Monday, January 31, 2011

The Snow Blues


Okay. I have a confession to make. I have been all over blogland the last two months drooling and moaning with envy over all the beautiful snowfall so many of you are getting this winter. Time and time again, while all I got was a pitiful 2 inches that melted away within a few hours.

You'll hear no more complaining from me. No more whining. No more moaning and groaning. This next winter snowstorm that is expected to hit from the Midwest all the way back to the East looks like a nightmare. I will happily stick with my good ole Pacific Northwest rain.

To all those in the path of the storm, you have my sympathies, stay safe, stay warm and cuddle up with a good cup of cocoa or hot tea if you can!

I also want to thank Sandi from Ess De'Ess Bears for gifting me with this most fabulous Stylish Blogger Award. It came with stipulations about passing it on and sharing unknown quirks about myself but quite frankly, I'm too lazy. And I'm on Auntie duty the next few days. Sorry Sandi! I do appreciate it and I promise to share something SOMEDAY soon!


Jenna said...

I'm looking forward to the blizzard except the wind part, my power usually goes out...stresses out the fish tank with the drop in temp...other than that, bring it on! our town will close down except for emergency vehicals and my husband will stay home if it's to nasty to drive. I already went to the grocery store and stocked up to. I'll try to take some pictures provided I don't blow away...LOL! Congrats on the blog award! your blog is awesome! Have a super day!

Claudia said...

Sares, you are lucky to be where you are! While I enjoy some winter snowfalls, 8 major storms in less than 7 weeks is just too, too much. Thanks for the sympathy!


Deb said...

we were in the upper 70's on we are in the teens with windchills lower....ready for this winter to be over with...

Unknown said...

Ack! Don't jinx our snow ... it has been WONDERFUL these past 2 seasons ... BRING IT ON!!! I am doing happy dances every day, nearly. Chuckle, you are so cute, Tara!

How are tings going for you & the business, my friend? Tings out here are DEAD in the antique world, like a rock!

Have a beautiful day ~

Cottage Contessa said...

Sares sweetie, praying for you all that you are able to stay safe and warm from your winter storm. Over here in Queensland, Australia we are also going through a rough patch with our weather, first the flooding and now the monster cyclone. Wild and scary times!

Thanks for thaking the time to swing by my new blog sweetie, I really appreciate it!

Hugs, Amanda xx