Friday, September 11, 2009

Pink Saturday

Happy Pink Saturday

For this weeks pink, I'm sharing some photos from the movie
"Marie Antionette".

Written and Directed by Sofia Coppola and starring Kirstin Dunst.
If you have not seen this movie yet, it is PURE eye candy as these
pictures will attest. The movie is full of delicious things to see and
you will need to watch it several times to find things you've missed.
I hope you enjoy the photos and you can be sure to spot a hint of
pink in each and every one.

As always, today's Pink is hosted by Beverly from How Sweet The Sound.
Beverly has all the links to the other Pink Saturday participants if you
want to see more of the beautiful pinkness. She has also set us the task
of featuring one special blog. This week I'm hoping you will all go and see
Kat Collects. Kathy has a loveleigh blog to see. I stayed a while reading back
through posts when I was there last Pink Saturday. I think you'll find your
visit delightful.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend with sunny skies and calm waters.


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Sares,

You have made me very happy seeing all these beautiful photos.
Isn't Kirsten Dunst so pretty.
I adore all the fabulous costumes.

Happy weekend

Vicki said...

Hi, Sares,
Looks like my kind of movie. I love the costumes, shoes, everything so beautiful. Thanks for sharing and Happy Pink Saturday! Vicki

♥Mimi♥ said...

Oh, how I need to be pampered this week! Your blog really hit the spot!

And, hey, we all make mistakes. Just happy that you found my cooking blog again! I add frequently so come by often!

Linda said...

What lovely pictures, Sares! I must see that movie. I was especially fond of the pictures of the cakes...mmmmnn...and the photos of the little girls are so cute also and so much pink everywhere! Happy Pink Saturday,

Susie Jefferson said...

Hi Sares - glad you liked my new button, isn't it sweet? I thought about making my own but it would have been copying, and I don't think it would have ended up with such a whimsical touch. Re the blog - got the new one up, although no content yet - and am condensing sidebars like crazy. I found out how to scroll them, so if you want to do it too, I'll send you the link.

LOVE your post this week - we watched the DVD and were really expecting the execution etc, not the early life. So I didn't dwell on the costumes as much as I should have. I am so happy to see these pictures! And totally taken with Shoe Envy. The designers on this film must have been in Costume Heaven! Thanks for sharing.

Happy Pink Saturday, sweetie!

Bearly Sane said...

Now that's what I call a fashion statement!!
They really know how to use beautiful rich fabrics in the movies (wonder if they really were like that in real life)... fantastic post Sares.

Jenny Froh said...

OH MY!!!! I am going to HAVE to rent this movie now! WOW! What gorgeous photos!!!!!
Happy Pink Saturday Sares!!!!
Hugs, Jenny

Jennifer Swan Hopkins said...

Oh Sares, what a great post. She looks like an angel. I adore the costumes, shoes - and history made real. I have to see that!

See what a good friend you are? Even though I missed the pink saturday deadline, and you came to see me anyhow. That is so sweet, TY.

Have a wonderful rest of the day, and thank you again!

Fondly, J

bj said...

G'morning, Sares, what beautiful clothes in this movie. Thanks so much for taking the time to bring these to us.
Now, I'm off to visit Kat.

Unknown said...

What absolutely gorgeous pictures! I just loved that movie . . . you're right! So much eye candy!

Thanks so much for mentioning my give-away Sares! I really appreciate it and of course your name will go in the hat a third time just for doing so!

Happy Pink Saturday!


The imPerfect Housewife said...

Where on earth did you get all those pictures from the movie???? Those are awesome. I work at the library and we have that movie there and I file it and check it out, etc. and have never taken it home to watch it - now I HAVE to, I'm dying to see it!! I've also never done Pink Saturday before so I'll have to do that soon, too. One more thing, I've always wondered, how do you say your name, Sares? Like Pears, or Paris, or Fairies? I'm very serious, it's a pretty name and I wondered how you pronounced it. Have a great Saturday ~ ♥

Mary said...

Hi Sares!
Lovely pink post!
I think pink was made for Marie.
Happy Pink Saturday!
Mary :)

Martha's Favorites said...

Sares: I just love this movie. I think I need to rent it again. Blessings my dear friend. Martha

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Hi Sares....

Wouldn't that just be the MOST fun film to make? I'd LOVE wearing all those pretty little frocks... :-)

Happy Pink Saturday!


Mary Bergfeld said...

What a preview! The photos you've chosen to share with us are just spectacular. Thank you. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

Sue McPeak said...

Well, DITTO on everyone's comments about renting the movie after seeing your Fabulous Photos! Thanks for sharing so many lovely scenes. And many thanks for visiting CollectInTexas Gal on my 1st Pink Saturday...Sue

Abatevintage said...

