Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Antique Fest

Antique Fest
Day #1~Set Up

Spend two and a half hours pulling things outdoors to fill the spot allotted to
That Jazz on the sidewalk. Stuff in as much as possible.

Then try and rework the interior space so that it doesn't look too bare.

This wasn't too big of an issue since we seem to have a lot of STUFF.

We managed to work it out and were pleased with the results.
Ready to unload a bunch of merchandise the next day.

Antique Fest Begins

Day 2~Morning
Check things out in general.
Scope out the competition.
Take notes.
Hee hee hee.

Antique Fest
Day 2~Afternoon
Go home for a couple of hours before heading back up to rework the
space. An out of town partner arrives with all her goodies to sell. Things
must be reworked to make room. Not to mention a slight breeze problem
that was causing some issues with some of the merchandise blowing in the

Delima solved. Things look good. We're ready for the BIG day. Saturday.

Antique Fest

Day 3~ Help with customers. Wrap glassware. Clear off display pieces that
have sold. Wrap more glassware. Fold boxes for glassware. Help customers.
Fold more boxes. Clear off more sold pieces. Take sold things down from the
wall. Get some lunch. Help customers some more. Take a bathroom break or
two in between. Panic because YOUR stuff isn't flying off the shelves. Help


Antique Fest

Day4~Show up bright and early AGAIN. Have a deep internal fear the
owners of the shop are SERIOUSLY sick of seeing your face! Start
reworking your space, AGAIN so that the furniture is featured more
prominently because you really have NO idea how you are going to
squeeze it all in if it doesn't sell before the weekend is over. You DON'T
want to haul a bunch of stuff back home. So begins the 6 hour process of
pulling all the tiny bits and bobs inside while trying to figure out just where
in the heck you're supposed to put it when you have NO idea what pieces
will be left at the end of the day for you to display all said bits and bobs on.

Move this, move that. Watch as YOUR pieces finally begin to fly out the door.
Then rework things AGAIN because things actually HAVE gone out the door.
Thank goodness. All is not lost. Most of it can be squeezed back in.

4:00~ Take everything back in FINALLY and prepare to finish up and go home.
Exhausted. Find out a few days later your hard work paid off and your booth
had a record month and was the top selling booth of all the vendors for the
month. I'd call that success.

I've got lots more to share including what sold, what the booth looks
like now, the goodies I bought! In all the craziness I forgot to take a
picture of my cousin and myself who put in all these crazy hours to
make it a success. I didn't forget you either Mom! She helped set up
way back on day #1 and watched the Man Cub for me on day #4 so I
could be at the booth. He was a perfect little angel for her.
No sassy
No tears. Go figure.


Lisa said...

How super awesome! What fun! Your goodies looked great!!! Hope it was a huge success!
Hugs, Lisa

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Sares,

That is wonderful and so happy to hear that you had record sales.
It was great to see your booth and everything looks fabulous.
These weekends can be tiring and good when they are over.


Pony Girl said...

Great post! You captured it in a nutshell. Had to laugh at the comment about the shop owners...totally wondered if they thought we were too involved. Although now knowing we are bringing them in the most money, I'm not going to worry about it anymore! :) It was so much fun, I could do that all summer long!! I have some pictures from the re-work which I hope to email out tomorrow night!

Paint Girl said...

Sounds like you had a very successful weekend! That is so great that you had a record selling and that you were the #1 booth!!
Everything looked so good! Wish I could have been there to see it all in person!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed looking through the pictures, Sares! Oh and the stories in between too. You have been so busy busy busy! I'm sure it was fun too. Good thing the weather looks perfect for such an event. And then in the end, it was all worth it. :-)

The picture of the little girl and the horse is sooooooooooooo adorable! :-)


Leann said...

Kudos! Everything looked fab and inviting. Glad that it went well.


Suzanne said...

Sares...I love it all...I want it all! How beautiful. Your booth must have attracted buyers like crazy. I would have been like a crazy lady scooping it all up:)

A friend asked me to take a corner of her shop as my "booth" and I have no idea where to start. I might be emailing you for tips:)


cowgirljlynn said...

You and Cuz worked really and All That Jazz has a totally new look!!

C said...

Sares I'm moving back to the States, so, I just might be able to be your best friend in person! :)

Where exactly in the US do you live, again?? I'm sorry I'm not very sure where it is, please let me know! :)

I love how you mix your antiques with that zebra carpet of yours! :)

Thank you for your visit and for your comment, over at my place. :)

Anonymous said...

I have a vintage antique show coming up so have enjoyed reading about your venture. I am sure I am going to be exhausted too. Congratulations on being the biggest selling booth, well done!