Thursday, June 23, 2011

Computer Drama and Recent Furniture Works In Progress

I've been a bit MIA this week. Monday morning I hit something random and my computer went DOWN. I don't even know the cause. Or exactly what it did. I am up and running again but it's still not 100% and I keep discovering all these little quirks. It's frustrating because it's only a little over a year old. So if I disappear again, that means it really imploded and I am in the midst of a serious hissy fit.

In the meantime I am STILL painting. I picked this sweetie up at the Goodwill a few days ago. It's all painted and distressed and waiting on wax. I am waiting on wax brushes I ordered so I can use said wax. I'm getting a little impatient, it's been a week.

This one is waiting around for wax as well. It went from this...

To this. Thank you Miss Mustard Seed for the color inspiration!

***Update, UPS delivered the wax brushes and more Chalk Paint, Yippee!!!

On the downside, I am now
2 appointments in (both with a fee of course), cash plopped down on an external hardrive to save my pictures and documents...STILL no fixed laptop. Let the hissy fit commence.

I do still have access to another computer but it's not as convenient and I have to share.
I need my baby back, wish me luck!



Deb said...

oh no...hope it all returns to normal soon...

karen hess jewelry said...

Lovely Sares, you're too sweet to be going through all this aggravation!! Hopefully, you'll be done with it pronto! Meanwhile, your score at thrift was great and your "new" piece is beautiful! Have a lovely weekend!

Unknown said...

I'm having on and off issues too. This is a good blog day but some days I'm stuck in the muck and can't get a thing posted. I think blog world is over loaded and what in the world ever happened to our follower list? Ghostbusters...who ya gonna call?

Were trying to head to Portland for the Palmer Wirf show but funds are slim. I'm needing some funds in the piggy bank. May need to wait until fall...on a wish and a prayer, we'll be there!

C. JoyBell C. said...

I understand how frustrating it is for your computer to get broken!! :( :( I'm so sorry to hear that!!!

Consider getting a MAC, for some reasons, MACS don't break down! I'm so relieved now that I have a MAC, it's so much better to work with!

Sareski, btw, do wear a facial mask over your nose and mouth when you paint! All that formaldehyde isn't good to inhale when you're working with paint! And if your paint is formaldehyde-free, it's still wise to wear a face mask, I think, because all those fumes are not so good, nonetheless!

Bells ♥

Mama H said...

Computer trouble is the worst! Hopefully nothing was lost for good. Its always so scary when technology fails us. "Oh crap, did I back everything up?!?!" always goes through my head. Good luck!

P.S. Can't wait to see the finished furniture!

Bearly Sane said...

Mmm not having the 'puter is like not having the car Sares...even if I don't need to drive anywhere, it's nice to have it there in case I do.

Haven't been blogging much of late myself, but that's because of gardening exploits (running back to the nursery for more plants!).

Hopefully you get the laptop fixed soon, I miss seeing you around.

Warmest Hugs,

Theresa MacNaughton said...

Hope you get your computer up and running properly again soon. Nice work on the cabinets. You are so the makeover queen! :) Happy weekend!

Ranch Girl Diaries said...

Wow, what a bummer on the laptop! It makes me think that when I get a new one, I am going for a Mac if I can afford it!
Your new furntiure projects look awesome! You are really becoming quite the pro! Maybe you should consider becoming a furniture painter for people who want it done but don't want to do it themselves?
P.S. The yard sale went okay today, didn't sell the loveseats but sold my old desk and a bookshelf. And lotsa small things.

lvroftiques said...

Glad you got your puter back girlfriend! I know I'd be lost without my laptop.....Funny how quickly I became addicted to it *winks*...I used to wonder why anyone would want a computer? Now I spend half my life on one....Life is certainly funny isn't it?! *winks* Vanna

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