Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Christmas Anyone?

Has anybody else pulled out the Christmas movies and music yet? I must admit I watched one of my favorites a couple of weeks ago, A Christmas Story.

I haven't pulled the music out yet, but I'm thinking REALLY soon!  My cousin and I were just discussing this a couple of days ago. We were working in the Jazz booth (click here for the latest post) and she was saying how she almost listened to some Christmas tunes in the car on the way down but refrained. I don't know why. I say pull it out, even if it's the middle of June!

Yep, all I need now is a little snow to really get me in the mood. 40 degrees and rain is no fun. Bring on the snow or bring back the sun. Seriously, it's so gloomy around these parts.


Deanna said...

Oh sweetie, I am so in the Christmas mood. I am taking out my bins of ornaments and I'm going to put up my tree next Wednesday. Every year when I put up my tree, I watch A Christmas Story while I decorate. I'm always still decorating long after it's over so I just start the movie over...lol!

I'm thinking I already want to put Christmas music on my blog...hahaha!

Deanna :D

Theresa MacNaughton said...

I LOVE A Christmas Story. We watch it every year - and it NEVER gets old. :) So much fun. Theresa

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Sares,

I wish I could send some sun over to you, dear friend.
I have never seen A Christmas Story, so must try and watch it this year.
I love listening to Christmas music.

Hope that you are having a great week

All That Jazz said...

Oh I am going to get out my Christmas music this week, I swear!! ;-) I haven't watched A Christmas Story in ages! Need to do that this year!

Donnie said...

I'm not even thinking about Christmas yet. Just trying to get through the big meal at Thanksgiving after eating all the leftover Halloween candy. Really cute post.

Debby said...

Oh dear, I haven't given it much thought yet, once Thanksgiving is over away I go.

Cora said...

A Christmas Story is one of my all time favorites!! I actually did listen to some this morning, on a Dish channel...just for Christmas music...it was great!

Unknown said...

Oh boy that photo takes me back a few years. (probably decades) Keep the theme going Sares you just may get me out of my mood! With dad passing on Christmas Day last year I'm really dreading it without him.
Maybe I should dig out my Chrissy CD's and see if that works to turn the tide.
Warmest Hugs,
Sandi @ Ess D'Ess Bears

Unknown said...

P.S. I am moving my blog. Drop by when you get a chance.

GwendolynKay said...

One of my all time favorite movies! I always get a giggle from it. I have been listening to Christmas music as one of our radio station started playing it on the first day of this month and that is all they will play until Christmas. It has put me in the mood to start a little shopping and even started to address a few Christmas cards.

The Muse said...

that I am home and enjoying a season meant for family :)

hope yours is delightful as well Sares :)

C. JoyBell C. said...

omg Sareski, I love Christmas movies. Even when they're not all about Christmas, but even when they're just filmed in Christmas, like Meet The Faulkers part 1, the story wasn't about Christmas, but it took place over Christmas, it was so funny! At least, I think I'm remembering the right movie right now... hhahahaha... Anyway, I Christmas music has been playing over here since September! I've just about had enough of it! hahaha!