Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Back To School

School is back in session for this kid. Which is perfectly fine with her.
She didn't want to leave for Summer vacation so she was happy to
hit the third grade for friends, giggles and FUN.

THIS kid, not so much. Now that Sissy is back in school he's back to
the old bus stop pick up routine with Auntie.

Waiting, not so much fun.

He was a good sport about the picture taking and watched
the ants crawl
over the rocks with me, but...

he thinks it's gonna be a L-O-N-G year. I just know he's
hoping Mommy
will get a new schedule so he doesn't have to
do this with old Auntie EVERY

But then Sissy comes and it's nothing but smiles. We'll see
how long THAT lasts and we're off to get a sanny (sandwich in
toddler speak). All is well.


Bearly Sane said...

They are gorgeous kids Sares...real treasures! And a great post as always.
Warmest hugs,

Dusty Devoe said...


C. JoyBell C. said...

Your niece, the one in the first photo, looks much like you, Sares! :)

I keep on saying this, but, you are such a great auntie! :) Great aunties are scarce and hard to come by, these day, you see! :)

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Oh my gosh...I actually forgot about the bus stop sagas...I'm so glad school started again so we can hear all about the little cub's "boredom at the bus stop" antics!! He sure does keep you on your toes.
I bet you go to sleep at night wondering how you will amuse him at the next stop ;) don't you?
everything vintage

Claudia said...

They are so cute! You took wonderful photos of them, Sares!

xinex said...

Your niece and nephew are so cute, Sares and I can tell how close you are to them and that's just wonderful. Unfortuntely, we did not get to use my Italian tablescape cause I left for FL. I am sure it is still just the way I left it when I get back. I posted pictures in advance...Christine

Gin said...

They are too adorable!!!!

{Bellamere Cottage} said... sweet. I love the little guy's response to his sister. Darling.

Nothing like fall and back to school!


NicNacManiac said...

Great Photos....he looks precious and he is obviously in love with his big sis...and I don't think he minds his Auntie one bit either!!!

Desert Rose said...

Oh that's right...I forgot how much he DISLIKES doing this! LOL poor baby!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Sares,

What lovely back to school photos of your niece and nephew.
They are very cute.


Lisa said...

How cool you are able to pick up at the bus! I got to go today and get my nephew and I get him most Tuesdays (my day off) I guess I can understand if I had to do it everyday it might get boring! Glad you can have snack after!
Hugs, Lisa

Pony Girl said...

Hard to believe it's that time of year...that is so great that the P*P*P WANTS to go to school! :) Miss her and that vac lovin' man cub! Oh, and you too! xoooxoo

Vicki said...

Hello, Sares,
Your little niece and nephew are so cute! Your niece looks ready for school. Third grade was always my favorite grade when I was a teacher. Your little nephew will surely miss sissy when she is away at school. Thank you for sharing them with us. Vicki

Paint Girl said...

So cute! I find it funny that the man cub doesn't like going to the bus stop, because you would think he would actually like it, because he gets to see his sissy!!

Martha's Favorites said...

Sares: The little guy is so cute. He is just kissable. They are both adorable, you are one lucky Auntie! Martha

A Southern Rose said...

They are precious Sares. His little face was all smiles when he saw his sister! I know that you enjoy them! You are a great Auntie!