Thursday, July 30, 2009

An Heirloom Party

Thank you to our Hostess, Marie from Emma Calls Me Mama.
I LOVE the idea for this party and am so excited to join in!!!
If you are interested to see heirlooms from other participants
click the link above to get ALL the links.

Welcome to MY little corner of the Heirloom Party! The special
heirlooms I'm going to share today came to me recently, last
week actually. My heirlooms come in the form of beautiful
costume jewelery that once belonged to my Great Grand-
mother, my Buba

I lived across the street from my Buba the last few years of her
life. I was the one that helped her around the house, anything
she needed help with that I could do for her, I did. Even if it
meant running over at 8:00 at night to change a light bulb,
which I did on more than one occasion! We became very close
in the last few years of her life and I'm forever grateful I got
to spend that time with her. Shortly before she had to leave
her home of over 30+ years to go to assisted living, she gifted
me with a few precious pieces.

My Buba gave me a beautiful watch, not valuable but
sentimental, a small diamond necklace and a ring.

THIS ring.The original wedding ring my Buba wore when
she and my Papa got married. Over the passing years she
got a couple of upgrades, LOL! But I was honored that she
chose to give me her first ring.

My Buba passed away a little over two years and my Nana
finally decided to let all the Granddaughters and Great Gran-
daughters chose from what was left after she removed what
was most important to her. She wasn't ready to do this before
now, she told us. It took her a while to be able to sort
through everything and be willing to part with it.

Not all of the Great Granddaughters were present so some
had their Moms chose for them and some had Sisters making
the choices. Everyone got to chose a # for the selection
order. The Granddaughters got to go first of course, age
before beauty and all that!

There was much to chose from. A whole dining room table full.
It took us 30 minutes just to lay everything out. I think my
Buba liked herself some jewelery, a LOT.

This was MY first choice. A gorgeous brooch and matching
earring set.
I always gotta go for the PINK!

More beautiful costume jewelery. We actually only made a
selection for jewelery 3 times and some of the Granddaughters
decided that they had all they wanted or needed. Not me. I
freely admit it, I'm greedy! There were so many pretty,
sparkly, shiny and fun things that I didn't want to just be
shipped off to the thrift store. So I chose

these beautiful saltwater pearls...

and these fabulous rings. The ring on the left was actually from
my third pick. PINK again!

Then I spotted THIS! How did I miss these beauties? There
were just so much to look at that these got lost in the mix.
How fortunate for me that I eventually found them. However
I did promise to share with my Sister, so I have joint-custody
of them!

Two more delicate little pretties to wear around my neck.

Some loveleighs to dangle from my ears.

The opulence, the splendor! Wherever shall I wear it! My vote
goes to wear it with jeans and a tank or tee! That's what my
Cousin does and she has got STYLE!

The brooch at the bottom of the picture with the pink rhine-
stones and pearls was actually from my second round pick.
I know you're thinking it...What's with all the PINK !!!

I came away with a treasure trove of pretties but knowing
that they came from my Buba, that she once treasured them
and wanted all of her "girls" to have them when she was
gone means the most to me.

Here is a small PINK velvet case that was left in the box of
jewelery. My Nana asked me if I wanted it and I, of course
snatched it up. After all it's PINK! I'm keeping most of the
trinkets in there for now.

My DEAR Buba is missed greatly, but we have lots of memories
of her and stories to tell. Now we also have little bits we can
wear on special occasions or every day to help to keep her
memory alive, not that she would EVER be forgotten! So I
dedicate this Heirloom Party post to my Buba.

Thank you for your gifts that continue to keep coming,
even after you've gone. I will LOVE you and MISS you


Jenny Froh said...

Oh my goodness!!! Look at all those treasures! WOW.. What wonderful memories you'll have of your great grandmother. I especially love the wedding ring you got... that is precious!!

The Starr Family said...

Wow, I am amazed at all the beautiful and fun treasures! The brooches are so pretty, I am partial to the pink!

Anonymous said...

A precious tribute!! So many beautiful pieces...

Rebecca Nelson said...

What I wouldn't give for just ONE OF ANYTHING from my grandmother. She passed last November at almost 92. She was blind and during that time things just 'escaped' away.

My memory of her sweet face has to be enough for me.

My daddy's momma passed when I was 12 or so. She had a watch fob made from her hair when she was 20. I've wanted it for years. I hope someday it will be gifted to me. I shall bring it OUT from it's hiding place, an old cedar chest, and have it framed and showcased with honor in my home.

Beautiful Sares. Truly beautiful.


xinex said...

Those treasures are all so precious, Sares, but coming from your grandma makes them priceless...Christine

Lisa said...

Oh what lovely pieces!!! You did such great photos!! I know you love theses treasures.
Hugs, Lisa

blushing rose said...

Sares, the love you share with Buba's items is felt clear & thru. You are so very lucky to have these treasures & memories to share forever, my friend. TTFN ~Marydon

Marie said...

Hello Sares - thank you for joining the party! Oh my word - I'm actually at a loss for words, which doesn't happen. Ever. Love, love the pink. That's all I have to say about that. Your Buba was a fabulous lady, I can tell just by looking at her jewelry! I'm so happy you have some of her treasures.


Amy@TheLemonCottage said...

All of the pieces are so beautiful! Love the pink! :)

Bearly Sane said...

Pink and jewellery! Love them both...almost as much as you loved your Buba.
I never had the chance to receive anything from my Gran or Pa, we migrated when I was seven and I only ever saw her once more before her passing...I wish I'd had the chance to share what you did with your Great Grandmother.
Sandi My Blog

Anonymous said...

what a lovely dedictaion to you dear Buba..and what gorgeous treasures to remember her by :)

Ashley @ AshleysBusy said...

