Friday, September 11, 2009

Two Giveaways and an Award

I was gifted with this Lovely Award a few weeks ago by the sweet
Leann from The Old Parsonage. I've been a bad blogger. I went on a
blogging break and just haven't haven't had the opportunity to brag
about the Lovely Award until now. So here I am bragging, YIPPEE!
Another wonderful award. Thank You VERY much Leann for thinking
of me, I love to get awards!

I know there are rules and regulations about passing it on, but here's the
truth, I'm just too lazy. This is also an award that has made the rounds
in my blogging circles already. I think most everyone has one and if you're
a follower and you don't have one, please snag it for yourself because you
are all LOVELEIGH!

Now lets get down to the GOOD stuff. Giveaways. I haven't posted any for a
while and I think it's time for some yummy Fall sweetness. Teresa from
Marigold Manor is having a giveaway. Her goodie basket is full of sweet

I am especially coveting the fixings for hot chocolate, my favorite drink,
not to mention those chocolate chip cookies! So go and leave her a comment
that you are interested. Teresa's blog used to be known as Inside The Mind
Of A Mini Mad Woman. She just changed it to Marigold Manor. Don't
you just love her new name!

The other sweet treat comes to us from Rebecca at A Gathering Place.
She's offering to give away one of her beautiful handmade Christmas
stockings. It's so pretty I don't know how you can resist! All you have
to do is go and visit her too and tell her you would love her stocking to
come home to you!


Rebecca Nelson said...

Hello Sweet Sares! Thanks for the head's up on my giveaway...

Now...I just had to tell you this...

Guess where my hubby is today?

SARE, OKLAHOMA! No kidding! It made me think of you and SMILE BIG!

Love to you~ (Thank you, too!)

The Old Parsonage said...

Hey Sares

So good to stop by and catch up! This has been some week, let me tell you.

Thanks for letting us know about the giveaways.

How are the new blogs coming along?

You must be a great Auntie - he's a sweetie as is your niece.

Talk Soon

Lisa said...

Congrats on your award sweetie! YOu are always Loveleigh!
Hugs, Lisa

Desert Rose said...

Welcome back young lady!!! Missed your loveleigh writings!

xinex said...

Beutiful pics, Sares! Kirsten Dunst is so loveleigh. Thanks for the giveaway announcements....Christine

Debby said...

I have been real bad also. Just doesn't seem there is enough time to keep up with everything these days.

A Southern Rose said...

Thanks for letting us know about the giveaways! They are both great!

Lee Laurie