidi. Heidi's
blog is always full of magic and whimsy and I adore it! Therefore this
award is PERFECT for her!

My second treat comes from Mama H at The Hohman Homestead. Mama
H is a truth telling, no holds barred cowgirl that pulls no punches, sharing
her life as a newlywed, with lots of animals thrown into the mix!

This award came with a survey to fill out. A long survey. A 35 Question
survey. I seriously considered NOT fulfilling this obligation since there
is quite a LOT of typing involved, but here it goes...

The Rules:

1. Use only one word answers
2. Pass along to 6 favorite bloggers
3. Alert them that you have given them an award
4. Have fun!

1. where is your cell phone? non-existent
2. your hair? brown
3. your mother? loving
4. your father? steadfast
5. your favorite food? sweets
6. your dream last night? interesting
7. your favorite drink? hot chocolate
8. your dream/goal? shopkeeper
9. what room are you in? dining
10. your hobby? blogging
11. your fear? many
12. where do you want to be in 10 years? around
13. where were you last night? computing
14. something you aren't? risk-taker
15. muffins? anytime!
16. wish list item? laptop
17. where did you grow up? Washington State
18. last thing you did? watched a stupid/hilarious movie
19. what are you wearing? slippers
20. your TV? on
21. your pets? sleeping
22. friends? family
23. your life? blessed
24. your mood? even
25. missing someone? Grandma
26. vehicle? bike
27. something I'm not wearing? socks
28. favorite store? discount!
29. favorite color? PINK
30. last time you laughed? today(the hilarious /stupid movie!)
31. last time I cried? weeks
32. best friend? MOM!
33. place I go over and over? computer!
34. one person who emails you regularly? Aunt
35. favorite place to eat? Nana's!

Whew! I did it! Now I'm supposed to pass this on to 6 other bloggers, but
since so much work is involved I'll leave it open to anyone that wants to
play along. You ALL deserve this award anyway because you and your
blogs are all over the top SPLENDID!

AWARD ALERT! This Just in, I got ANOTHER award! This one comes to
me via Teresa at Marigold Manor. She gives us a good morning EVERY
morning on her super blog. Thank you Teresa! Now I know I'm
supposed to pass this along to 10 people, but to narrow it down to 10 is
TOO hard! So please everyone take it because I love you all! Besides,
that whole survey award typing thing wore me out! Please help yourselves
you beautiful ladies! Thanks again Teresa!


So far the weather here has been beautiful, but the rains are
moving in
and I think it's time to hunker down with a good book
and a warm drink!

Farewell sunshine, we'll see you next June!


Valerie said...

Such beautiful pics! Congrats on your winnings. Blog give-aways are always so much fun.

Glad to hear that autumn is treating you so well up there in the Pacific Northwest. It has been splendid too here in the Midwest!

Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

Ah, Mr. Maynard the Mouse is just too cute!

Congrats on winning the giveaway and awards!!


Claudia said...

Congratulations, Sares! I love your sweet mouse and reading the answers to your questions! I love your blog!

A Southern Rose said...

I loved reading all of your questions and answers. I love the Fall pictures on your post too. Thanks for leaving the sweet comments about my niece's birthday!

Lee Laurie

Lisa said...

Congrats on all your wins and awards!! I loved your questions! Have a nice time reading!
Hugs, Lisa

blushing rose said...

You are a busy one with these awards ... love your presentation, Sares. Have a snuggly warm autumn eve. TTFN ~Marydon

Unknown said...

Sares, congratulations on the wonderful give-aways and on all those awards!

Enjoy your book and stay warm!


xinex said...

Congrats on the marvelous winnings and congrats on the well deserved awards, Sares!...Christine

Abatevintage said...

Sares how wonderful, thank you thank you. I am pasting into my awards now. I love it. I am glad you visited me today.


PS I updated my blog today and the free HTML codes are towards the bottom of my page for the falling leaves, or snow. Just copy and paste and wallah falling html. Hope it helps ya out if you were looking for it.

Ana said...

Hi Sares,
Congratulations on all your awards and your giveaway gifts. That Mr. Maynard is one cute little mousey. And what a beautiful picture of the tree and the water. Thanks for sharing. Wishing you a wonderful week. Until next time.


Pony Girl said...

Congrats on the awards! And that little mousey is SO darn cute! :)

Desert Rose said...

I sure how that warm drink has a shot of cowgirl courage in it to get you through the LONG WINTER!!!
Never knew that Nana's was your fav eatery...I like it too!

GwendolynKay said...

Congratulations on the won items and the awards! How wonderful!

Unknown said...

I've fallen head over cheese with little Maynard...he is so darned cute!

ItaJeff said...

Hi Sares..
congratulation on your winning and those awards too, you deserved it.
I love reading all you Q & A.
Have a great day

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Ohhh what a cute, cute Mousie winning! :-)

And Congratulations on your Awards. They do get hard to pass on though, don't they?

Glad you had some lovely Autumn weather, before the rains move in. We've been having a bit of both, around our neck of the woods. :-)

Gentle hugs,
Aunt Amelia

Draffin Bears said...

Congratulations Sares! ... on your Awards and your beautiful gifts.
I adore little Mr Maynard mouse and what a cutie.

I loved finding out more about you and you are a very sweet person and lovely to know. You must have a lovely family.
Thanks for visiting me and your kind words.

I hope that you are having a great week.


Martha's Favorites said...

What a beautiful post Sares. You deserve all the awards you are getting. Have a blessed day! Martha

Mimi said...

Congrats on your win! I can't imagine a better "mommy" for that little mousie - well, except me☺

Vicki said...

Congratulations, Sares, on your giveaway wins and your wonderful awards!! I also learned some interesting things about you! It seems like it would be very hard to answer with just one word, but you did a good job! Blessings to you!! Vicki

blushing rose said...

My friend, it was good visiting with you today.

His artwork is awesome. It is amazing how 'disabled' we are & how 'abled' they are.

Have a crispy warm autumn eve. TTFN ~Marydon

C. JoyBell C. said...

Why is everybody always winning cute things on blogs??? I'm jealous!!!


I miss Autumn in America... :)

Yes, things ARE still rough over here...we are fine....but many others aren't. All we can do, is pray and help. :)

I"m glad that you are happy with the awards! Congratulations! :) And those blogs you gave them to look so sweet and interesting! :)

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

...just came across your amazing blog through another and from that one, yet another, etc!

I love all your photos, and graphics! Wow! Did you create the moving photos? These are so neat!
And I love your font...ah, I am still learning more about blogging! Hm... would you share how to change the fonts from just the standard ones available on blogger? (please email me at

and now that I am working full time...I have less wonderful "free" time with blogging and blog reading!

Blessings & Aloha!