Tuesday, February 14, 2012

All That Jazz

I had to go to the shop to do a bit of shuffling, due to a couple pieces selling. I took in these two tables. The larger coffee table is painted in ASCP, Louis Blue with Old White accents and coated in clear wax. The smaller end table is ASCP Barcelona Orange with an undercoat of Louis Blue and clear and dark wax. The orange was a new color for me and I really wanted to try it out. It's a fun color but I will probably save it for Fall now that's I've given it a whirl.

I still have some other colors I'm anxious to try but need to find some furniture to paint first!

I also whipped up some pillows, this dress form pillow was gone the next day. I may have to make some more! Then watch, they'll sit there for months!

Fun old shelf I bought for myself, but it didn't work where I wanted to use it so what happens? It makes it's way to Jazz of course!

Have a great week, it's almost half way over!


Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Sares,
Your booth looks great! I haven't gotten on the orange band wagon yet....I'm just not crazy about it and I don't think my customers will buy it. However, that's a cute piece.
I love the pillow. I made some with that design and they sold. But I know what you mean by making up pillows. Sometimes they sell fast and other times they will sit for awhile.
We are having a great February, hope you are too.


xinex said...

Your booth is looking so good, Sares! I love your pillows and your painting jobs.....Christine

Valerie said...

Cute, cute, cute! I do love orange, but definitely more for my Fall decor than Winter/Spring! Keep up the great work.

Rebecca Nelson said...

What I wouldn't give to raid your place. LOVE IT, Sares! LOVE IT!


BG said...

Everything is looking gorgeous Sares ... I really could use that sign up in my studio to remind me to relax. LOL!!

The Old Parsonage said...

Love the fluffing - and the shelf that you bought for yourself is terrific - I'm sure that it'll go fast. And that pillow with the dress forms is wonderful! Love it!

Looking forward to the weekend!

Unknown said...

Visiting All that Jazz is like turning back time in old world Europe. The beauty of it is it allows the customer to still add their own flavor because all the colors are so neutral. You can do much with all that jazzy stuff.

As you know at this point in my life, I love color but a few years back, I had a bit of this look and it was so calming. Yes, keep calm and carry on Sares. It is looking good and so beautiful. A world of simple elegance.

C. JoyBell C. said...

I will truly have to visit your shoppe one day, Sareski! This is honestly a shoppe I would love to spend time in! I feel that you are so blessed to be doing what you love to do! You know, that's important, to do what makes you happy! :)

There's also a "Keep Calm And Eat A Cupcake" I saw it in London! You will have to go to London one day (Covent Garden) and get that to sell in your store! You know, when I go back to London maybe I could buy it for you and send it to you for your store! :)


Desert Rose said...

you sure have an eye for this! love seeing all your new things! Sorry I couldn't see much of you with the cold in your nose :(((