Thursday, May 7, 2009

Paris Rags Grand Opening Celebration!

Look at what Pure , Exquisite , Loveleighness, I just discovered.
My mouth hit the floor and I started drooling when I came
across these beautiful designs by a very talented lady,
Kimberly Ryan. I have always loved frilly and romantic clothes,
even though most days you can find me in t-shirts and comfy
pants. If I had my dream wardrobe it would include many
pieces like the ones Miss Kimberly designs.

To celebrate her new website Paris Rags, opening on May 15th,
Kim is having a fantastic giveaway. All you have to do is
leave a comment for her at Paris Rags and you are in the
running to win a gorgeous handmade one of a kind french
style cuff inspired by Marie Antoinette!

Browse for a bit and see some of Kim's frilly, feminine,
designs and then I have more to tell, yes, there's more to
share with you...

Not only can you win one of Kim's beautiful cuffs, like the ones
above, if you display the Paris Rags Giveaway Banner on your
blog you will receive a $10.00 gift certificate to spend in her
wonderful shop. Just visit her at her site here and tell her you
are participating. It's as easy as that. What a treat for us all!

Thank You Kimberly and the best of luck to you in your new


Paint Girl said...

Alot of pretty things there! My eye went to a few! I'll have to check out her site!

Desert Rose said...

very Lovely things!!! Do you think Jesse will like them...Or Little Lady??? Maybe The KING...

Eclectic Pink Rose said...

OOOOH, so so pretty, I have to pop over for a look, thank you for sharing the lovelies with us. So gorgeous!!
♥ Teresa

Carla said...

Sares thanks a lot for stopping by my blog and for the heads up on this lovely giveaway. Those clothes are absolutely stunning!
c (of

Valerie said...

Oh "loveleigh" for sure!!! I will have to check out her website. While at this time in my life these beauties would truly be turned to rags from sticky toddler fingers, they certainly are a sight to behold!

Blessings to you,

Dusty Devoe said...

I am in LOVE! I absolutly love this look. Pair these cute tops with a pair of jeans, my boots and I'm set to go! Will check out her site!

Donna Lynn said...

WOW WEE, THOSE CLOTHES ARE AMAZING!! I will check out her site as soon as I am done making this comment...
Your blog looks great, I love your header and the background too!

Hope all is well in your world, have a lovely weekend too!
Donna Lynn

Debby said...

Oh wow!!! What a find, everything is so gorgeous. I went over for a visit!!! WOW!!! Thanks for the link.

Lisa said...

Oh this stuff is so cool! Thanks for sharing! I'm off to visit her site now!
Hugs, Lisa

Pony Girl said...

Fun stuff she has! I've always like that look, too. Reminds me of the clothing spreads in "Victoria" magazine!

KimberlyRyanDesigns said...

Thank you so much for the beautiful intro to my new venture! So sweet of you to do such a lovely post!Can you send over your email for me, thanks sweetie!Hugs, Kimberly