Every single little piece is a treasure indeed. You truly are lucky. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Marina Capano said...

just beautiful!What wonderful memories you'll have of your great grandmother.


Claudia said...

Oh Sares, the jewelry is so beautiful! Such wonderful pieces...the pink is fabulous. And the wedding ring - that is priceless!

Thanks so much for sharing them with us!

Rue said...

Hi Sares :)

Your Buba was so sweet to make sure all her girls had something to remember her by and what a treasure trove it is! I love her picture too :)


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Sares, How wonderful to be able to get some little mementos of your precious Grandmother. My Grandma passed suddenly, only 4 months after my Grand dad, and in Okla.if there is no will, then everything is auctioned off. Then paying off bills, and whatever is left goes to the kids. I did not get one thing that belonged to my Grandma. She had all sorts of whatknots and such, and I would have loved to have one thing off that shelf. I could not bring myself to go to the auction and watch them sell off my grandparents lives, so I have nothing, sadly nothing. I am so thrilled for you that you were able to get many things to cherish and pass on in heritage to your children some day. It is wonderful to keep things in the family. Take care my precious friend. Country hugs and love, Sherry

Signing Out said...

Such treasures ... lovely jewelry pieces, and I love the frame. It is wonderful that you were able to live across the street from her and be there to help her when she needed it. Thanks for sharing!


Kdottie Designs said...

What FANTASTIC treasures you got from you Buba! I love it all. It is so nice you got to spend such precious time with her.

Roeshel said...

Oh wow...your heirloom pieces are beautiful!

Unknown said...

I love all your treasures! Thanks for sharing them with us!


{Bellamere Cottage} said...

How wonderful to have such sweet and dear pieces from your Buba...I am so sentimental and love all the "old stuff" that would normally be pitched. When I was newly married I used to go over and scavenge around my parent's garage and attic for things they no longer dad used to say..."why don't you just bring a moving van"??? Oh how I loved all that old "junk"...I still have some of it. :-) Loved the pink brooch and earrings the best!

Dang.......where DID that HOT weather come from? I have NEVER seen that in my entire life. Whew......way too hot for this PNW gal. Glad it's going to be a bit cooler today! 107? OH MY GOSH!

Try to stay cool sweet chickie!


trish said...

What beautiful items of jewelry and even more beautiful with the stories they tell. :o)

Martha's Favorites said...

Hi Sares! I justed wanted to say, WOW! All those treasures! What a blessed woman you are! Martha

Eclectic Chic Style said...

Your treasured heirlooms are absolutely breathtaking. What a sweet sweet post Sares.
Hope you're having a wonderful evening.
♥ Teresa

Cathy said...

Those are some absolutely gorgeous pieces! I hope you wear them and enjoy them. Your Buba sure had exquisite taste.

Cathy ♥

Caleen said...

Wow.. such beautiful treasures. So much pretty jewelry. Loved the story. Thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend.

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Awe Sares, what a beautiful and heartfelt post. I love to read about sentimental stories, this was one of my favorites!
She left such beautiful keepsakes, perfect for her little princesses!
Your photos were something out of a magazine girl...simply gorgeous! I loved the way you arranged everything...just perfect!
Yep, this indeed was one of my favorite posts you've ever written!
everything vintage

Melly said...

Hi Sweet Sares, oh it's so wonderful to be back and thank you so much for your sweet comment I have missed everyone so much!!
I must say that I LOVE all precious treasures you got from your Buba and the pink was an excellent choice..hehe.. everything is absolutely beautiful and whats even better is that they are tokens of love :)
Have a wonderful weekend, Sares :)

icandy... said...

Stunning heirlooms, with such wonderful memories! Happy day!

Kim @ Starshine Chic said...

I am enjoying seeing everyone's heirlooms and the stories that go along with them. I love all the bling!!! You are a lucky girl.

C. JoyBell C. said...

Oh Sares! Where do I begin?

Okay first of all...that pink jewelry would have been MY first choice, too!!!! Totally! AND! That pink velvet box??? Get outta here! I would have snatched that away from any other "great granddaughter" who would have happened to pick it up first! hahahahahahaahhaha!

That jewelry collection of her's is extraordinary!

I read about the heirloom party on your blog, and I really wanted to join it, but when I clicked over to the hostess' site, I couldn't find where to link at!!! So I just gave up. But it's so nice to see all of yours!

I have quite a lot of heirlooms from my mother's side. A bracelet that my grandfather (my angkong) bought for my mother, and giant pearls and gold that my grandmother (my amah) passed down to my mother, as well. And from my daddy's side, I have jewelry that belonged to my grandmother, as well. Pink amethysts and gold and also sapphires (me and my grandmom shared the same birthstone-the sapphire).

All of your jewelry is stunning! I love it! :)


Jenny said...

Happy Pink Saturday and I know I am a post down but the sparkly light just got me!!! hehehe! I love the jewelry, but the fact that it is from family is even better. Our family was not as generous and one family member is hording all the jewelry from my makes me sad as she is not doing it for love of the jewelry, just spite for the rest of the family!! Enjoy your sparklies and wear them with love!!

Debby said...

WOW!!! Sares this is such an awesome post. All the beautiful treasure you have and the memories.
Thanks for sharing.

Desert Rose said...

Oh brought a tear to my eye remembering our Buba, and we did have so much fun seeing all her jewelery again and getting to select a few peices for ourselves!!