Friday, May 29, 2009


Happy Birthday Pink Saturday!

What a terrific occasion for us all to celebrate, the event that
introduced a lot of us to new friends and new blogs and brings us
all back together every week. What a stroke of genius Beverly had
when she thought to bring those that love PINK together. To me
Pink Saturday is something I look forward to every week, even if
I'm trying to figure out what to post about at the last minute.

I give to you this picture below, an optical illusion. There are
two images, which do you see...

The graceful, delicate young lady or do you see the old woman,
aged with time, but needed for her experience, her wisdom, her
truths. I think both represent where Pink Saturday has started
and where she is destined to go. She is still in her infancy, fresh,
innocent, but with her passing of the years, she will gain all of the
wisdom, insight, stories, and truths that WE will tell here, and she
will hold a well-spring of knowledge. She'll hold the knowledge WE
impart upon her. What a gift we share with each other every
Pink Saturday, our treasures, our passions, families and pets,
we willingly welcome each other into our homes to come and
visit a spell, placing our trust in each other.

So I give a heartfelt Thank You to Beverly, our beautiful hostess
from How Sweet The Sound, and to Pink Saturday for giving us
all a LOVELEIGH place to gently land into Pinkness!


Pony Girl said...

Great, insightful post, cousin! ;) I remember that optical illusion picture from when I was a teenager!
I'm not participating in Pink Saturday this weekend and I miss not posting for it, even though I just started in the last month....well, I guess today's photog blog post is kind of a continuation of last weekend's Pink Saturday, LOL!

Dusty Devoe said...

Great post Sares!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Love this post! I can see both!

Happy Pink Saturday to you and many blessings...


Sheila :-)

Melly said...

Oh Sares, what a beautiful post, you my sweet friend have such a beautiful way with words.
Happy Pink Saturday, Sares!
Have a super weekend!

KarenHarveyCox said...

What a beautiful and unusual print. You wrote a lovely post. Wishing you a Happy Pink Saturday.

Happy Pink Saturday Birthday to you.


Eclectic Pink Rose said...

A very great post!!! My mind was working on the optical illusion. I love things like that. Hope your weekend is absolutely beautiful!
♥ Teresa

suesueb said...

beautiful thoughts! thanks for expressing what we all feel-happy pink week!!

Jenny S said...

What a beautifully worded post! Beverly will be so proud!!

Jenny S said...

What a beautifully worded post! Beverly will be so proud!!

debbie said...

I enjoyed your post evry much. I saw this image in black and white when I was in nursing school dinosaurs ago.
I can and could only see the pretty girl immediately but I love your insight...our instructor only taught the good verses bad...evil verse good. You should have taught that part of our class.
This colored image is very unique.
Looking forward to your other posts.
hugs and blessings

Michelle said...

Sweet post and made me think about how much I enjoy sharing Pink Saturdays!

Have a wonderful Pink Saturday!

Chari said...

Hi Sares...

Just wanted to stop by to say thank you for your visit to my place and for leaving me such a sweet note about my new pink china!

Well my friend, what a lovely birthday tribute to Beverly and Pink Saturday!!! I couldn't have said it any better!!! By the way...I studied and studied that picture...all I could see was the young woman! It's funny though, I've seen this picture before and could always see the old woman as well...but not this time! That really puzzles me! Hehe!!! Thanks for pickin' my brain this mornin', my friend! Hehe!

Have a wonderful weekend!

KBeau said...

What an appropriate post. Happy Pink Saturday.

the wild raspberry said...

whew, i cant see the older lady for the life of me. have to go back and look some more.

Lisa said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing! Thanks for visiting, and didn't you see all the goodies in the jars on the table?? Pink Marshmellows, milkduds, ginger snaps, oh I've got it all! hehe
Happy Pink Saturday!
Hugs, Lisa

xinex said...

Beautiful post, Sares, and so true! I see the young lady.....Christine

Sonia ~ Vintage Rose Designs said...

Picture is fascinating. Happy Pink Saturday Birthday to you.

Lisa said...

