Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Boo!

November 3, 2000


This pretty young lady, my niece , turns 9 today! If you truly want to
measure how fast time flies, just see how quickly the younger

She has been a blessing from the minute she was born. Easy going, mellow,

kind hearted, and the sweetest little girl you could imagine. She is amazing.

She still is.
Happy 9th Birthday Boo!

Have a great year and may all your wishes come true!

*Be sure to see the previous post for my Party and Giveaway if you haven't

seen it yet!


Abatevintage said...

Sares how lovely she is. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HER. What fun it's so fun getting to watch them grow, shes a lovely niece. I hope her birthday is full of love and surprises and magical moments.

Have a great week.


Draffin Bears said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet Niece.
They do grow up quickly don't they!


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Happy Birthday Boo! Here's to many more, and may all your dreams come true.

Oh Sares she is absolutely precious. Our sweet Isabel is 9 and will turn 10 on December 21st. You are right about how fast they grow. I look at my grandkids and wonder where has the time gone?

Thank you for sharing Boo with us today. She is precious.

Country hugs, Sherry

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Happy Birthday Sweetie!!!
Auntie Sares talks about you ALL the time (she has EVERY reason to be such a proud Auntie!)
Hope your day was wonderful and I must say...you look like a little model. You GO girl! Love the hat!

Wishing you many more~
everything vintage

Oh & Sares...did you spoil her today???? More than you already do??? ;)

Valerie said...

Happy Birthday, Boo! You have an Auntie that clearly loves you!

Sares, I agree with Country Wings...she is precious!!!

My how time flies!

Blessings to you,

cowgirljlynn said...


Pony Girl said...

Can you please give that Boo a big hug and a kiss for me, and tell her that I hope she has a fabulous bday and that I love her!! I love the pictures you took of her down to her super cute outfit, and her poses are so genuine! She is such a witty, sweet-hearted girl. p.s. Did you use your new camera?? ;)

Dusty Devoe said...

Happy Birthday BOO! You are very precious to us! We love you!

C. JoyBell C. said...

Happy birthday, Boo! :)

I LOOOOOOVEEEEE her outfit!!! SOOOoooo chic!!!! Holler!!! ;-)

Martha's Favorites said...

Hi Sares: Your neice is so cute! Happy Birthday, Boo! I want to be a part of your party! If you have the time could you add it to my side bar? I will mention your party in my post, this week too. I love those movies. I will always come to one of your parties! Blessings, Martha

stefanie said...

what a beautiful girl, happy birthday!!!

Unknown said...

She is a heart melter for sure. Happy Birthday from Jacqueline and all her friends in Gnomeland.

Lisa said...

Oh how cute!!! Happy Birthday to your sweet niece!
Hugs, Lisa

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Awwwwwwwww, what a cutie! Happy Birthday to Boo!

Mmmmm, and she's a Fashionista, tooooooo.


GwendolynKay said...

She is a doll and she has some great fashion style! Blessings!
p.s. Have you checked out my little give away yet?

Stayathomemommy said...

Happy Birthday! Hope she had a very lovely one.
I would like to invite you to join my recipe swap on Nov. 13 if you get a spare moment please swing by.

The Old Parsonage said...

From one Auntie to another, she is beautiful! And I'm definitely in for the giveaway. I'll go comment on that post.

Thanks for promoting my giveaway here too!


Desert Rose said...

What beautiful picture's of my LOVELIEGH grandneice!!! Hope she has the best day ever!

Lynn said...

What a precious young lady!

Vicki said...

Oh, Sares, she is such a sweetheart! I love that cute outfit she has on. Please wish her happy birthday for me and many, many happy more! Vicki

Bearly Sane said...

There you go with those super professional photos again ... just loveleigh snaps Sares.
Looks like Boo had a great birthday ... such a beautiful smile!