Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A New Year at All That Jazz!

I went to the shop last weekend to pack up the leftover Christmas things and shuffle furniture around. I had a couple of big pieces sell so things needed to be reworked.

These shutters got a makeover too. Last summer I painted them an aqua but they didn't fit my current color scheme so I repainted them. The first time I used my paint sprayer, this time I painted them by hand.  Tedious. What can I say, I had some extra time on my hands and I had a display plan in mind for them at Jazz. Hopefully this color will work better for someone because they will NOT be getting another painting job.

This is one of the new pieces I brought in. Over Christmas, my color scheme was basically white with some grays. For the new year I am adding some blacks, darker grays and green accents. Keeping it winter~ish and fresh. I'm loving the color combo right now so it may stick around for a bit. Unless nothing sells!

Another newly added cabinet. This poor baby has been painted and ready to go since late September, I just didn't have a place for it until now.

Another new piece. A super sturdy bench that got a pretty makeover. I had planned to add a graphic to the top but I messed it up the first go round so decided to scrap it. I figured most people probably wouldn't want the graphic anyway.

My little "deconstructed" chair in the corner. I saw this in a thrift shop and was still thinking about it a couple weeks later so I went back and it was still there. Now I'm not sure if my customers are gonna go for this but I loved it! If it doesn't sell, it can stay and look cool. I actually took material off the seat because it was shredding anyway and I wanted more of the batting to show. I left the material along the bottom front, sides and the back of the chair. Then I painted and waxed the pretty little legs! So we'll see how it goes. She may be with me for a while, but I can live with that. Some pieces you just want to stick around a while!

Now I'm ready to start a whole new year! 
Just gotta get that furniture stockpiled again.
Wishing Garage sale season wasn't so far away still!

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Ranch Girl Diaries said...

It looks great, cousin! I see a few things I recognize in there....glad you were able to put them to good use. You are so talented and always do such a fabulous job with the merchandising of your space!! xo