Thursday, May 28, 2009

Awards and Roses and Blogs, Oh My...

The first rose of SPRING,

my favorite in the yard. Sweet to the core
and pretty to boot! These roses end up next
to my bed all summer so I can smell them
all night long

I was gifted this award by my Mom at A Cowgirl's Grace. I
admit she may be a bit biased since she gave birth to me, but
I will gladly accept this Loveleigh (if only it was spelled correctly
on the award, LOL) Award and display it with a heart full

I only encountered one teeny tiny problem in accepting this
Loveleigh Award. CowgirlJLynn, aka Mom, aka A Cowgirl's
Grace neglected to pass on the award winning rules. So, I'm
flying SOLO and makin' up my own. I'm passing this award on
to three blogging ladies I think are wonderful and have enjoyed
meeting, visiting and sharing with. Some longer than others.

They are as follows:

Lisa from PUPYLOV

Christine from Christine's Home and Travel Adventures

And last but never least, my Auntie...
The Desert Rose from jessesdesertrose

So Ladies, take your award and let your blog wear it with
pride, if you wish, and know the I think you and your blogs
are both LOVELEIGH! Feel pass it on to 10 people, 7, 3, or
none. I've seen bloggers do all three. I give you my blessing
to make your own rules like I did. Just be sure to leave a
comment on the blogs of your choice so that they know they
have been honored.

Everyone have a great weekend full of sunshine and giggles!


Pony Girl said...

Congrats! Oh, I am so excited for the roses to bloom! Perfect award for our Desert Rose, eh?
p.s. go here to this link to see a picture of a kid on a blog I will not believe it, he is wearing the monkey leash the man cub had on! I was just posting my comment on your other post, saying I'd never seen one before and lo and behold....hee hee!

Paint Girl said...

Congrats cuz! You so deserve it!
Love how you had to make your own rules!

xinex said...

That is really a pretty rose, Sares. And I am imagining the smell from here. Mmmmmm,sweet! Congrats on your award and thank you so much for passing it on to me. I feel so honored! I will surely display it with pride.I am so delighted to be one of the blogs you visit. Of course, I love your blog too!...Christine

Jade Creative said...

Roses are a favorite flower of mine. It will probably take a few more weeks before ours will bloom.
It is an honour to have an award from your mother. Wear it proudly.
Have a wonderful day!

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

You have picked some fine blogs to honor with an award! Congrats to all of them!!
I hope you have a WONDERFUL rosey weekend!!!!!
everything vintage

Lisa said...

Oh How very sweet!! I'm honored! I will take it and pass it along!
Hugs, Lisa
The roses are great too!

Allidink said...

Hey congratulations :) I love fresh roses in my room too :)

All the best,

Rebecca Nelson said...

Oh...Love the roses....

Love seeing that your Momma thinks you are wonderful....

I think my girl is wonderful too. Except she doesn't blog, sew, paint, craft, etc. Know what she does? Speaks Spanish and is after her degree in American Sign Language, too! I'm SOOOO PROUD! Does her own thing and love her just the way she is.

Love your Blog...truly wonderful!


Desert Rose said...

Yipee!!! What a great honor!!! I also love PINK!!! it was so funny today i was in a gift store and everytime I saw pink, I envisioned how you could do a Pink Saturday about this item! Love you Bunches Sares!!!

Cousin B said...

What a beautiful blog you have Sares...Very peaceful to browse.