Monday, August 10, 2009

A Day With The Girls

The nieces came for a visit again this weekend and the big
excitement was a trip to see the horses. They all love to ride
and put in their request with Grammy to see if her Dusty had
time in his schedule to fit in a ride with three little girls. Dusty
was more than obliging. He was patient, sweet and gentle. Just
like he always is with the little ones. They had big smiles and
lots of fun and the two "Grandmas" and the Auntie got an
eyeful watching their delight. Thank you DUSTY! Thank you
Grammy! Thank You Nanette!


Gin said...

They are ADORABLE! Looks like they had a blast!

A Southern Rose said...

They are so beautiful! I bet that they had so much fun!

Lee Laurie

Unknown said...

Oh, what fun! The girls look adorable riding around on Dusty . . . reminds me of a picture I got of my mom riding her horse. I'll have to dig that out!

The picture through the barn door is wonderful . . . makes for good daydreaming!

Thanks for sharing, Sares!

Rebecca Nelson said...

I love horseback riding. What a JOY to see those little faces having so much fun!

Thanks for sharing, Sares!


Jodie (everything vintage) said...

I love the way you sepia-ized these photos Sares...they belong in some beautiful frames!
Did I ever mention how much of a good Auntie you are?
(I'm sure you are sick of me saying that ;) but it's true!!!
What wonderful memories!!!
everything vintage

Pony Girl said...

It always looks like the girls have fun riding the Dustbuster! Glad he is such a careful pony with them. Those look like some cool helmets, too! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sweet Sares, oh I love your photos!

You know I am always delighted every time I come visit you. Your posts are just so delicious.

My new blog site is up - Yippee! Please come visit. I now have my fabulous finished faerie boxes listed in a post - they are just yummy, go have a look; )

Remember, I am now at so please change any links you may have!


Paint Girl said...

I bet they always look forward to coming to see you, they know they get to ride Dusty! Every little girls dream!
Love the pictures!!

Anonymous said...

Hi sares,
What a great day! they look adorable and the pictures look awesome, your so good at that! The last time I went riding, I was bucked off and sore for days...never been since. I still love horses... but from afar...LOL!!! have a nice week! hugs, Jennifer

Draffin Bears said...

What a fun day.
They are adorable and look lovely riding the horses.
What a lovely Aunt you are.


Desert Rose said...

Glad they love the horses so much! Is that the King I see out the barn door?

Valerie said...

Hi Sares!

Hope this finds you well.

It has been a while since I have visited your lovely blog...I adore what you have done with it! I was on vacation for a couple weeks in July and when I returned encountered major computer problems on my desktop...thank goodness we kept the slow, but trusty laptop!

I left PonyGirl a comment regarding Mary Catherine and she was kind enough to visit and comment back! Is she your sister? Aunt?

Mary Catherine loved the pics and the riding helmets! Very cool!

Blessings to you,

icandy... said...


Hi sweet~pea! Wonderful pictures, the sepia look goes really well with the theme... they are so cute!

Guess what?! Looking back at that dopey photo of all the wedding cake decor junk, I had to do some editing! Not online, but in my home. The collection looks a bit smaller, now! Whew-- I was getting a headache just looking at the pictures! And, just think, this is coming from the "more is more" woman!!! YIKES......

Hey, if I say it looks tacky, then you KNOW there's something wrong. I can be the ultimate tacky queen! HA!!!!

Hugs- I'll be back soon!
Christina :)))

Lisa said...

Oh what fun you must have had! Your Nieces are just lovely!
Hugs, Lisa

Teacup Mosaics said...

I just love to see future cowgirls, oh so cute!