Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring...A New Beginning

I am soooo longing for Spring this year. Winter in the Pacific Northwest was very mild, not a lot of cold temps, wind or snow. Just lots of drizzle, but thankfully no heavy rains that bring floods. Everything seems to have moss growing upon it. Which I don't mind but what I really want is for the temperature to climb above 65 and STAY there!

I passed my 5 year blogging anniversary in January without noticing. Last year it was hard for me to capture the excitement and passion I once had, hence I hardly ever blogged. Quite a bit of that was due to an addiction to Pinterest! Then I discovered FB PAGES and spent time on that building my online presence for All That Jazz. It has been a great tool not only to share with local customers what's new with ATJ but also to connect with other vendors and see what trends are happening in other parts of the country. Finally, there is the little game called "Words with Friends" on FB that has captured my attention. I always have several games going at once and it can be hard to pull myself away from too. Sometimes I think all this technology available to us is to overwhelming, at least to me.

But lately I am feeling the pull to blog again, even if it's just a single picture with a few words. I am missing the blogging community.  So this is me getting myself together, and putting a stop to neglecting Loveleigh Treasures and my blogging friends!

Bring on Spring and bring on year 5!

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Lisa said...

lol!! This sounds just like me! Only I am still not blogging :) or making a website, well you get it ;)
I am still not sure I want to blog but I am glad to be back visiting! Hope Spring comes to your neck of the woods soon! We had 3 days in the 60's and back to low 50's tomorrow until... :(
Hugs, Lisa