Friday, February 24, 2012

Pink Saturday~Fantasy Furniture

Happy Pink!

I think it's been a month since I've done the pink and I missed it! So today I'm sharing a couple pretty pieces of fancy fantasy pieces. I just love this chair, the colors are so pretty and it looks so very squishy! The best kind of chair in my opinion.

This petite writing desk is beautiful as well.

Then there is this less fancy piece that is  more in my reality zone. I have a dresser very similar to this I've been thinking about painting. It's a family piece, 70 or 80 years old and has a dark stain finish. It's structurally very sound,  only missing one knob! However it does have some scratches and the top it marked up quite a bit. If I were to paint it, I would paint it white or cream. Any thoughts? Do you consider it sacrilige to paint over wood, antique family heirloom wood at that?!

Thank you to our Beverly who hosts our Pink Saturday for us each week, whether we show
up or not! You can find all the pink links at her blog How Sweet The Sound.

Have a Happy Pink Saturday and have a terrific weekend!


karen hess jewelry said...

Your fantasy furniture is so charming and pretty!

Gabriela Delworth - Instructional Designer said...


The chair is fabulous!


Marie Arden said...

That little painted desk is right up my alley I love that period in French furniture. I am obsessed with Marie Antoinette, decorative arts, Versailles etc etc
Love your post for Pink Saturday come visit me too!

Vicki said...

Hi, Sares,
Oh my goodness, love the chair, exquisite desk and pink chest, all so pretty! I think you should do what best suits your style with the chest you have. Happy Pink Saturday, dear friend~ Vicki

Envoy-ette said...

I so want that chair! Everything about it is wonderful! As for painting over wood- the best one I saw was from Shiela.(Note Songs) she painted the sides and front and left the top in it's orginal shape. It turned out gorgeous!

BG said...

Sares I think all the pieces you have shown have their merits. As far as painting an heirloom, well if it were me, I'd restore it. Even though I do like the shabby chic finish, I prefer to do that on someone else's castaways. But you have to live with it, so it's up to you girl!

Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

I would say paint away and make it "your own."

You will love it all the more - and it is STILL the heirloom, just wearing different clothes!

Love your eye candy pic finds, that first chair is a real beauty, isn't she?

Happy Pink SAturday!

lvroftiques said...

Hi Tara!
Gorgeous fantasy furniture! That IS the best kind of chair in my opinion too! *winks* I think if painting the piece will make it more usable in your home? Go ahead and paint it. I am one of those people though who hate to paint old wood, but I don't think your piece will be greatly de-valued by it. I still want to paint the armoire in my guest room in the worst way! It might still happen.....And yes I did see on the news that Linda's place had burned down. That makes me so sad...I go there for coffee every time I'm in Centralia. I always wanted to see what the apartments looked like. Did you ever see any of them by any chance? Vanna

Rebecca Nelson said...

Love all the FANTASY FURNITURE! But...that pink chest is making me SWOON!



LV said...

I like all your fantasy furniture.

1CardCreator said...

Beautiful photography, gorgeous pieces! Happy Pink Saturday! ~Diane (I am #21)

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Happy Pink Saturday Sares Sweetie...
I love this share today. I too, could cuddle up in this chair with a good book and spend a few hours in another place and time. It is gorgeous.

Love that pink dresser most of all. I have a dresser and chest of drawers that I too am going to be redoing in the next few weeks. It needs to be updated, and I am so excited to get started. Now just to find the time. Can't wait to see what you decide to do with yours. Keep me posted.

Country hugs and much love, Sherry

mypinkprettiesaboutme said...

Fantasy furniture and all that jazz!
Thx for sharing.



The Porcelain Rose said...

Visiting from Pink Saturday.
OMG! LOVE that chair! I have two matching chairs almost identical. I was going to redo them in "all white" but.... now, I may do them in a lovely floral. Gorgeous!
I love the vintage pink dresser, too!!! I have a similar one that I painted white and stenciled the front. It too, was a dark wood stained piece. I paint everything! I love painted furniture. I have very few pieces in a natural stain (and they are on my "to paint" list). LOL.
I enjoyed visiting and have decided to follow.
The Porcelain Rose

Anonymous said...

Your PINK is very pretty!
thanks for sharing...and HAppy PINk SatURday!

ciao bella.
Creative Carmelina

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

The chair is to die for!!
And I aodre the dresser and it is quite do-able!!


Unknown said...

I say go ahead and jump! Paint to your hearts content. Perhaps our ancestors would roll over in their grave thinking their old dresser just got painted pink but I doubt it. It was most likely just a useable piece they thought very little of. I know my grandparents wore their furniture to the bare bone wood and had so little of it. I doubt folks ever imagined we would treasure such pieces like we do. Unless of course, you lived high on the hill in your big that might make the ancestors a little uncomfortable. You may have to deal with them in heaven one day. Smile!
Go for it!

Red Rose Alley said...

That chair is so pretty, and the writing table is unique. Oh Sares, I'm glad that you changed to the pop-up comments. Isn't it alot easier? Now, maybe I can connect more. I love dark traditional wood, but I also like to see when a piece of furniture is transformed into something wonderful. Have a lovely week.
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

lvroftiques said...

Oh my gosh I could just cry for Linda! Do you know where she's living now? To do all that work, and filled with all those lovely things (Many times I tried to talk her out of some of them) and then have it all burn down? I really hope there was good fire insurance on that property and they'll try to rebuild....It's just such a shame! Vanna

The Old Parsonage said...

I love that first photo!!!! And although I would love to paint a family heirloom I don't think that I could actually do it.

But you my friend should do what you want:)


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Sares,

Love all your beautiful picks, the chair and writing desk are so pretty.
About painting a heirloom antique family piece, I would not do it.
I have watched Antiques Roadshow, and sometimes a piece of furniture that has been painted is of a lot less value.
But I say go for it, if that is what you want - white and cream does look great.

Happy March

Ineke Original said...

Just WOW!
greetings from Holland,

C. JoyBell C. said...

Please don't paint over it! I think the charm is in it's dry and creamy pink hue! It is worth dreaming about, and I think that's because of the color of it! Please don't paint over it!

Sareski, I used to have a bedroom set (dresser, closet, vanity table) that was made of carved wood, it was painted a beautiful French blue color and the carved flowers that adorned the set were painted a beautiful bright and bold pink that popped out of the blue background! It was a breathtaking bedroom set! My mother knew the furniture shoppe dealers well, so I picked it out of a catalogue and they actually created it just for me! I did feel very special! And my bedroom set was the envy of all the other girls (hehehehehe) it was larger than life, too! Made my room look smaller because it was all so large! haha! The photo of that elaborately painted little vanity brought back the memories! Sighs! I love to visit your blog! I have been thinking about you lately and missing you as well.


Desert Rose said...

I jumped to the coment form so did NOT read what others said.
1. family heirloom...hmmmm not sure I would touch it!
2. if I decided to touch it... the new spring colors...neon could be the way to go ???
who the hell knows :)))