Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I recently splurged and bought myself  some new necklaces.  I place the blame for this squarely on shoulders of a fun little site you might have heard of called Pinterest. While perusing the latest "pins" I came across a western style belt from Sheplers. I've been needing a good leather belt for a while and was curious, so I followed the link to their sight and it was all over from there.

Three necklace and one belt later I found myself in bling bliss. I originally had the belt and turquoise necklace picked out, but if you ordered past a certain price range they paid the shipping. So I HAD to order two more, right?!

Turns out this red one is my favorite on. Please disregard the black tank that seemed to pick up every piece of lint known to man. Funny, they all have crosses as a theme.  Even the belt I bought has a cross on it.

Man it smells yummy too, like a new car with leather seats!

This isn't the end of my latest obsession either. I have another one being made very soon by my super talented cousin Michelle. That one will be PINK! I promise to show you when it's done and share her link so you can buy your own if you're interested. Until then, have a fabulous day!


BECKY said...

Hi Sares! Your new bling is fabulous!! My fave is the turquoise! It is stunning! Love your sense of style!!

Have a wonderful day!!

cowgirljlynn said...

I just might have to steal(I mean borrow) them! love Mom

Cora said...

Love the new bling!! I love pinterest too! I get lost in the world of pins! I have found so many neat things to purchase and to learn how to do! Love it!

Horse Dreams said...

Lovin' the new bling. Hope to borrow it someday!!!

A Southern Rose said...

Beautiful! My favorite is the one with the red roses. :)

Bearly Sane said...

Oh what's life without a little bling...BORING!! Now you have your wonderful selection, you'll just have to go paint the town red to show all those pieces off Sares.

Will take a trip over to see what else is on offer later, but in the meantime, I hope you are having a LOVELEIGH week enjoying your new TREASURES,

Warmest hugs,

Ranch Girl Diaries said...

lOVE 'em, of course! I never went over and looked at the links you sent me so I'm glad you did a feature on these. I also love getting ideas for necklaces I can make. I might have to order that second one, lol! I don't think I could make that one! ;-)
p.s. I love your new pink bling I hope you do too, happy customers are my goal. It was fun "designing" with you!!!

lvroftiques said...

Sares I love your necklaces and your new belt! I saved that site to my favorites because that jewelry is just my style *winks* Looks great on you! Vanna

xinex said...

They are all so pretty, Sares. I collect cross pendants. Come stop by. I posted your gifts...Christine

Jacqueline said...

Thanks for the fabulous day wishes! I'll take a truck load of them!
Good for you for going on a splurge! I like them all but I think I lean towards the one with green in it. A girl must do, what she has to do!
Congrats on treating yourself!

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Such gorgeous goodies! I've been playing around with Pinterest - but haven't had as much time as I would like on there. Enjoy your bling!

Red Rose Alley said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE THE RED ROSE NECKLACE!!! That made my heart sing. Have a lovely weekend.
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

Anonymous said...

Sares, You deserve some cool new stuff!

So happy for you!


love, kelee

Suzanne said...

YIKES...so much for getting anything done! I'm heading off to Sheplers. (actually, I wasn't going to get anything done because I was needing my pinterest fix anyway:) hahaha...your bling looks beautiful!

Cassy said...

Beautiful blings.
yes, the red one look very nice on you.

Cassy from Best Guitar Lessons

C. JoyBell C. said...

Oh my goodness, I was just telling you about how much I've been buying turquoise jewelry, in the other post of yours, and here I can see that you have been doing the same thing, too! hahahahaha! How lovely is that? : ) Don't you just love it? I love the color I think it flatters all skintones! Really, it does! :)

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Sares,

I love your new bling and leather belt, fabulous and hope you have fun wearing them out.


C. JoyBell C. said...

(Re your comment on my blog about turquoise)

Sareski! Correct! Alike and sometimes even at the same time! :D I can only imagine you and I going on a jewellery/accessory excursion for turquoise beauties! hehehehhhh! In fact, I could probably write a short little story about the whole scenario! "The Day We Went Turquoise Hunting" hehehehhh! :D