Hi sweetie! So I was Pink Saturday Blogging along and found you had commentted on a blog about twilight. I read the series and thought it was ok. I didn't like the last book but it ended ok. ANYWAY you LIVED in Forks! How cool. I knew she picked a real place (or found it ona map) that is neat!!
Happy Pink Saturday!
Hugs, Lisa

Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

Wonderful post, Sares! Happy Pink Saturday!


My Crafty Little Page said...

Well, finally I saw the old woman! I loved your post and it speaks for all of us. Have a wonderful Pink Saturday :)Nancy

Debby said...

Hi Sares,
This is such a wonderful post. Happy Birthday Pink Saturday.
Have a great weekend.

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

It took me a while to see the older lady, saw the young lady first
great post!
~*Happy Pink Saturday*~

Allidink said...

Deep post :) I like that optical illusion!

All the best,

Linda said...

Great post Sares, Happy Pink Day! (by the way, I see the young girl in the picture)


Claudia said...

I saw the young lady and had to look a bit longer to discover the old one - great post, Sares! Happy Pink Saturday!

Marina Capano said...

Lovely post!Happy One Year Pink Saturday Birthday!!!

Denise said...

Happy Pink Saturday! Great philosophical post!! I LOVE Pink Saturday!

Leann said...

I've never seen this before and had to ask my son where the second image was. I saw the young woman.

Love it!

I enjoy your visits! Have a great day!

♥Mimi♥ said...

There's just something about Pink Saturday that brings our the sweetness in people. Beverly sure knew what she was doing when she brought her concept to the world of blog.

Your offering for this FIRST PINK SATURDAY ANNIVERSARY is wonderful! This is the one day of the week where I can totally indulge my passion without spending a dime!

I've seen that before and I always see the lovely woman...not the hag. Uhm, what does that say about me☺

Wishing your and those you love a special weekend filled with sunshine and family fun!

Charlene said...

I saw the young girl. But, it was a cool post! Thanks for visiting me on Pink Saturday. Have a great week.

Beverly said...

Well, I saw the old woman, and my husband saw the young woman. We had to show each other - maybe that is why we are a great team.

I love this post, and the value of each side. Thank you for sharing this philosophy.

Happy Pink Saturday.

Cathy said...


It is wonderful to meet you today. Thank you for stopping by my magical blog. I'm glad you enjoyed my pink treasures, come back again soon.

xo Cathy

Anonymous said...

Hi Sares - what a sweet post!

I saw the young woman. HPS, thank you for coming by today. Still battling whatever it is that's ailing me. Next week will be better.


Robin said...

It took me a bit, but I finally saw her.....great fun.
Speaking of fun....try this site:

Here you will find the "eye" and much more.

Happy Pink Saturday!

Roberta Granada said...

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Susan @ A Southern Daydreamer said...

I can see both...but saw the young lady first! Happy Pink Saturday ~ I hope you have a great weekend ~ Susan

Marie Reed said...

Oooh! I had so much fun gazing at this optical illusion!

Anonymous said...

I like how you explained it all and I do so agree! :-)A very nice thought.

(I like how my cursor changes into a fuzzy face in your blog)

Happy PS!


stefanie said...

love all your faries...thanks for visiting me on my first pink saturday

blushing rose said...

Truly enjoyed your posts. Have a lovely week. TTFN ~ Marydon

Jorgelina said...

Beautiful post.
Happy Pink Saturday !!!

graciegirl said...

First I have to say what a beautiful blog you have created, it makes one want to continue.
Secondly thank you for that warm welcome that you left me. Oh yes, I already do enjoy Pink Saturdays.Please for give my tardiness. May you have a blessed Sunday

Beansieleigh said...

Yes, Pink Saturday is a special blessing in its own ways to so many people... Happy Pink Saturday, and hope you're having a wonderful week!

Susie Jefferson said...

I can see both - would I have been able to before my new monitor, I ask myself...

Happy Pink Saturday (finally). I had hayfever which has turned into sinus, so due to headaches I haven't been online since Friday! I do apologise for being so late (and I somehow don't think I'll be doing much visiting this week)

someplace in thyme said...

I only see the young woman, what a great picture, I now have to go back and look for the older one, happy pink saturday, Char

Deanna said...

Hi love!
I could not see the young girl to save my life! I finally had my sister point her out to!

¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*´¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·´ Happy Pink Saturday
Deanna :D