Oh my goodness, this pink Saturday post is marvelous. It was so beautifully done. I have seen this movie, I like Kristen Dunst as an actress, the movie is quite interesting. It was so nice that you visited me this morning, thank you for that. I love your blog its so beautiful, and elegant. It was nice to have met you have a blessed weekend.


Mollye said...

Oh what a fun and funky party you had! Thanks for the invite. I'm lovin the shoes and fans especially. A playful, fun and delightfully funky blog. Hugs, Mollye

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Sares:
This is absolutely devine. Happy Pink Saturday sweetie. I so loved this movie, and I so love this post. The pinks are just beautiful eye candy popping. I love their shoes, do you think they come in a size 6? I would like one of each. Love them. The dresses are so beautiful, can you imagine what the wardrobe alone cost for this movie to be made? Love it sweetie. Thanks for sharing. Country hugs, Sherry

Jenny said...

I just saw this movie for the first time this week! It is just amazing!! The costumes were wonderful but I loved how absured all the "regulations" were about dressing and eating and stuff!! I want the shoes!!!!

Lisa said...

Lots of Pink in that Movie! I still haven't seen that one but everybody seems to think it's great!
Hugs, Lisa

Anonymous said...

Hi Sares,
I need to pull out my copy of the movie and watch it again,,, it's been years since I've seen it.
Happy Pink Saturday!

Debby said...

WOW!!! What a fun and beautiful post, thanks for sharing.

Patricia said...

I just love this movie. When I am gloomy or need inspiration for art work I just watch this movie. What a wonderful post and pinks. Happy Pink Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Hello and thank you for stopping by my blog today :)
I have not seen this movie but I think I will do that soon...there certainly is alot of pink in it!!

Sam Hoffer / My Carolina Kitchen said...

That looks like a wonderful movie with all of the beautiful costumes and sets. Wow - thanks for posting it. Also thanks for stopping by my kitchen and saying hello. Hope you have had a beautiful pink Saturday.

Betty's corner of the world said...

Hi Sares ...Just want to tell you how much I enjoy your blog ..there is always soo much to see ... I can see that you love anything "beautiful"... it's not easy to just 'drop in' .. I always want to stay and make sure I don't miss anything.
Hugz ..Betty

KatCollects said...

Hi Sares,
How sweet to mention my blog, thank you so much! I LOVE that movie. I want to dress up in the beautiful gowns and shoes, just once : ) I hope you are having a good Sunday.

The Old Parsonage said...

Hey Girlfriend!

What a great treat! I love Kristen Dunst ever since she was in the Vampire movie with Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise. These are some great photos. Wouldn't those cakes be wonderful right about now?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Char said...

Hi Sares, such a gorgeous time, and the shoes and clothes were gorgeous, but they don't look very comfortable do they? The up keep would take hours....Happy Pink Saturday, Char
Please check my blog and click on the gadget to enter the giveaway that we are having from Shabbylaneshops. This will be monthly and the theme will change with the seasons, good luck

Unknown said...

Ok...I'm pretty sure I want to be her....and if NOT, then I want the desserts and shoes! Thank you for the sweet comment on my Marley in a Basket....she is a sweetie for sure....hope you visit again. I have become a follower so as not to miss a thing....xojana

Regina said...

Have a nice week .

C. JoyBell C. said...

OH my good lord! I would kill her for her shoes! Did you SEE all those shoes???

Kirsten isn't pretty, but all those things all over her and all those yummy cakes!!!!! Ahoy!!!! To have a manicure and pedicure surrounded by pink cakes!!!! No wonder people wanted to cut her head off!!! ha haaaaaa!

Suzanne said...

Oh my did I miss this movie? Thank you so much for sharing!!! I love your blog and want to follow but I can't seem to follow anyone today, so I'll subscribe and come back until I can:-)

Abatevintage said...

A bribe? Lol yup what kind...

No I am just kidding. Thank you for visiting me today. Have a blessed afternoon.


Martha's Favorites said...

Hi Sares: You notice the writing between the pictures! I was so proud of myself. Thank you for all your help. I still owe you a present, it just hasn't hit me yet! Blessings my friend, Martha

Unknown said...

I have seen your name over and over on blogs...I have come to you via Heidi. I'm Jacqueline from Once Upon a Fairyland. Are you a pom dog lover? Come to my site and see my little Sadie Mae! Love your blog, I'll take time to look at it this weekend and get to know you more.
Blessings from Washington

Anonymous said...

I saw this movie and it s truly an eye candy. I mean the opening with her having a foot massage and all those cakes! But it was a sad story too. Though the sad part you really don't feel much in the movie as everything seems like so much fun.


Anonymous said...
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